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UPDATED: Thumbs! (10/12/16)

(Editor’s Note: I’m flagging this in the “Errors & Omissions” category because I’m retracting some comments that I made in one of the items.)

What I got is what you want. If you want Thumbs!, that is.


Ask SouthsideCentral! – Drug & Gang Free Zone Signs?

Some people have noticed a new set of street signs going up around Danville that say “Drug & Gang Free School Zone”. No, the thought process behind the signs isn’t “Gee, now criminals won’t do illegal things because of the signs being posted.”

Let’s Ask SouthsideCentral and find out the truth. Let’s also get some […]

UPDATED: But They Repeat Themselves…

UPDATE: The newspaper has fixed the original article. Heh.

Somebody must have still been hungover when they wrote this newspaper article. Not only that, somebody must have still been hungover when they wrote this newspaper article. Oh yeah, somebody must have still been hungover when they wrote this newspaper article.


BreakDown: Danville City Council Campaign Funding (UPDATED)

Running a political campaign can be expensive, even at the local governmental level. So where is all of the major money coming from for this year’s Danville City Council election? SouthsideCentral has the answers after a lot of research. Let’s do a detailed look at each candidate’s contributions, starting with the incumbents and moving to […]

*UPDATED* BREAKING: Danville IDA To Buy “Museum” Gas Station

UPDATE: Danville’s IDA voted to take a 90-day purchase option on the property so that they could have the time needed for an environmental study on the underground gas tanks. We’re still 100% confident that the IDA will eventually buy the property.

SouthsideCentral has learned that Danville’s Industrial Development Authority will vote to buy the […]

The update on the “Backyard Blight?” article

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on today’s “Backyard Blight?” article and I sincerely thank Susan Stilwell for lots of the information.

Let’s take a look at what I’ve found out.


Backyard Blight?

Editor’s Note: I’ve written a follow-up article to address what I’ve learned about this building. Click on this link to read that article.

We all know that the City of Danville is cracking down on blighted properties because they look bad, drive down property values and can be safety hazards. The city condemns buildings that […]

UPDATED: Say, That’s Odd: Useless Post Office Poles

UPDATE: One of SouthsideCentral’s good friends has gotten the answer for us. I’ve added that to the bottom of the article.

SouthsideCentral had a busy day on Saturday, and one of my stops was in Yanceyville for the annual Bright Leaf Hoedown festival. We’ll have lots of photos from there soon, but I started off […]

UPDATED: BREAKING: Industrial Fatality at Goodyear

UPDATE #1: We’ve added Goodyear’s official statement to the article.

Tragic news coming from Danville’s Goodyear plant tonight…


UPDATED: RottenReporting: The $10,000,000 Mistake

UPDATE: The Register & Bee corrected the article within two hours of this article being published. Behold the power of SouthsideCentral.

I did my best to avoid writing this edition of RottenReporting, but the Register & Bee wouldn’t modify their story.


Time Machine: The Carrington Pavilion

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Bobby Roach, we’ve updated this article with yet another mistake on the sign. Bwahahaha!

We’re going to jump into the SouthsideCentral Time Machine and take you back to August 12th, 2002. Next stop, the Carrington Pavilion!


UPDATED: BREAKING: Jackson to Step Down as GWHS Principal

(Editor’s Note: We’ve updated this article after a conversation with Chief Human Resources Officer Dr. Juliet Jennings.)

At SouthsideCentral, we work hard at getting you breaking news before any other media source.


UPDATED: Vault door falls on woman

UPDATE: Sadly, the victim has died. The press release covering that is now in the article

This statement is just in from South Boston Town Manager Tim Wilson…


REVISED: NumbersCentral: Danville’s School Discipline Cases

Editor’s Note: The Danville Public School system revised their report. We’ve updated the article with the latest version.

The numbers are in… let’s take a look.


UPDATED: The Gazette-Virginian Gets Busted for Plagiarism

UPDATE: We’ve added the Gazette-Virginian’s “response” to the article.

Somebody finally calls out their lazy “reporting”…


The South Boston News & Record Plays Dirty

UPDATE: The News & Record has given SouthsideCentral credit in the last paragraph of the online article. We thank them for their proper ethical decision.

It can be frustrating when somebody uses the results of your hard work and doesn’t give you credit for it.

Looking at you, Tom McLaughlin and the South Boston News […]

UPDATED: Fire destroys garbage trucks in Halifax County

(Editor’s note: We’ve updated this article with the complete story.)

We’re waiting on official statements from Halifax County authorities on this, but here’s what we know as of now…


BREAKING: Sky Valley Foods relocating to Danville

Updated and completed with some photos from the event courtesy of Arnold Hendrix, the city’s public information officer.

Sky Valley Foods will be relocating their operations to Danville from Yanceyville, NC. They will also be expanding their production.


UPDATED: The Rest Of The Story – (7/23/2014)

Sometimes, the “local media” (or even the Register & Bee) won’t go in depth with details and fun facts about a story. That’s why I’m starting a new feature category, because I believe I’ll be noticing these incidents much more.


UPDATED: BREAKING: Danville School Superintendent To Be Fired Today?

We’re going to put a question mark at the end of this headline because it’s currently a personnel matter that can’t be discussed…


UPDATED: Happy Trails, AAF Tank Museum!

It’s official. You’ll soon be able to call the building the old Disston plant again.


UPDATED: The Albert Randolph Solution (that didn’t happen)

(Editor’s Note: This didn’t work out in the way that I proposed. But hey, it was a possible solution. We’ll have a new article recapping and analyzing what happened within the hour.)

There was a big crowd of supporters for Albert Randolph, the recently demoted Halifax County High School principal, at tonight’s Halifax County School […]

UPDATED: Danville City Council – LIVE! (6/3/2014)

SouthsideCentral was at Danville City Hall for tonight’s City Council meeting and we covered it LIVE!

Editor’s Note: We’ve updated this article to tell about the feathers flying during the around the horn session. Buddy Rawley called Mayor Sherman Saunders out for blowing past him on the floor discussion on the city retiree’s issue.


UPDATED: Happy Trails, Virdia!

Editor’s Note: I’ve retracted the part of the article that says Virdia was the recipient of Free Money. The SENTEC building was built using Tobacco Commission money. – BruceH

Green Energy. Turning biomass into something useful. Lots of Free Government Money. Wow, I didn’t see this Job Bust coming. (Actually, I did.)


UPDATED: QuickHits! (5/25/2014)

Here’s a quick rundown of some links and stories that caught our eye this Sunday morning…