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Mustangs Ballpark Beer Fest – LIVE! (4/18/15)

SouthsideCentral can’t be everywhere in the region, but we truly appreciate our friends sending us photos. Lee Vogler was kind enough to send us photos from tonight’s Martinsville Mustangs Ballpark Beer Fest. Let’s take a look at what’s happening!


BreakDown: Martinsville’s Mayoral Election

We had lots of political surprises in the Southside region yesterday. We did a BreakDown on what happened in Pittsylvania County, and now we’re going to do one for Martinsville.


BREAKING: Fight Leads To Basketball Game Forfeit

The GWHS at Martinsville boys basketball game was called and forfeited after a melee in the gym on Friday night. Details are sketchy right now, but here’s what we have so far.


Who’s shooting who?

Danville’s murder problem apparently has moved to Martinsville.


Community Cup softball fundraiser coming up on Saturday!

Chad Martin, one of our good SouthsideCentral friends, is organizing the third annual Community Cup softball game and fundraiser. Here’s the details that we just got from him.


Clucked Off!

Apparently, Martinsville has had enough of these mothercluckin’ chickens in the mothercluckin’ city.


Clucked Up

It’s time for a quick laugh around these SouthsideCentral parts…


Happy Trails, Big Chair!

This is what happens when you dry up, people…


A slippery slope in your backyard?

Since we’re now coming into your backyard to nose around, how about we check what’s in your storage building? There’s no need to protest unless you have something to hide, you know.


We’re not merging, we’re just sorta merging.

LifePoint continues to add to their medical specialty of DoubleTalk…


We’re planning… to kick you out!

You just bought a large mall that’s seen better times in a city with 20+% unemployment, so what do you do? That’s right… you kick out one of your anchor stores that’s been there since the beginning. Wait, what?!


A Tale Of Two Malls

Danville’s Piedmont Mall & Martinsville’s Liberty Fair Mall have some things in common…


Some thoughts about today’s Stanley Furniture news…

Just when you think it couldn’t get worse for Henry County, Stanley Furniture announces plans to eliminate 500+ jobs.


Dr. Dognapper has his day in court.

Forty hours of community service and a $1,000 fine for hauling his neighbor’s dogs 50 miles and dropping them off at an animal shelter. Seriously.


Clean Energy Workshop in Martinsville tonight

Tom Perriello will be speaking at tonight’s event.


LIVE! at Martinsville Speedway!

We had a great time at Media Day at the Martinsville Speedway today. You can click the cutline below for some random notes, and we’ll have some photos up by tomorrow.

Martinsville’s “Fast Track” Trade Show – Wednesday (3/3)

The Martinsville-Henry County Chamber of Commerce is putting on their annual “Fast Track” trade show this week, and the public’s invited!


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

Martinsville is losing another company that deals in textiles.


Regional shoe business founder dies in car wreck incident.

He was the “Ferrell” in McCollum-Ferrell.

(Yet another) Martinsville taser meeting set for Tuesday

And Southside’s own version of Al Sharpton still isn’t going to get anywhere. Who knew?


Martinsville NASCAR race special ticket deal!

Our friends at WGSR-TV have worked with the Martinsville Speedway to get you a great deal for the NASCAR Sprint Cup race coming up on Sunday, October 25th. How about getting a ticket to the race and a famous Martinsville Speedway hot dog for $25? Click the cutline for details…


Want to go to a H1N1 seminar?

Nobody else did, either.

Martinsville/Henry County dedicates new shell building

Shell buildings attract new businesses. That’s the bottom line.

Deep Roots Music at Spencer-Penn Centre this Friday

From our friends at the Martinsville/Henry County Economic Development Office of Tourism…


UPDATED: Off-duty trooper killed in motorcycle wreck in Henry County

VDOT has just issued a press release about a bad wreck in Martinsville. UPDATE after the cutline.