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ThreadSpotting: “Boobs… or No Boobs”

What do you get when you combine gameshows and breast implants?

Every so often we go outside the SouthsideCentral area for things that are interesting and we’ve found a messageboard thread that will creep you out while making you laugh hysterically.


NewsSpotting: Only seven months to go…

It’s News. It’s a ThreadSpotting. It’s complete stupidity about the upcoming Halifax County Sheriff’s race. It’s all of those combined!


ThreadSpotting: Hidden Agenda!

I said you wanna be startin’ somethin’, you got to be startin’ somethin’…


UPDATED! – ThreadSpotting: Thou Shalt Not Hate (unless they’re gay & can sing)

What if God was a gay recording artist one of us?


ThreadSpotting: Chicken-fingering and meat-beating.

It’s not what you think, people. Or, maybe it is.


ThreadSpotting: “You’re gonna make it after all!”

Some new blood flows into the HalifaxTalk message board and gets caught up in two trainwrecks within a month. Yep, he’s going to fit in just fine. Giant thanks go out to the three people who sent this in as a ThreadSpotting potential!


ThreadSpotting: “I’m right. You’re going to hell.”

Who said HalifaxTalk was dead? There’s still some signs of trainwreck life over there.


ThreadSpotting QuickHits! (3/8)

It’s two, two features in one! We always thank our readers for the HalifaxTalk ThreadSpotting submissions, so let’s knock a few of them out quickly. You got your ThreadSpotting in my QuickHits!


UPDATED: There’s Panic In the Streets!

The sheriff’s wife has had her purse stolen out of her car while it was parked at South Boston’s First Baptist Church. The South Boston Police Department & the Halifax County Sheriff’s Department are out in full force! We’ve got Breaking News & a ThreadSpotting all combined in one! Oh, this is going to be […]

ThreadSpotting QuickHits!

So many submissions for ThreadSpotting, so little time. Actually, we’ve got the time… it’s just that we need to knock a bunch of mockable HalifaxTalk threads at one time to get them out of the way for the few people who like this feature. Let’s play ThreadSpotting QuickHits!


ThreadSpotting: It’s snowing. Let’s have an abortion!

This leap of logic would have taken Evel Knievel completely across the Snake River Canyon.


ZING! of the Day (2/4)

We ♥ snark. We ♥ snarky comments, We ♥ zingers.

UPDATED: ThreadSpotting: “I want to ride my bicycle…”

How could we pass up a trainwreck of a thread that features Jesus giving somebody the finger and Hitler? And that’s just the first page!


My response to Darrin Talbott’s statement.

I hate to use a SouthsideCentral article on this but it’s the only way to get my response out. Anyway, Darrin’s got his side of the story out and here’s my response.


UPDATED: ThreadSpotting: Save your breath, people!

I figured out that Darrin Talbott was never going to un-ban me from HalifaxTalk when I got off the phone with him a few minutes ago.


ThreadSpotting: “Hey, look at those Boobs!”

No, not those boobs! I’m talking about the boobs that are talking in the thread.


ThreadSpotting: Kill ’em all! YEAH!

Let’s hear it for lethal injection! Yay for the electric chair! Go ga-ga for the gas chamber!


ThreadSpotting: “Off With Their Heads…um…Pants?!?!”

Hey, it’s Halifax County’s own Pants-Off Dance-Off (without the Dance-Off)!


ThreadSpotting: Oh Noes! I’ve been banned from HalifaxTalk!

I may lose some sleep over this. Or I may not. Anyway, Darrin Talbott proves my point quite convincingly. Let’s have some fun with this one, shall we?


Will the real “userfriendly” please stand up?

Although some people may not believe this, I have no problem admitting that I was wrong.

I was wrong.


ThreadSpotting: Granny gets one right!

Sometimes when a head asplodes, it’s for the forces of good.


They’re not saying… they’re just saying.

Read this comment thread while you can, because it’s going to be erased and shut down soon.


ThreadSpotting: “Hello. I’m nuts. Goodbye.” “Hello. I’m nuts. Goodbye.”

“Hello. I’m nuts. Goodbye.” “Hello. I’m nuts. Goodbye.” Keep repeating until you think Tom Perriello cares.


ThreadSpotting: Do it for the kids! (Your own kids, screw the rest.)

I Know Why You Ran For School Board Last Summer!


ThreadSpotting: White. Old. Man. Gone. Well. Damn. Door. Hit. You. Lord. Split. You.

TheOther “leaves”. NoBody cares.