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PhotoCentral: River District Artisans (Part #2)

We’re continuing our PhotoCentral tour of River District Artisans located in downtown Danville. Enjoy the beautiful items and stop in and look around!


PhotoCentral: River District Artisans (Part #1)

Have you been to Danville’s “River District Artisans” at 411 Main Street? It’s where the Arc of Southside moved their “Hatcher Center Outlet Store” to from their previous location in Blairs. The Danville Regional foundation awarded them $100,000 to renovate the building and it’s beautiful. Today, we’ll take a PhotoCentral tour and show you some […]

They’re Watching You!

I think I’ve found the City of Danville’s newest security camera… and they didn’t make it easy to find, either.


Danville Planning Commission (3/9/15)

Don’t expect much “real” happenings here, folks. We had one zoning request before the Planning Commission and it was routine. But hey, we’ve got photos!


PhotoCentral: The Girl Scouts Take Over!

On Tuesday night, the local Girl Scouts “took over” Danville City Council’s meeting and performed perfectly. Here’s a PhotoCentral showing parts of their dress rehearsal and more photos from the meeting.


PhotoCentral: Big Sky Rents & Events

The Danville Pittsylvania Chamber of Commerce held a Business After Hours at the new location of Big Sky Rents & Events on Tuesday night. Let’s take a look outside and inside their new building… and it’s beautiful!


PhotoCentral: Inside the Danville Family YMCA

As promised from our Business After Hours PhotoCentral, we’re going to take you on a tour of the new Danville Family YMCA. The new facility opened in September and this was my first time visiting. Let’s take a look around.


PhotoCentral: Business After Hours (1/15/2015)

The Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce held their monthly Business After Hours at the Danville Family YMCA on Thursday night and it was a great time. The YMCA is an amazing place and we’ll take you on a PhotoCentral of that on Friday… but let’s take a look at some photos from the Business […]

PhotoCentral: Inside US Green Energy (Part #3)

We’ll wrap up our PhotoCentral series from our US Green Energy tour with some miscellaneous photos.


PhotoCentral: Inside US Green Energy (Part #2)

We’ve showed you some of our US Green Energy tour so far in Part #1… now let’s get to Part #2.


PhotoCentral: Inside US Green Energy (Part #1)

Since US Green Energy is in the news again, we thought we’d show you inside their building. We took a tour of the building on July 17th, and you can see what it looked like then.


CentralPerspective: Daydreaming

I used to spend hours dreaming of what I hoped the future would hold for me. In recent years, my focus has been so acutely aligned with building that future that I haven’t been afforded the luxury to spend time in those thoughts, musing over what might and what will be. Yesterday, I caught myself experiencing that feeling again just for a moment. […]

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CentralPerspective: Looking Back to Move Forward

This week, I am once again looking back as I look forward. I shot both of these photographs in downtown Danville, Virginia in 2008. […]

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PhotoCentral: Danville’s Veterans Day Parade (Part #7)

When the fire trucks and emergency vehicles come down the street, you know we’re at the end of Danville’s Veterans Day Parade. This is the last PhotoCentral article and I hope you’ve enjoyed them all.


PhotoCentral: Danville’s Veterans Day Parade (Part #6)

If you’re tired of photos from the excellent Danville Veterans Parade yet, I’ve got bad news for you. Here comes Part #6!


PhotoCentral: Danville’s Veterans Day Parade (Part #5)

SouthsideCentral hopes that you’re enjoying this series of PhotoCentral articles from Danville’s Veterans Day parade on Sunday. We’re moving along with the fifth set of photos.


PhotoCentral: Danville’s Veterans Day Parade (Part #4)

We’ve already published Part #1, Part #2 and Part #3 of the PhotoCentral articles from Danville’s Veterans Day Parade. Let’s take a look at Part #4.


PhotoCentral: Danville’s Veterans Day Parade (Part #3)

Here’s the 3rd set of photos from Danville’s Veterans Day Parade.


PhotoCentral: Danville’s Veterans Day Parade (Part #2)

Here we go with Part #2 of photos from Sunday’s Danville Veterans Day Parade.


PhotoCentral: Danville’s Veterans Day Parade (Part #1)

This is the first of a series of PhotoCentral articles from Danville’s Veterans Day Parade that was held on Sunday, November 9th.

We’ll keep adding articles like this throughout the next few days so that you can see how the parade went. Let’s get started with the first nine photos.


PhotoCentral: The Craddock Terry Hotel

Here’s the articles that we’ve had in the Lynchburg Trip Series so far:

Lynchburg Trip With City Council & The IDA – LIVE! (10/30/2014) BreakDown: The Lynchburg Trip BonusCentral: Lynchburg Trip Photos

Our final destination for the trip was the Craddock Terry Hotel. Let’s take a photo tour of it…


BonusCentral: Lynchburg Trip Photos

We’ve told you about the Danville City Council trip to Lynchburg. We’ve also done a BreakDown on what happened. But now, let’s do a BonusCentral on some other photos from that day…


Southside Show-Biz VIP Reception – LIVE!

We’re LIVE! at Averett University’s North Campus for tonight’s Danville-Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce’s annual “Southside Show-Biz” trade show. Tonight is the VIP reception for chamber members and invited guests. It’s open to the public on Thursday from 3 to 7 PM and admission is free!

Tonight, you’ll get photos and a preview of what […]

PhotoCentral: Callands Festival

Thanks go out to a great SouthsideCentral fan for contributing these photos of yesterday’s 34th annual Callands Festival

PhotoCentral: Where am I?

SouthsideCentral is everywhere. Well, once you get past a leg injury…but where was I when I took this photo?