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RIFA – LIVE! (8/11/2014)

We’ve cleaned up the article, added more commentary and some bonus photos. This article is complete.

The Regional Industrial Facilities Authority is having their monthly meeting today at noon, and SouthsideCentral is here LIVE! The meeting starts at noon, and our LIVE! coverage should start around 11:50AM

We’re at the Danville Regional Airport to see what’s going on with the RIFA board. This is a joint partnership between the City of Danville & Pittsylvania County. These meetings are relatively quiet and administrative, but you’ll get a chance to see photos and read live happenings and commentary LIVE!

Don’t forget to refresh this page often to see the latest happenings. We’ll also clean the article up later today and add bonus content like more photos and commentary.

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Time Machine: Zeyuan Flooring’s Move!

Let’s hop into the SouthsideCentral Time Machine and head back to April 14th. That’s the day when we got a Spin-O-Rama about the GOK Furniture company and Zeyuan Flooring.

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Parking Jerk of the Day! (8/10/2014)

Wow. The submissions are flowing in for this new feature. If you find a blatant Parking Jerk, take a photo and then click on the Contact Us! link at the top of the page. You’ll find our email address there. It’s southsidecentral (AT) southsidecentral (dot) com by the way. Feel free to add any details that you can. We’ll use as many as we can here.

Today’s Parking Jerk of the day comes from Lynchburg, and it’s a bad one. That makes it a good one.

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RandomThoughts! (8/9/2014)

I’m thinking while on muscle relaxers for back pain so this could be fun. Or regrettable.

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Parking Jerk of the Day! (8/9/2014)

It’s time for a new feature that has been popular on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Everyone sees them and hates them. Now, you’ve got a way to help expose them.

They’re parking jerks, and you’ve got a way to help expose them now. All you’ve got to do is take some photos and use the “Contact Us!” link up at the top of the page. Our email address is on that page. You’ll stay completely anonymous. Give us as much detail as you can and we’ll use as many of these as we can.

Let’s kick it off with a South Boston one…

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RumorBusting: Associate degrees will be granted!

Earlier this afternoon, I got a tip that said some Halifax County school students would not get their dual-enrollment associate’s degrees. I’ve done the research on this story and it is FALSE.

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Danville City Council – LIVE! (8/7/2014)

One LIVE! meeting done (I wish I could have stayed longer…) and now we move to the Danville City Council meeting for more LIVE! coverage. Tonight’s meeting was postponed from the normal Tuesday because of the National Night Out ceremonies. The meeting starts at 7PM and you’ll want to refresh the page often. That way, you’ll get the latest happenings, photos and commentary on tonight’s meeting. As usual, I’ll clean up the article once I get home and probably add some bonus content. There will be a note above once I’ve completed the article tonight.

Hey, you won’t have to pay anything to read it here as it’s happening!

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Danville School Board – LIVE! (8/7/2014)

Editor’s note: This article is now complete. We’ve added more commentary and a lot of bonus photos.

We’re LIVE! at the Danville School Board meeting tonight. We may have abbreviated coverage because we also have Danville City Council’s meeting at 7PM. Be sure to refresh this page for the latest photos, happenings and commentary. We’ll clean this article up once we get home and add some bonus content.

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No articles today? It’s my birthday.

Here’s an SouthsideCentral article that I’m writing about having no SouthsideCentral articles today.

Oh, that makes perfect sense. Sheesh.

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The South Boston News & Record Plays Dirty

UPDATE: The News & Record has given SouthsideCentral credit in the last paragraph of the online article. We thank them for their proper ethical decision.

It can be frustrating when somebody uses the results of your hard work and doesn’t give you credit for it.

Looking at you, Tom McLaughlin and the South Boston News & Record newspaper.

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The government’s warrants in the Cherokee Tobacco case

The following documents have been unsealed by the Federal court system. They represent the affidavits and actions of the government in the case. No charges have been filed at this time. If charges are ever filed, I also remind you that people are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law.

It’s not easy to publish these documents. I’ve gone back and forth weighing personal friendships and the public’s “right to know”. Now that the documents have been unsealed and are public record, I have to do my job and inform the public.

Sometimes it ain’t easy to run SouthsideCentral.

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We’ve completed this article with more notes, observations and commentary. We’ve also added lots of bonus photos.

We’re here at Piedmont Access to Health Services on Main St. in Danville. Senator Bill Stanley will be here. Hit refresh for the latest photos and happenings.

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Thumbs! (8/3/2014)

Watch out. We’re licensed to Thumb!

