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Who’s shooting who?

Danville’s murder problem apparently has moved to Martinsville.


Who Wants To Be A Mansionaire?

$1,500,000 gets you on the auction floor…


No, he’s not missing. He’s dead.

Extreme Communication Breakdown.

Community Cup softball fundraiser coming up on Saturday!

Chad Martin, one of our good SouthsideCentral friends, is organizing the third annual Community Cup softball game and fundraiser. Here’s the details that we just got from him.


ReportCard! – Elected School Boards

Some people look forward to getting their grades when the report cards come out. Others hope that the dog eats them.

In this new feature, we’ll take a category or group of things and grade the items on the standard A to F scale. I think the elected school boards in the regions that we […]

UPDATED: QuickHits! (5/25/2014)

Here’s a quick rundown of some links and stories that caught our eye this Sunday morning…


Whiskey Sanity

I’ve got to give Henry County officials credit for doing the right thing.


Whiskey Hypocrisy

It’s all about the church. Or the kids. Or both. Or just maybe it’s government trying to legislate morality.


You sure this isn’t a suicide?

Wow. Didn’t see this one coming. (Not.)


Endorsement: Danny Marshall for 14th District House of Delegates

SouthsideCentral wraps up our endorsements for the Virginia House of Delegates by endorsing Danny Marshall in the 14th District.


Endorsement: Les Adams for 16th District House of Delegates

Les Adams has done everything that’s needed to show us that he’ll make a good Delegate in Virginia’s General Assembly.


14th District House Race – Update #2

Let’s see what’s been going on in the 14th District House of Delegates race in this (probably final) update…


16th District House Race – Update #2

It’s time for our second look at the region’s 16th District House of Delegates race. Let’s see what has changed…


Perhaps she was just taking a nap?

Let’s bring out a “Say, That’s Odd” incident that happened over in Henry County on Wednesday afternoon…

16th District House Race – Update #1

We’re going to slide back into the election season as we take a look at a race that has no incumbent.


14th District House Race – Update #1

Let’s take a look at the upcoming 14th District House of Delegates race. We’re got Danville’s Danny Marshall, a long-time incumbent, facing Danville’s Vice-Mayor Gary Miller. There’s also comic relief in the race but we’ll get to that later…


CORRECTED: Christmas News Roundup (12/25/12)

Lots of crazy & sad things going on in the SouthsideCentral region during the holidays. Let’s get to what you haven’t heard about in the other local media…


Breaking News: Fatal accident in Henry County

Sunday morning turned deadly on the roads of Henry County.


Breaking News: Man arrested in Martinsville C-store murder/robbery

SouthsideCentral & Star News are the first to bring this to you.


Some thoughts about today’s Stanley Furniture news…

Just when you think it couldn’t get worse for Henry County, Stanley Furniture announces plans to eliminate 500+ jobs.


Debra Buchanan fights her battle courageously

Debra Buchanan is the chairman of the Henry County Board of Supervisors and on-camera talent for Martinsville’s NewsChannel 18. She’s a courageous woman who’s fighting cancer and she’s talking about it.


Whitt Clement makes some more money off of Southside!

He might have bailed out of Danville, but he’s still getting rich off of Martinsville.


UPDATED: A Library Board that causes problems…

(Originally Published on: Dec 5, 2009 @ 21:59)

And it’s not the Halifax County one!


One of the stupidest bomb threats of all time.

Are you frustrated with your job? Things not going the way you want them to? Well, we don’t have any solutions for you but we can advise you on how not to deal with that situation.


Martinsville/Henry County dedicates new shell building

Shell buildings attract new businesses. That’s the bottom line.