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“Skin Wars” – Bodypainting – LIVE!

We’re LIVE! at the Carolina Theatre in Greensboro for tonight’s “Skin Wars” simulcast event. “Skin Wars” is a new reality show on GSN all about the art of bodypainting. Tonight is Episode #3 and eight contestants remain. Watch GSN at 9:00 PM EDT and watch along with us. Living Art America has all of the […]

ThreadSpotting: “Boobs… or No Boobs”

What do you get when you combine gameshows and breast implants?

Every so often we go outside the SouthsideCentral area for things that are interesting and we’ve found a messageboard thread that will creep you out while making you laugh hysterically.


TVCentral: Jeff Clark on Star News at 8:00 PM

Fifth District Independent candidate Jeff Clark will be on Star News tonight from 8 to 9 PM. You can watch it LIVE! here. The embedded LIVE! video feed is under the cutline.


An open letter to my HalifaxTalk friends.

The HalifaxTalk people who don’t like me and the ones who obsessively stalk me can read this too. It’s also open to people who want to know about WMDV.


The background story of WMDV-TV

Danville’s got a new TV station on the way! Matt Smith, the station manager at WGSR-TV, has written a narrative of the trails and tribulations of getting the new TV station on the air…


“Danville Tonight” on StarNews at 7:15!

The Friday edition of “Danville Tonight” is now back on WGSR (Star News)!

Danville City Manager on StarNews tonight

Here’s your chance to ask Danville City Manager Joe King some questions!


If you missed tonight’s Monday Night Live episode…

… you missed one of the Best. Episodes. Ever. 😀



Shall we go over to Eden and take a look at a bizarre police case? Trust me, it’s worth the trip.


Danville Sheriff’s Race debate on Star News tonight.

If you have any interest in the Danville’s Sheriff race, you need to watch WGSR-TV tonight in the 7 PM hour.


Monday Night Live coming up at 8:00 PM!

Get ready for local TV’s Best. Show. Ever. at a new time. 8:00 PM is MNL time!


Boo! Hiss! “Monday Night Live” is a repeat broadcast tonight.

Yeah, Mark & Ken. We don’t like it one bit. Quit slacking! :p

Monday Night Live coming up at 9:00 PM!

Get ready for local TV’s Best. Show. Ever.