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RandomThoughts! (8/2/2014)

I haven’t had much time to think lately. Go ahead and make the obvious joke. How about some RandomThoughts?

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UPDATED: Fire destroys garbage trucks in Halifax County

(Editor’s note: We’ve updated this article with the complete story.)

We’re waiting on official statements from Halifax County authorities on this, but here’s what we know as of now…

Continue reading “UPDATED: Fire destroys garbage trucks in Halifax County” …

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OddsMakers! (8/1/2014)

How about some predictions of the future? Of course, I never get any of them wrong.

Hey lookie! We’ve got a special guest in the SouthsideCentral studios today… it’s Lee Smallwood. He’s going to take a shot at the OddsMakers board. This will be interesting…

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Thoughts on the “Outsider/Insider” art show…

Ugh. So many things going on but I promised a quick recap and thoughts article on the “Outsider/Insider” art show that was held Friday, July 25th on Craghead Street. Let’s get it started!

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TROTS: Those Jefferson St. condemned apartments

Editor’s note: The Register & Bee has now disabled their comment section on the story I referenced in this article. Gee, wonder why?

Let’s do another “The Rest Of The Story” to get you more information than a Register & Bee story gives you. I’ve been working on this story for a few days but taking a different angle on it. I’m trying to follow the money and see where that leads me. In the meantime, the newspaper gets an interview with the owners, tosses some softballs and swallows everything given to them making these “property owners” look like people who aren’t that bad after all.

Let’s see some photos of the apartments for another look at the issue…

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Recapping Tuesday’s governor and cabinet visit…

Whew. It took 2 days to totally complete all the additions to our LIVE! coverage, but it was worth it. SouthsideCentral brought you everything we could about Tuesday’s events and we really appreciate the kind words about our coverage. You’ve now got the most photos of any local media and you saw them first during our LIVE! coverage. Let’s recap what happened on Tuesday…

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BREAKING: Sky Valley Foods relocating to Danville

Updated and completed with some photos from the event courtesy of Arnold Hendrix, the city’s public information officer.

Sky Valley Foods will be relocating their operations to Danville from Yanceyville, NC. They will also be expanding their production.

Continue reading “BREAKING: Sky Valley Foods relocating to Danville” …

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Secretary of the Commonwealth Meeting – LIVE!

We’ve completed this article with some more information and photos.

Our fifth (and final?) LIVE! event of the day takes us to Jake’s on Main restaurant for a session with Secretary of the Commonwealth Levar Stoney. He’s going to talk about the process for getting appointed to Virginia’s boards and commissions.

Refresh the page often for the latest photos and happenings!

Continue reading “Secretary of the Commonwealth Meeting – LIVE!” …

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River District Tour – LIVE!

We’ve now completed this article and added lots of additional photos for bonus coverage. We’ve also added more commentary about the event.


We’re now LIVE! at the Golden Leaf Bistro with Governor Terry McAuliffe as he starts a tour of the River District led by Danville Mayor Sherman Saunders.

Refresh the page often for the latest and don’t forget to check back later tonight, too. We’ll add more bonus coverage and photos in the editing room.

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Governor’s Economic Development Roundtable – LIVE!

We’ve completed this article with editing and a lot of bonus photos. I’m sorry for the phone photos at the top part of the article. Something was on the lens and I never noticed… but hey, slightly blurred photos are better than none.

We’ve moved across the road to the RCATT building for our third event of the day. Governor Terry McAuliffe will be leading a roundtable discussion on economic and workforce development. According to the schedule, we’ll have Secretary of Education Anne Holton, Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry Todd Haymore, Special Advisor for Rural Partnerships, Mary Rae Carter, and Advisor for Workforce Development, Elizabeth Creamer joining in the discussion.

Refresh the page often for the latest happenings and photos!

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Governor’s Cabinet Meeting – LIVE!

We’ve completed this article by touching up the writing and adding photos.

We move on to LIVE! coverage of Governor Terry McAuliffe’s cabinet meeting here at the Institute. This is the first time in recent history that the entire cabinet has been in Danville and this meeting makes it even more rare. We’ve got the only LIVE! coverage of this meeting so refresh the page often to get the latest happenings.

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“State of the Region” Address – LIVE!

We’re LIVE! at the Institute for the Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce’s “State of the Region” address. Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jessie Barksdale and Danville Mayor Sherman Saunders will give speeches about the progress of the region this morning.

Refresh this page often for the latest happenings, commentary and photos!

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