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Our Grading Scales & Guidelines

SouthsideCentral uses a 10-point grading scale for the ratings posted here.

90-100 = A
80-89 = B
70-79 = C
60-69 = D
< 60 = F

So what do the letter grades mean?

“A” = Awesome. It’s something that I will go out of my way to do again.
“B” = Very Good. I’ll remember it and I will plan on a repeat when I can.
“C” = Average. It’s something that I have no problem doing again but I’m not going out of my way to make the repeat. There’s nothing wrong with a “C” grade.
“D” = Room for improvement. It’s something that I might try again but only when other options are not available.
“F” = Fail. Not acceptable. It’s something that I definitely will not try again.