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Pennrose Mall: Still Dead (Part #8)

It’s been two months since we published an article in the “Pennrose Mall: Still Dead” series. I bet you thought the series was dead. But no! Well, yep. The mall is still dead. But it’s still funny, too!

For some unknown reason, the entire Pennrose Mall series got popular again over the weekend, so let’s […]

PhotoCentral: August Reidsville Cruise-In – Part #10

Reidsville NC’s 2016 Downtown Cruise-In series starts this Friday (April 8th). The event officially runs from 6 to 9 PM, but the first one of the year usually runs a bit earlier than that due to earlier sunset and cooler temperatures. The downtown merchants will be open, so come early and have dinner at Dav […]

Pennrose Mall: Still Dead (Part #7)

We just got some comments laughing at our Dead Pennrose Mall series, so I’m going to throw out another article in the “Pennrose Mall: Still Dead” PhotoCentral series. If you don’t like this series, that’s perfectly fine with me. But the numbers are showing that a lot of people are reading them… so here comes […]

Pennrose Mall: Still Dead (Part #6)

After a long hard day at work, I could use some laughs. So let’s throw up (intentional choice of words) another PhotoCentral article in the “Still Dead” series about Reidsville’s Pennrose Mall. The links to the previous five articles in this series are below the cutline. Let’s resume our tour!


Pennrose Mall: Still Dead (Part #5)

In the National Football League, piling on is a 15-yard personal foul penalty. Here at SouthsideCentral, it’s just an excuse to have fun at Reidsville’s Pennrose Mall’s expense. Part #5 is ready to go!


Pennrose Mall: Still Dead (Part #4)

With a small break in the action here at SouthsideCentral, we’ll run Part #4 in our second series on the almost deceased Pennrose Mall in Reidsville, NC. The links to the first three articles in this series are below the cutline.

We are not alone.


Pennrose Mall: Still Dead (Part #3)

You’re loving our second series on Reidsville’s Pennrose Mall. Well, the numbers tell me that. We had a few hours to get lots of photos for this second series, so we’ve got lots of articles planned. We’ve already published Part #1 & Part #2. Let’s start Part #3 where we left off…


Pennrose Mall: Still Dead (Part #2)

We’re back with more on our second PhotoCentral tour of Reidsville’s Pennrose Mall. We had fun with Part #1 and we’re going to have fun with Part #2. Laugh along with us!


Pennrose Mall: Still Dead (Part #1)

The series of PhotoCentral articles that we did on Reidsville’s dead Pennrose Mall turned out to be our top-viewed articles of the year here at SouthsideCentral. That means we just had to go back and see if anything had changed since our last visit.

If you laughed at our articles last time, you’re going to […]

The Dead Pennrose Mall – Part #7 (The End)

Sadly, this is the end of the line for our journey through Reidsville’s (I’m out of unique ways to say dead) Pennrose Mall. We’ve just got a few more things to look at before we head through the exit doors. Let’s wrap this PhotoCentral series up with Part #7.


The Dead Pennrose Mall – Part #6

After our failure of getting any answers from the management office in Part #5 of this PhotoCentral series about Reidsville’s sad Pennrose Mall, we’re going to continue our surreal death march. But hey, we’re laughing about it!


The Dead Pennrose Mall – Part #5

We’ve reached a critical point in our PhotoCentral journey through Reidsville’s deceased Pennrose Mall. When we left you in Part #4, we had finally had enough of the decaying mall and were heading to the mall office to get some answers.

Let’s see what happened. Hee Hee.


The Dead Pennrose Mall – Part #4

In Part #3 of our PhotoCentral series on Reidsville’s mostly-deceased Pennrose Mall, we had signs of life with Roses & Bob Adams Florist. Let’s return to our journey of doom & gloom in Part #4.


The Dead Pennrose Mall – Part #3

The numbers show that our readers are enjoying the PhotoCentral series on Reidsville’s decrepit Pennrose Mall, so let’s keep going with Part #3 in the series. We’ve already published Part #1 & Part #2, so let’s keep wandering around and laughing (and/or crying).


The Dead Pennrose Mall – Part #2

The adventure through Reidsville’s Pennrose Mall is continuing here in Part #2 of our PhotoCentral series. We tried to get inside the mall in Part #1 but the first entrance we tried was locked. We’ll make it inside in this article.

Cover me, I’m going in.


The Dead Pennrose Mall – Part #1

Reidsville’s Pennrose Mall was the first enclosed shopping mall in the region and was popular when it opened. Now, it’s simply bizarre to see the shape that it’s in. In this PhotoCentral series, we’re going to take a detailed look at what the Pennrose Mall looks like now.

It’s not going to be pretty.


PhotoCentral: August Reidsville Cruise-In – Part #9

There’s lots of things that happen at a Reidsville Cruise-In that don’t involve classic cars. In Part #9 of our ongoing series from the August event, we’ll mix up some classic cars with some photos of other happenings.


PhotoCentral: August Reidsville Cruise-In – Part #8

You readers love your classic cars, so we’re continuing our series on Reidsville’s August Cruise-In. This will be the eighth article in the series (we’ll have all the links in the body of the article). All of the classic cars will be back for Reidsville’s Fall Festival where prizes will be given out. But for […]

PhotoCentral: August Reidsville Cruise-In – Part #7

We’re continuing to clean out the backlog of PhotoCentral articles here at SouthsideCentral. Let’s keep going with our look at Reidsville’s August Cruise-In. The photos may be over a month old, but that doesn’t matter when you’re looking at the beautiful classic cars.


PhotoCentral: August Reidsville Cruise-In – Part #6

After a blah & rainy weekend like this one, let’s get back to some classic cars from Reidsville’s August Cruise-In. These photos will cheer you up instantly. We’ve published five articles in this series, but the last one was three weeks ago. Let’s resume where we left off.


PhotoCentral: August Reidsville Cruise-In – Part #5

Let’s spend a Sunday afternoon looking at more classic cars at Reidsville’s August Cruise-In. The September one is coming up on the 11th, and SouthsideCentral will definitely be there! Let’s continue with where we left off in Part #4.


PhotoCentral: August Reidsville Cruise-In – Part #4

Considering that the September Reidsville Cruise-In is about a week away, I had better get back on track with more photos from August’s event. We’ve already published Part #1, Part #2 & Part #3 in the series so far. Let’s continue with Part #4.


PhotoCentral: August Reidsville Cruise-In – Part #3

You love to see the cars, and SouthsideCentral loves to show them to you. Part #1 & Part #2 of the Reidsville August Cruise-In series have already been published, so let’s get to Part #3. And yes, I’m partial to any AMC car because the AMC Hornet that I had burned up spectacularly. Heh.


PhotoCentral: August Reidsville Cruise-In – Part #2

One down, and lots to go! We’re continuing our PhotoCentral series of articles about Reidsville’s August Cruise-In. We’ve already published Part #1, but we’ve got plenty of photos left. Let’s move along with Part #2.


PhotoCentral: August Reidsville Cruise-In – Part #1

Downtown Reidsville NC had their monthly Cruise-In on August 14th, and SouthsideCentral was there! We’re starting a series of PhotoCentral articles with lots of photos from the event. We’ll keep pushing more in this series of articles out over the next week, but let’s get started with this first PhotoCentral as we arrived at the […]