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UPDATED: BREAKING: Danville School Superintendent To Be Fired Today?

We’re going to put a question mark at the end of this headline because it’s currently a personnel matter that can’t be discussed…


UPDATED: Happy Trails, AAF Tank Museum!

It’s official. You’ll soon be able to call the building the old Disston plant again.


UPDATED: The Albert Randolph Solution (that didn’t happen)

(Editor’s Note: This didn’t work out in the way that I proposed. But hey, it was a possible solution. We’ll have a new article recapping and analyzing what happened within the hour.)

There was a big crowd of supporters for Albert Randolph, the recently demoted Halifax County High School principal, at tonight’s Halifax County School [...]

UPDATED: Danville City Council – LIVE! (6/3/2014)

SouthsideCentral was at Danville City Hall for tonight’s City Council meeting and we covered it LIVE!

Editor’s Note: We’ve updated this article to tell about the feathers flying during the around the horn session. Buddy Rawley called Mayor Sherman Saunders out for blowing past him on the floor discussion on the city retiree’s issue.


UPDATED: Happy Trails, Virdia!

Editor’s Note: I’ve retracted the part of the article that says Virdia was the recipient of Free Money. The SENTEC building was built using Tobacco Commission money. – BruceH

Green Energy. Turning biomass into something useful. Lots of Free Government Money. Wow, I didn’t see this Job Bust coming. (Actually, I did.)


UPDATED: QuickHits! (5/25/2014)

Here’s a quick rundown of some links and stories that caught our eye this Sunday morning…


CORRECTED: Christmas News Roundup (12/25/12)

Lots of crazy & sad things going on in the SouthsideCentral region during the holidays. Let’s get to what you haven’t heard about in the other local media…


UPDATED: Where Are They Now?: People from the 5th District House Race

Update #1: Adding a name that was suggested by email. Thanks!

When Tom Perriello returned to Southside VA earlier this week (note that he didn’t make it to Danville), I was asked what happened to the major & minor players that participated in the 2010 election. That’s a good question and in the typical SouthsideCentral [...]

UPDATED! – ThreadSpotting: Thou Shalt Not Hate (unless they’re gay & can sing)

What if God was a gay recording artist one of us?


UPDATED: Breaking News: Murder/suicide outside of Scottsburg C-store.

Thanks to our great sources for getting this news to us quickly.


UPDATED: Made your reservation for a Spicy Chicken sandwich yet?

I did, and I’m looking forward to trying it!


UPDATED: Mysterious “bone”(?) found in Danville Walmart parking lot?

As of now, I’m putting this into the RumorCentral category until I can get further verification from more sources. Thanks to whoever used the SouthsideCentral TipLine!


UPDATED – BREAKING: Former South Boston finance director killed in farming accident

Our sources have just got this story in to SouthsideCentral.


Updated: “Who’s #1?” – Dead Shopping Centers

It’s time to see “Who’s #1?” again, and this time we’re talking about the area’s shopping centers and malls that have seen better days…much better days.

(Update #1: We’ve added two more in-bad-shape shopping centers to the list thanks to some comments.)


UPDATED: Danville’s Cruise-In season begins tonight!

(Updated to add photo slideshow link)

Make your way to Downtown Danville tonight from 6PM to 9PM. SouthsideCentral will be there LIVE!


UPDATED: Happy Trails, Bronx Boy Bagels!

(Updated to add R&B story and comments)

It’s a sad day for people who love good food.


Southside Weather Updates

UPDATED to give the National Weather Service’s findings on the Alton storm damage.

We’re in contact with lots of sources tonight, and we’ll be putting information that we get into this article. Keep checking back for updates.


UPDATED: BREAKING NEWS: Mobile home overturned in Halifax County

We’re trying to get more information, but here’s what we have so far. Keep checking this story for updates.


UPDATED: Strange Days in 5th District Land!

(Originally published on: Mar 23, 2010 @ 21:40) – UPDATED to include a new Josh Solovskoy posting.

Everything had been cruising right along as close to normal as possible until now. Two unrelated events just happened that make these very Strange Days.


UPDATED: He’s got some ‘splainin to do…

(Originally published on Mar 7, 2010 @ 17:18 – Updated to review Motley’s appearance on Jessica Griffith’s TV show tonight)


If Thomas Motley wants to have a real chance at getting elected to Danville City Council, his choosing not to look back or comment on his past isn’t going to cut it.


UPDATED: There’s Panic In the Streets!

The sheriff’s wife has had her purse stolen out of her car while it was parked at South Boston’s First Baptist Church. The South Boston Police Department & the Halifax County Sheriff’s Department are out in full force! We’ve got Breaking News & a ThreadSpotting all combined in one! Oh, this is going to be [...]

UPDATED: Danville police help out Halifax County Sheriff’s Office

Teamwork gets a bunch of idiot kids off the road and into jail.

UPDATE: We’ve got the information from the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office about how this incident started.


UPDATED: Review of Danville’s new “Primo Pizza”

There’s a new pizza restaurant in Danville. Primo Pizza is located at 1131 South Boston Rd. (former location of the Quizno’s Subs franchise that lasted less than 6 months). I’ve had two meals there so far but I’m not recommending the restaurant due to one horrible customer service moment.

UPDATE: We’re taking off the “Not [...]

UPDATED: Jeff Clark starts Independent campaign for 5th District House seat

The field gets even more crowded. Catherine Amos, reporter with the Danville Register & Bee, will have an article on this in Wednesday’s newspaper.

UPADTE: The story’s online now.


UPDATED: Food Chain! – 5th District Candidates

We made it six days without a political article, so let’s get everybody upset at us with our first “Food Chain!” that ranks the candidates for Virginia’s Republican nomination for the 5th district.