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BREAKING: EcomNets head pleads guilty to visa fraud charges

Back in May, SouthsideCentral was the first to publish the federal indictment against Raj Kosuri (the head of Danville’s EcomNets) and others associated with the business. Kosuri & Friends was indicted on charges regarding visa fraud. Kosuri & his wife were also indicted on more fraud charges in attempting to certify a non-existent business to HUBZone status to get advantages on federal contracts.

We also published a BreakDown that detailed the charges in the federal indictment and what it all meant.

Today, Raj Kosuri & his wife pleaded guilty to those charges in an Alexandria federal courtroom. Let’s take a look at the statement from the US Attorney’s office. Let’s take a look at the press release from the US Attorney’s office.

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QuickHits! (8/21/16)

Let’s take a look at the headlines that have caught my eyes over the last week or so. Sunday is QuickHits! day.

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Danville City Council – LIVE! (8/16/16)

(Editor’s Note: This article is still in the editing process. I’ve added the photos and am close to completing it.)

SouthsideCentral is LIVE! at tonight’s Danville City Council meeting (after a few weeks of getting adjusted to our new schedule). Be sure to refresh the page for the latest photos, happenings and commentary. We’ll clean this article up in the editing process when we get home. Tonight’s meeting starts at 7:00 PM.

We’ll start this article with a quick preview of what will happen tonight.

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Parking Jerk of the Day! (8/15/16)

Our Roving Reporters are great at finding Parking Jerks… even at Myrtle Beach!

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Ask SouthsideCentral: The Big Bathroom Question

There’s a new restroom building at the top part of Danville’s Main Street Plaza, and we’re going to answer a reader’s question on why it’s not open yet.

Let’s Ask SouthsideCentral!

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Thumbs! (8/12/16)

What goes UP! doesn’t necessarily have to go DOWN! or What goes DOWN! doesn’t necessarily have to go UP!

That’s the physics behind a “Thumbs!” article. Let’s see what we have today.

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QuickHits! (8/9/16)

We’re trying to keep our content flow going the best we can, so here’s a later-than-normal version of the weekly QuickHits! feature.

Let’s take a look at some of the stories that have caught my eye over the past week. Sunday Monday Tuesday is QuickHits day!

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UncensoredWatch: Compromise Is Fatal

Overnight, a church (and other property) in Danville was vandalized with racist graffiti. That’s sad enough just for that. But that other group on Facebook has taken this incident & inserted their own agendas into it.

This should truly disgust you, folks.

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I’m Crazy, But I’m Not Stupid

One of my good friends has a quote that is key to my life… “Actual Reality before Virtual Reality”.

You’ve probably noticed a distinct downturn in the number of SouthsideCentral articles over the past two weeks. There’s a good reason for that, and I owe it to my readers to explain what’s been going on.

I’ve already told you a quick version of what happened last week. The bottom line is that I saved my mother cat’s life and the lives of her three kittens. It was a four-day process to get everything done. It was a life-changing experience to devote everything I had to saving lives and watching it all work out.

And I couldn’t have accomplished all of that without amazing help from Dr. Jeff Smith & Dr. Katie Rohrig from Mt. Hermon Animal Clinic (and all of their wonderful staff). Shadow’s life & the lives of her three kittens were saved by the Danville Area Humane Society. Paulette Dean’s empathy and love kept me going throughout the entire timeframe, and April Hogan & the shelter staff were able to get the three newborn kittens with nursing mother cats at the shelter. And finally, we couldn’t have logistically pulled everything together with my sister, Susan Granger. I love her with all my heart. She’s an amazing person and her love for animals is as much as mine. She made three consecutive days worth of trips to Danville to be a makeshift kitty ambulance and emotional support for me during the whole process.

In the middle of everything that happened last week, I got a totally unsolicited job offer from a local business. That’s where the “I’m Crazy, But I’m Not Stupid” article title comes from. Don’t get me wrong, SouthsideCentral is a successful small business that generates enough profit so that I can make a living from it. But I’m not stupid enough to pass up a good paying job offer while still having the chance to still run my own small business.

