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The South Boston Town Council Goes Badass!

And gets absolutely nothing accomplished by going said badass.

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QuickHits! (7/5/2014)

Let’s take a look at some headlines that have caught my eye in the area…

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RandomThoughts! (7/4/2014)

This is my mind. Walk inside, please…

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SouthsideSeven: Debbie Sparks

It’s time for another SouthsideSeven. I’ve got six questions for our guest and the seventh one… well that’s special.

Debbie Sparks, come on down and be our guest for this SouthsideSeven.

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Happy Trails, Phi-lly Cheese Steaks & Things!

Damn. Damn. Damn.

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Clucked Up

It’s time for a quick laugh around these SouthsideCentral parts…
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The Ed Newsome Final Analysis

It’s over. Danville School Superintendent Ed Newsome is no longer with the Danville Public School system. Let’s analyze what happened.

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Danville City Council LIVE! (7/1/2014)

We have three articles in the “Must Write” columns and more that need editing, but do you think that’s going to stop us from having back-to-back-to-back LIVE! articles? Not a chance, baby!

SouthsideCentral is LIVE! at Danville City Hall for tonight’s Danville City Council meeting. You know what to do. Refresh the page often for the latest. The meeting starts at 7PM, and we’ll start our coverage earlier. Don’t forget to follow @sosidecentral on Twitter and LIKE our Facebook page!

Let’s get it started…

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Danville City Council Organizational Meeting LIVE!

Who’ll be the mayor of Danville for next two years? Who’ll be the vice-mayor? Most importantly of all, where will everybody sit?

All of these answers are coming to you LIVE! today. The meeting starts at noon, and SouthsideCentral starts our coverage earlier than that.

Refresh the page for the latest happenings!

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Danville School Board LIVE! (6/30/2014)

(Editor’s note: We’re cleaning up this article but the information is final. Bear with the one-sentence paragraphs for a while as the article was written in LIVE! mode.)

SouthsideCentral is LIVE! at today’s Danville School Board meeting. The meeting starts at 4:45 PM and we’ll start our LIVE! coverage around an hour before… or when anything interesting happens.

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SouthsideSeven: Lawrence Gaughan

We’re introducing a new SouthsideCentral feature today… SouthsideSeven. I’ll ask our guest six questions and they’ll answer them. The seventh question is all theirs. They can ask themselves anything that they want and if they’re stumped, they can always ask me one.

We’ll start big here with an exclusive interview with Lawrence Gaughan. He’s the Democratic challenger for the 5th Congressional District and will be facing Robert Hurt in the November elections. This is the first interview he’s done with the Danville media. I’ve got SouthsideOne ready to go… let’s start SouthsideSeven!

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Softball Practice With US Green Energy

Unchallenged horsecrap is horsecrap.

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Today’s Public Service Announcement (Sorta)

Sometimes on Facebook, you have friends that tell it like it is. Today’s quote is quite brutally honest.

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RandomThoughts! (6/27/2014)

Into my mind we go…

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Let’s look at Ed Newsome’s contract…

So you want to know how much Ed Newsome gets paid? You want to see the terms of his employment contract?

You got it.

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BREAKING: Danville School Superintendent Ed Newsome Out On Monday?

(Editor’s Note: The meeting time is 4:45 PM, not 5PM as earlier reported.)

Yes, we went through this last week. Ed Newsome survived the direct threat to his job during an afternoon and evening of closed Danville School Board sessions. Everything is now coming together and it’s looking like he will part ways with Danville Public Schools on Monday night.

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LIVE! with Get Fit Dan River!

SouthsideCentral was LIVE! at Cherrystone Missionary Baptist Church in Ringgold today for a great time with Get Fit Dan River and First Lady Dorothy McAuliffe. We’ve got photos from today’s picnic event!

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Who needs issues when you’ve got race?

I would say this letter to the editor is “beyond the pale”, but that would probably be called racist too.

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OddsMakers! (6/24/2014)

We’re bringing back SouthsideCentral’s version on a PTI classic. What are the chances of something happening and why?

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RandomThoughts! (6/24/2014)

I’ve been lying to you. Some of those Thoughts can be slightly less than Random. Heh.

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QuickHits! (6/23/2014)

QuickReading! QuickClicking. QuickArticle. QuickHits!

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SouthsideCentral is Getting Fit!

Let’s be real. I ain’t the type of person who goes out and runs seven miles each day. But I’ll admit, this Get Fit Dan River 50,000 pound challenge has motivated me some…

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Stop. Please Stop. Stop. STOP!!!

Yes, I’m asking you to read an 18 page court decision. Yes, it’s that enjoyable of a read.

I’ll give you two words and you’ll understand why. Merle Rutledge.

Among other things, you’re about to learn that he claimed to have “mental anguish” when stopped by the police because it was on Valentine’s Day.

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RandomThoughts! (6/22/2014)

It’s the weekend and not much is going on news-wise. That means we’re taking a trip into my mind! Again. Whee.

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RandomThoughts! (6/21/2014)

With all these new SouthsideCentral readers, I’ve got to make these RandomThoughts be somewhat reasonable. Nah.

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