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State Police Statement on Sunday Morning’s Halifax Shooting

SouthsideCentral was the first media source to confirm and publish that a shooting occurred last night at the VFW in Halifax. We are now publishing the full statement from the Virginia State Police for you to read.


Jack Dunavant Is Scarin’ The Hell Out Of You Again!

Halifax County’s favorite fearmonger is up to his tired old tricks again!

Wacky Jack don’t want no Islam at the old Halifax Elementary School!


“Say, That’s Odd”: Good Seats Still Available

We admit that this article could be crappy. Heh.


BreakDown: Halifax County’s BrokenDown Board of Supervisors

We’re in rare territory here. I’m doing a BreakDown on something that’s already broken down. Let’s put Monday night’s Halifax County Board of Supervisors meeting into the BreakDown machine. It ain’t gonna be pretty.


Thumbs! (6/12/2014)

You give me the finger, I’ll give you the Thumbs!


QuickHits! (6/9/2014)

QuickHits now, RandomThoughts later today!


Thumbs! (10/14/2013)

Thumbs UP! UP! and away! (maybe some DOWN!, too…)


We’re out of money (for you).

A road that’s in bad shape and floods often or Richmond lobbyists. What’s more important to the Town of Halifax?


Endorsement: Susan Granger for Halifax Town Council

Although it’s just a seven-month term until the seat is filled in a general election, SouthsideCentral believes that Susan Granger is the strongest candidate for the vacant Ward D seat on Halifax Town Council. Besides that, she’s my sister!


Look at the fat Halifax police officer!

Oopsie. I didn’t punctuate that headline correctly so I’ll try again. “Look at the fat, Halifax police officer!”


PhotoCentral: Memorial Day

Sometimes, one photo can say it all…

You think Halifax is slow already?

It’s only going to get worse.

Golf clubs stolen at Halifax Country Club

They’ve certainly got the right man working this theft.


Wacky Jack is up to his old tricks again

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…Jack Dunavant rams a resolution down the Hailfax Town Council’s throats. The difference is that he’s going for character assassination this time.


Fun with the Town of Halifax Police!

Well, it’s not really fun for them but we thought we’d tell you what’s been going on today in the village.


Log truck overturns in Halifax

Five hours of traffic rerouting. What a mess.


Halifax police investigate rock-throwing vandalism

I’m betting that these vandals will be caught soon.


Triangle Florist gets national recognition

Bill Granger, the owner of Halifax’s Triangle Florist, gets his name and business in “Martha Stewart Weddings”.


Norfolk-Southern train gets stuck on Halifax tracks

I’m sure that the Town of Halifax police department and the Halifax County Sheriff’s Department had better things to do than deal with this.


Halifax Police Dept. round-up

Let’s head to the town of Halifax and see what’s going on with their police department…


Shooting victim found in Halifax

We just got a notification from the Halifax Police Department…


Halifax PD has a successful Safety Seat Check

There are very few things that actually can be the difference between life and death. Thumbs Up to the Halifax Police Department for taking the time to help make a difference.


BREAKING NEWS: Murder arrest in Caswell County (NC)

This case spreads over Caswell County, Person County, Mecklenburg County and it ends with a surprising Halifax County twist!


Halifax’s National Seat Check Saturday gets bigger! (9/19)

Halifax is turning a safety event into a fun safety event!


UPDATED: Town of Halifax Police Roundup

(Originally Published on: Sep 7, 2009 @ 22:29) UPDATE #1: Photos of vandalism added.

Let’s head to the Town of Halifax and see what the police department has going on…