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BREAKING: EcomNets head pleads guilty to visa fraud charges

Back in May, SouthsideCentral was the first to publish the federal indictment against Raj Kosuri (the head of Danville’s EcomNets) and others associated with the business. Kosuri & Friends was indicted on charges regarding visa fraud. Kosuri & his wife were also indicted on more fraud charges in attempting to certify a non-existent business to […]

BREAKING: Suspect Sought In Caswell County Double Murder

We’re just getting this information from the Caswell County Sheriff’s Office.


BREAKING: Pittsylvania County Standoff In Progress

UPDATE: The Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed our original story in an 11 PM press release.

We’ve gotten the sourcing needed to publish this breaking news story.


BREAKING: Danville IDA To Buy Auction Property

SouthsideCentral has learned that Danville’s Industrial Development Authority will buy the properties at 701 & 705 Loyal Street and 706 & 720 Wilson St at a bankruptcy auction. Although this might sound like a regular real estate transaction, there’s a twist to this one.


*UPDATED* BREAKING: Danville IDA To Buy “Museum” Gas Station

UPDATE: Danville’s IDA voted to take a 90-day purchase option on the property so that they could have the time needed for an environmental study on the underground gas tanks. We’re still 100% confident that the IDA will eventually buy the property.

SouthsideCentral has learned that Danville’s Industrial Development Authority will vote to buy the […]

BREAKING: The Stinky Water Update (10/19/15)

There’s been some complaints coming in about the taste and smell of Danville’s drinking water. I’ve done the checking with the City of Danville and here’s what has been happening…


UPDATED: BREAKING: Industrial Fatality at Goodyear

UPDATE #1: We’ve added Goodyear’s official statement to the article.

Tragic news coming from Danville’s Goodyear plant tonight…


BREAKING: Danville City Manager Announces Retirement

Well, that explains last night’s Danville City Council work session only being a closed session for personnel matters. Joe King has announced his retirement effective Nov. 30th.


Prediction: DRMC to Announce New Medical Clinic

Follow SouthsideCentral on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You’re guaranteed to get the latest information, photos and happenings if we’re unable to write an article immediately. Yesterday, we were able to investigate a lead and figure out what’s going to happen.


UPDATED: BREAKING: Jackson to Step Down as GWHS Principal

(Editor’s Note: We’ve updated this article after a conversation with Chief Human Resources Officer Dr. Juliet Jennings.)

At SouthsideCentral, we work hard at getting you breaking news before any other media source.


BREAKING: Major shake-up at the Institute

We’ve got one of those “resigned effective immediately” types of situations.


BREAKING: Fight Leads To Basketball Game Forfeit

The GWHS at Martinsville boys basketball game was called and forfeited after a melee in the gym on Friday night. Details are sketchy right now, but here’s what we have so far.


Danville School Board – LIVE! (12/18/2014)

Editor’s Note: This article is now complete.

Who will be Danville’s new school superintendent? We’ll find out tonight at the work session. SouthsideCentral has the only LIVE! coverage and we’re ready to go. Refresh the page often for the latest happenings, photos and commentary. We’ll clean this article up tonight in the editing process and […]

UPDATED: Vault door falls on woman

UPDATE: Sadly, the victim has died. The press release covering that is now in the article

This statement is just in from South Boston Town Manager Tim Wilson…


Meningitis Panic? Not A Chance!

A Danville City School student has a case of viral meningitis. I’ve spoken to the director of the local health departments and he said there’s no need for alarm.


Happy Trails, Confederate Flag?

Here we go again. Hoo boy.


BREAKING: Plane Crash at VIR property

We’ll update this as soon as we confirm information. Be sure to refresh the page often.

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BREAKING: Coleman resigns from South Boston Town Council

This just in… South Boston Town Council member Margaret Coleman has resigned effective September 1st.


BREAKING: Sky Valley Foods relocating to Danville

Updated and completed with some photos from the event courtesy of Arnold Hendrix, the city’s public information officer.

Sky Valley Foods will be relocating their operations to Danville from Yanceyville, NC. They will also be expanding their production.


BREAKING: Danville School Superintendent Ed Newsome Out On Monday?

(Editor’s Note: The meeting time is 4:45 PM, not 5PM as earlier reported.)

Yes, we went through this last week. Ed Newsome survived the direct threat to his job during an afternoon and evening of closed Danville School Board sessions. Everything is now coming together and it’s looking like he will part ways with Danville […]

UPDATED: BREAKING: Danville School Superintendent To Be Fired Today?

We’re going to put a question mark at the end of this headline because it’s currently a personnel matter that can’t be discussed…


BREAKING: Danville hires new Economic Development Director

Telly Tucker will start his job on July 1st.


EXCLUSIVE: The new Pittsylvania County administrator will be…

…somebody you may be familiar with. Because it’s a personnel matter that has to be voted on by the entire Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday afternoon (April 22), I’ve been unable to get on-the-record sourcing. That being said, SouthsideCentral has been working on this story over the past few days and I’m 100% […]

EXCLUSIVE: The Newest Job Bust: GOK Industries

I’ve been working on this story for a few weeks and I now have enough properly sourced information to publish it. GOK Industries is not going to build their Danville furniture plant and will not be creating the 300 jobs as promised in the announcement. You’ve heard it first on SouthsideCentral.


BREAKING: Armed Robbery at Danville Pizza Hut tonight

Another restaurant robbery in the Danville area…