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Clucked Off!

Apparently, Martinsville has had enough of these mothercluckin’ chickens in the mothercluckin’ city.

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UPDATED: The Rest Of The Story – (7/23/2014)

Sometimes, the “local media” (or even the Register & Bee) won’t go in depth with details and fun facts about a story. That’s why I’m starting a new feature category, because I believe I’ll be noticing these incidents much more.

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They’re still trying to scare you, folks.

The threat to the Dan River from the coal ash spill is gone. Actually, it never was there in the first place. That’s not stopping an environmentalist group from still trying to scare the hell out of you.

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“But…but…he lied to us!”

Let’s blame it on West Virginia.

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We Couldn’t Even Get a Top 10?

Oh come on folks, there’s got to be more than seven “influential and respected African-American leaders in South Boston/Halifax County“.

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Return Of The Rat Crap Controversy

You’re fired. You’re rehired. Well, sorta hired. You’re hired, but to a job where we’re never going to call you to work.

Hoo boy.

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RandomThoughts! (7/20/2014)

I realized it had been a while since I had some thoughts. Random ones, that is.

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SouthsideSeven: Ron Miller

One of the SouthsideRegion’s most creative minds is stepping into the SouthsideSeven spotlight. Today’s guest is renowned artist and writer Ron Miller!

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BreakDown: Danville School Board (7/17/2014 Meeting)

We’re continuing our BreakDown analysis and comment article series after every Danville City Council & School Board meeting. Let’s take a look at what happened during Thursday’s School Board meeting.

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PhotoCentral: “Music on Main” (7/17/2014)

If it’s happening, SouthsideCentral will try to be there! We missed the first “Music on Main” at downtown Danville’s JTI Fountain Plaza but we got there for Thursday night’s concert. Awesome weather, awesome place, awesome music. Enjoy the photos!

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Danville School Board LIVE! (7/17/2014)

If you want LIVE! coverage and LIVE! opinions and analysis of what’s happening at tonight’s Danville School Board meeting, you’ve come to the right place.

Tonight’s meeting starts at 6PM and we’ll start our SouthsideCentral coverage a little earlier than that. Acting superintendent Kathy Osborne has promised us wi-fi connectivity so we’ll be able to do more photos if needed. You know the drill. Refresh the page often for the latest and once we’re finished, we’ll clean up the article and finalize it later tonight. Let’s get it started…

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Fun With Danville Utilities!

Another Danville Utilities employee arrested. Although I might not want to know the answer, I’ll ask the question anyway. “What’s next?”

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BreakDown: Danville City Council (7/15/2014 Meeting)

We’ve started analyzing what happened (and other observations about things) at governmental meetings that we do LIVE! coverage on, so let’s look at what happened at Tuesday night’s Danville City Council meeting.

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Danville City Council LIVE! (7/15/2014)

Photos and more comments have been added, and this article is complete!

It’s time for another meeting of Danville City Council and you know that SouthsideCentral is going to cover it LIVE!

The meeting starts at 7PM and we’ll start our coverage around 6:30 PM. You know how it works… refresh the page often for the latest happenings, photos, and whatever else we can come up with. After the meeting ends, we’ll fix the article up and make it look nice.

Get it? Got it? Good. Let’s make it happen.

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Merle Herndon Ain’t Goin’ Anywhere

I’m halfway sorry to have to smack a vocal minority of Halifax County residents in the face with that headline.

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Hey, thanks for letting us know!

It’s always nice when citizens help out law enforcement agencies.

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Missing Child? Runaway? Extreme Danger? Never mind.

The kid’s safe and that’s what matters. Now what the hell happened?

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Thumbs! – The Reidsville Special Edition (7/12/2014)

I spent a great evening over in Rockingham County on Friday night, so it’s time for a Thumbs! article on what was good and bad about the experience.

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RoadThoughts LIVE! (7/11/2014)

We’ve added some extra thoughts and cleaned the article up. It’s now complete.

I just heard you say “RoadThoughts LIVE!? What the heck is that?”

SouthsideCentral’s got business out of town today. You’re coming along with me for the road trip. It’s RandomThoughts!, only more Random than ever. Here’s how it will work. I’ll be adding observations, thoughts, photos and who knows what throughout the day. I’ve got no idea what will come up or when it will come up, all you need to do is check in every so often and refresh the page for the latest content. It’s different. It’s RoadThoughts LIVE!… and it starts now!

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RandomThoughts! (7/10/2014)

Not all thoughts are Random ones. These are.

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BreakDown: Tuesday’s Danville School Board Meeting

Let’s do a BreakDown of Tuesday night’s Danville School Board meeting. SouthsideCentral will be covering Danville’s school board meetings now and it was our first time doing it LIVE! – so let’s see what happens, what happened and our thoughts about why it happened.

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Danville School Board LIVE! (7/8/14)

And we’re done. This article is complete. Thanks for making this another terrific SouthsideCentral day!


That’s right, folks! SouthsideCentral is going to start covering meetings of the Danville School Board, and we’ll be doing it LIVE! Tonight’s meeting starts at 7 PM and we’ll start our LIVE! coverage around 6:30 PM. Remember to refresh the page often for the latest happenings and photos.

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RandomThoughts! (7/8/2014)

You have been warned. RandomThoughts are now here. Proceed with caution.

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OddsMakers! (7/7/2014)

The chalkboard’s ready to go. Let’s make some predictions and you people forget about one of the last ones that I made, ok?

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Thumbs! (7/6/2014)

Our Thumbs! were getting rusty, so we oiled them up and now they’re ready to go…

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