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Take This Internet Access Survey, Please!

The Southside region has a lot of areas where our internet access isn’t very good (or doesn’t even exist). You can help make a difference by taking this quick survey from Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology.


Watch That Fine Print!

On Tuesday, May 24th, Danville’s Sonic restaurant will run a special, with corn dogs priced at 50¢. But there’s some fine print on the sign that caught SouthsideCentral’s eye. Heh.


Danville City Council – LIVE! (5/17/16)

SouthsideCentral was LIVE! for Tuesday’s Danville City Council meeting. This article is now complete, so enjoy reading it!

Tonight’s meetings start with a special work session at 5:30 PM, the business session at 7:00 PM and the work session after that. Let’s get started!


The “EcomNets” Indictment

On April 26th, Raja Kosuri (the owner of EcomNets, with a Danville office in the Airside Industrial Park) and five other people were indicted by a Federal Grand Jury. There were a total of 21 charges and a Forfeiture Notice as well. SouthsideCentral is publishing the full indictment so that you can read all about […]

BREAKING: Suspect Sought In Caswell County Double Murder

We’re just getting this information from the Caswell County Sheriff’s Office.


The Worst Political Endorsement Of This Cycle

Sadly, really (and I mean really, really, REALLY kind of really) stupid people may just fall for this. Virgil Goode must have ran out of things to say.


BREAKING: Pittsylvania County Standoff In Progress

UPDATE: The Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed our original story in an 11 PM press release.

We’ve gotten the sourcing needed to publish this breaking news story.


State Police Statement on Sunday Morning’s Halifax Shooting

SouthsideCentral was the first media source to confirm and publish that a shooting occurred last night at the VFW in Halifax. We are now publishing the full statement from the Virginia State Police for you to read.


Happy Trails, “The Shop”!

The Town of South Boston is getting into the blight removal business. One of the first buildings you see entering the town will soon be flattened… and good riddance to it.


BreakDown: Danville’s Coal Ash Settlement

At a special work session before Tuesday night’s Danville City Council business meeting, council agreed to a $2.4 million settlement with Duke Energy for the February 2014 coal ash spill. Let’s look into the details that have and haven’t been talked about. Let’s look at what really happened on Tuesday.

Let’s do a BreakDown.


Our Statement on Saturday’s Goodyear Accident Reporting

On Monday at 4:20 PM, SouthsideCentral was first to report on another serious employee accident at Danville’s Goodyear plant. We published the story on our social media channels.

That accident has now been confirmed by Goodyear plant management. SouthsideCentral is issuing a partial retraction on the “Employee airlifted to hospital burn center” portion of our […]

Danville Planning Commission (4/11/16)

This was one of the most bizarre Danville Planning Commission meetings that I have ever seen. I guarantee that you will laugh while reading this article.


RIFA (4/11/16)

I honestly can’t blame all the other regional media for not covering this meeting. But hey, we’ve got photos and are going to make an article out of the RIFA meeting anyway!


Scoring The 1st Danville City Council Forum (Part #5)

We’re back after the halftime break at last week’s Danville City Council candidate forum. Let’s quickly jump to the next question.


Danville School Board – LIVE! (4/7/16)

SouthsideCentral was LIVE! at Thursday’s Danville School Board meeting. This article is now complete, so enjoy the recap!


Danville City Council – LIVE! (4/5/16)

(Editor’s Note: Yuck. This article is a mess. I’m in the editing process now, but it’s going to take a while.)

SouthsideCentral was LIVE! for Monday’s Danville City Council meeting. We’re in the editing process now.


Scoring The 1st Danville City Council Forum (Part #4)

We’re going to make it to the halftime break in this article. Part #1, Part #2 & Part #3 have already been published, so you can catch up and refresh yourself on the scoring system. Let’s roll.


Scoring The 1st Danville City Council Forum (Part #3)

All righty. We’re getting back up to speed with last week’s Danville City Council candidate forum. Part #1 & Part #2 are already published. We’re continuing with the third question asked.


It’s “Grill The Candidates” Time!

Texas Steakhouse and SouthsideCentral are working together to let you learn more about this year’s candidates for Danville City Council. You’ll be able to talk to candidates in a casual setting… and Texas Steakhouse will be offering as special menu for their great food and great prices!


Spectrum Medical’s Announcement

The doctors and staff from Danville Orthopedic Clinic held a press conference in front of the River District Tower building project on Friday to announce a new name for the multiple medical offices. SouthsideCentral is glad to publish senior partner Dr. Mark Hermann’s speech unedited so that our readers can read it in its entirety.


Ask SouthsideCentral! – American National Bank’s Clock

Here at SouthsideCentral, we pride ourselves on noticing things that are where they shouldn’t be. Or in this case, things that aren’t where they should be.

Don’t worry, though. American National Bank & Trust’s famous clock will be coming back soon!


Scoring The 1st Danville City Council Forum (Part #2)

After the introductions and the first question of Monday night’s Danville City Council candidates forum, we had to take a break so that our scoring system and MUTE button could recover.


Scoring The 1st Danville City Council Forum (Part #1)

SouthsideCentral was at the first Danville City Council candidates forum held Monday night at the Alpha & Omega Missionary Baptist Church on Kemper Road. I was impressed. I was also dumbfounded, shocked and my eyes rolled across the floor more than a few times. Ten out of the eleven candidates showed up, so it’s going […]

Sheila Williamson-Branch’s Treasurer Announcement

Sheila Willamson-Branch has officially announced her candidacy for Danville City Treasurer. SouthsideCentral is glad to publish her statement unedited so that our readers can see it in its entirety.


Jim Lindley’s City Council Announcement

Jim Lindley has announced that he will run for Danville City Council in the upcoming May elections. SouthsideCentral is glad to publish his campaign’s statement unedited so that our readers can see it in its entirety.