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NumbersCentral: Danville City Council Undervotes

We’re continuing to play with the numbers from last Tuesday’s Danville City Council elections. In this NumbersCentral article, we’re going to take a look at the “undervoting” issue and how it played out in all of Danville’s precincts.


NumbersCentral: Who Placed What & Where?

In the May 3rd Danville City Council election, there were 18 different precincts reporting in to make the final vote total. In this NumbersCentral analysis of the results, we’re going to see who did what and where they did it. (That’s probably horrible grammar, but so be it.)


NumbersCentral: Voter Precinct Statistics

The numbers are in and SouthsideCentral is churning them into interesting reports. In this first NumbersCentral from the May 3rd Danville City Council elections, we’re going to take a look at what precincts turned out the highest percentage of voters. We’ll also take a look at which precincts turned out the most voters.


BreakDown: Danville City Council Campaign Funding (UPDATED)

Running a political campaign can be expensive, even at the local governmental level. So where is all of the major money coming from for this year’s Danville City Council election? SouthsideCentral has the answers after a lot of research. Let’s do a detailed look at each candidate’s contributions, starting with the incumbents and moving to […]

NumbersCentral: Danville’s Delinquent Property Taxes

The City of Danville does have a large dollar value of delinquent property taxes, but is that a “real problem” in the big picture? With data provided to SouthsideCentral by Danville’s Finance Director Michael Adkins, let’s look at the numbers and see what we can find out.

(Editor’s Note: Technically, this article could also be […]

BreakDown: Danville Utilities’ Power Cost Adjustment Fund

Being $10.7 million in debt is bad, but it’s better than being $19.1 million in debt. That’s where Danville Utilities finds themselves in their Power Cost Adjustment fund. In this BreakDown article, we’ll take a detailed look at that fund and see exactly what it means to Danville Utilities and their customers.


BreakDown: The City of Danville’s “Bank Account”

Contrary to what a lot of people say and/or think, the City of Danville is not “in debt” or “broke”. Let’s take a comprehensive look at the city’s general fund balance in this BreakDown/NumbersCentral and see exactly what the dollar amounts say.


BreakDown: Danville IDA’s Rental Income

Let’s take a look at some of the December financial statements from Danville’s Industrial Development Authority. In this NumbersCentral article, we’ll look at their main checking account and talk about what got paid in rental income during the month of December 2015. I could call this a NumbersCentral article, but I’ve got a cool BreakDown […]

NumbersCentral: “So what does the DRF do?”

One of the most frequent questions that I get is “What does the Danville Regional Foundation do with their money?” Unfortunately, a lot of people have a mindset that the DRF is a closed-door, good-ol’-boy cigar club that’s a secret society tossing out cash to the people who don’t really need it.

That’s not the […]

NumbersCentral: How many students in Danville Public Schools?

At Thursday night’s Danville School Board meeting, they discussed the customary enrollment count taken at the start of the school year. I found these numbers to be quite interesting, so I wanted you to see them too.


NumbersCentral: That’s one big electricity bill!

This is a NumbersCentral where I have no idea what more than half of these numbers mean, but I do know it’s a lot of money. Let’s see how much Danville Utilities paid for the electricity it sold in February 2015.


NumbersCentral: The NASCAR Hall of Fame Trip

There’s been a lots of assumptions made and stories spread about how much the City of Danville spent on a trip to Charlotte NC. This was for Wendell Scott’s induction into the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Let’s squash off all of the assumptions and stories by doing a NumbersCentral review on the trip expenses and […]

NumbersCentral: Who owes money to the IDA?

Here at SouthsideCentral, we like to answer our readers’ questions.


NumbersCentral: Who got the Halifax County Enterprise Zone money?

In 2013, the Halifax County Industrial Development Authority gave out $133,305.40 in payments under the Enterprise Zone program.

What companies got that money?


REVISED: NumbersCentral: Danville’s School Discipline Cases

Editor’s Note: The Danville Public School system revised their report. We’ve updated the article with the latest version.

The numbers are in… let’s take a look.


NumbersCentral: Danville School Discipline Cases

There were some questions about the much lower disciplinary referral rate for this school year so far compared to last year.

Let’s do a NumbersCentral and look at the report given to the school board last night…


NumbersCentral: Danville’s General Fund

Have you ever wondered what taxes are coming into the City of Danville? Ever wondered how the budget stands compared to last year?

No? Then go to the next article because we got numbers here, folks!


NumbersCentral: “What do Halifax County teachers make?”

Here at SouthsideCentral, we’re glad to answer our readers’ questions. In this NumbersCentral, you’ll find out the pay scales for the Halifax County Public School system.

It’s public information. You’re the public.


NumbersCentral: So How Much Do City Retirees Get?

City of Danville retirees are back in front of the city council asking for cost-of-living adjustments and/or bonuses. But when you look at how much some of the retirees make on a guaranteed basis, your eyes may open quite widely. It’s time for a NumbersCentral…


NumbersCentral: Who showed up to vote in Danville?

Everybody loves numbers and math, so SouthsideCentral is debuting our NumbersCentral category. If a story can be told by charts, graphics, and numbers, we’ll show the information to you that way. Today’s edition is about the anemic voter turnout in Danville’s recent municipal elections…