The first week of training was very intense, so I had to skip a lot of the normal SouthsideCentral things that I usually cover. That’s why there wasn’t a Danville City Council or School board meeting article this week. Things are going to get better once I adjust to having a regular full-time job, and I promise to keep SouthsideCentral going at the best pace that I can. This region needs a website like SouthsideCentral and I’m not going to let people down.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday to me!

Thank you for your support, folks.

— Bruce Hedrick

Parking Jerk of the Day! (8/4/16)

Parking Jerks have their own sense of priorities.

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RandomThoughts! (8/2/16)

Thinking Randomly isn’t as fun as drinking randomly. But it often ends up with the same thought process.

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Parking Jerk of the Day! (8/1/16)

Let’s kick the month of August off by having a nice snack of low-hanging fruit. Yep, Parking Jerk time!

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QuickHits! (7/31/16)

We’re back and it’s time to take a look at some of the stories that have caught my eye over the past week. And after this past week, I’m catching up at the same time you will be. Sunday is QuickHits day!

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A good reason for no recent articles…

I’m copying this from our other SouthsideCentral social media feeds so you’ll know what’s been going on for the last few days.

Life can be truly amazing at times.

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Hey, Your Ice Cream Is Bitter!

So you’re a small business owner that now has three ice cream shops in the area (up from one this time last year). What’s the best thing that you can do when a new specialty ice cream shop opens in Danville?

The wrong answer is “Bash them on your own business Facebook page”.

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Breakdown: Selling Electricity Ain’t Easy

In the business world, it’s hard to predict the demand for your product… even if it’s a product that people must have to run their daily lives. We’re going to take a comprehensive look at how the demand for electricity sold by Danville Utilities was greatly affected by the weather in the last six months.

We call this a BreakDown.

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OpinionCentral: The Community Market Is Too Damned Hot!

Danville’s Community Market building can get unbearably hot during the summer months and that makes it bad for all the activities that go on there. It’s time to get this problem fixed.

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Parking Jerk of the Day! (7/24/16)

We appreciate it when our SouthsideCentral readers go the extra mile and make it easy for the judges.

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QuickHits! (7/24/16)

We tried beating the heat. The heat won. But we’re back up to full power again and it’s Sunday! That means it’s QuickHits! day and time to take a look at the stories around the region that have caught my eye over the past week.

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SouthsideRoundup! (7/22/16)

Let’s recap this week’s miscellaneous photos that we published on our other social media channels and put them all in one convenient place for you to look at them. It’s a SouthsideRoundup!

Remember to follow us on our SouthsideCentral Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr & Flickr. You can also find my personal page on Facebook & send a friend request or follow my public posts.

Let’s start the SouthsideRoundup!

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Thumbs! (7/22/16)

What goes UP! and DOWN! often? Yeah, an elevator. But I was looking for you to say “Thumbs!“, you know.

Let’s see what’s on the Big Board today.

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Friday Night? Fish Fry, Of Course!

Join SouthsideCentral on Friday night (July 22nd) for the 2016 River District Festival’s Fish ‘n Friday fundraiser. Delicious food & drinks and a live band… a perfect Friday night at Danville’s Community Market!

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Danville City Council – LIVE? (7/19/16)

Yep, you read that right. It’s LIVE with a question mark, because tonight’s meeting is quite void of “hot” or interesting content. These types of meeting happen around this time of the year. So, I’m seriously considering passing on going to the meeting.

But don’t worry, I’m going to tell you everything that will happen. If I go, you’ll get photos. If not, you’ll still know what went on. Let’s get that started now.

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Parking Jerk of the Day! Again! (7/18/16)

People are evenly divided about the merits of our Parking Jerk of the Day feature category. And by evenly divided, I mean the current count is eleventy billion in favor to six opposed. So of course, we’re going to infuriate those six people even more with a double dose of PJotD today!

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Parking Jerks of the Day! (7/18/16)

If you think our Parking Jerk of the Day feature is stupid and a invasion of privacy, we understand. So, we’re going to upset you twice as much today just because we can. Heh.

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