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Happy Trails, “The Shop”!

The Town of South Boston is getting into the blight removal business. One of the first buildings you see entering the town will soon be flattened… and good riddance to it.


Parking Jerk of the Day! (8/31/15)

You post ’em, I’ll roast ’em. Let’s Funky Chicken!

This one just came in less than an hour ago, folks.


UPDATED: Vault door falls on woman

UPDATE: Sadly, the victim has died. The press release covering that is now in the article

This statement is just in from South Boston Town Manager Tim Wilson…


BREAKING: Coleman resigns from South Boston Town Council

This just in… South Boston Town Council member Margaret Coleman has resigned effective September 1st.


The South Boston News & Record Plays Dirty

UPDATE: The News & Record has given SouthsideCentral credit in the last paragraph of the online article. We thank them for their proper ethical decision.

It can be frustrating when somebody uses the results of your hard work and doesn’t give you credit for it.

Looking at you, Tom McLaughlin and the South Boston News […]

The South Boston Town Council Goes Badass!

And gets absolutely nothing accomplished by going said badass.


Thumbs! (6/19/2014)

Our Thumbs! are becoming famous. Seriously.


Thumbs! (6/3/2014)

Today’s “Thumbs!” article is worth everything that you paid for it…


Thumbs! (5/29/2014)

I have Thumbs! They go UP! They go DOWN! Come look at my Thumbs! in this edition.



(Editor’s Note: We’re catching up after a few days of “actual reality before virtual reality”.)

Worst “-gate” scandal title ever, but we move on. So, the two McDonalds in South Boston and the one in Clarksville sent a bunch of employees packing last week. Outrage and protests followed. Let’s take a look at it…


Time Machine: The Not-So-Happy Oyster

Ready to hop into the SouthsideCentral Time Machine? This journey will take us back to a home invasion, fire and a punching bag (!?) story that never smelled right from the first moment I heard about the “crime”.


Nothing to see here, people…

Move along… move along.


Losing it all in a house fire…

… isn’t easy at all, and I’ve got a friend that it just happened to. It’s a rare change of pace from the normal SouthsideCentral style, but my friend could use all the help she can get. Details after the cutline…


A home invasion, a house fire and a punching bag.

Say, That’s Odd. Something just ain’t right with this story…


Thumbs! (9/15/2013)

You’ve got Thumbs! to the left, Thumbs! to the right, and we’re the only Thumber in town…


Dumbass Of The Day! (9/10/2013)

It’s been a long while since we featured a Dumbass Of The Day… but we’ve got a good one for you today.

Halifax County’s $60,000 Prizery Question

South Boston/Halifax County’s The Prizery got a no-interest $60,000 loan last year from Halifax County. It’s time to repay the loan and it looks like The Prizery doesn’t have the money.

WOW! Didn’t see that one coming…


Thumbs! (6/7/12 Edition)

We used to use our Thumbs! often but we haven’t lately. It’s time to send them UP! … or DOWN!.


TYOB!: “Velda: Girl Detective”

Looking for a fun, free activity to do this Friday or Saturday night? Well this “Thing You Oughta Be” doing is going to Halifax County’s outdoor performance of “Velda: Girl Detective” this weekend at South Boston’s Constitution Square. We’ve got photos of Wednesday’s before-dress-rehearsal as well as information about the play below…


Breaking News: South Boston stabbing victim dies

Thanks to SouthsideCentral & Star News, you’re the first to know!


UPDATED – BREAKING: Former South Boston finance director killed in farming accident

Our sources have just got this story in to SouthsideCentral.


SouthsideSpotlight: Cheri’s Creations

Medical professionals are always looking for quality uniforms, well look no further.


UPDATED: There’s Panic In the Streets!

The sheriff’s wife has had her purse stolen out of her car while it was parked at South Boston’s First Baptist Church. The South Boston Police Department & the Halifax County Sheriff’s Department are out in full force! We’ve got Breaking News & a ThreadSpotting all combined in one! Oh, this is going to be […]

Mayor Carroll Thackston’s reply to Andy Rice’s letter

We’re heading back to the Town of South Boston’s proposed Comprehensive Plan. Mayor Carroll Thackston has issued his reply to Andy Rice’s letter.


Barry Tuck’s speech to the South Boston Town Council

Tonight, the Town of South Boston held their own public comment section about the proposed 2030 Comprehensive Plan. Barry Tuck made a speech and he wants to share it with our readers.