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We Couldn’t Even Get a Top 10?

Oh come on folks, there’s got to be more than seven “influential and respected African-American leaders in South Boston/Halifax County“.


Return Of The Rat Crap Controversy

You’re fired. You’re rehired. Well, sorta hired. You’re hired, but to a job where we’re never going to call you to work.

Hoo boy.


Merle Herndon Ain’t Goin’ Anywhere

I’m halfway sorry to have to smack a vocal minority of Halifax County residents in the face with that headline.


Hey, thanks for letting us know!

It’s always nice when citizens help out law enforcement agencies.


QuickHits! (6/23/2014)

QuickReading! QuickClicking. QuickArticle. QuickHits!


NumbersCentral: “What do Halifax County teachers make?”

Here at SouthsideCentral, we’re glad to answer our readers’ questions. In this NumbersCentral, you’ll find out the pay scales for the Halifax County Public School system.

It’s public information. You’re the public.


Thumbs! (6/12/2014)

You give me the finger, I’ll give you the Thumbs!


ReportCard! – Elected School Boards

Some people look forward to getting their grades when the report cards come out. Others hope that the dog eats them.

In this new feature, we’ll take a category or group of things and grade the items on the standard A to F scale. I think the elected school boards in the regions that we [...]

QuickHits! (6/9/2014)

QuickHits now, RandomThoughts later today!


Congratulations On A Great School Year! You’re Fired!

Or “reassigned”. Superintendent Merle Herndon and the Halifax County School Board can create a lot of talk just one week after graduation.


Tales of the Ex-Prosecutor

John Greenbacker, you old softie!


The Cheating SOB’s Of Halifax County

This is a serious scandal and somebody’s going to get kicked in the balls, folks. The golf balls, that is.


Halifax County hits the Big Time!

Remain calm. All is well. Planning for only 7000 people has been handled. They got this. Yes, it’s ridiculous.


TossUp!: “We give up” or “You pay up”?

This one flew under my radar but I have to thank the SouthsideCentral readers for suggesting this article. Is this what it is or is it a way to get the much needed money?


Thumbs! (3/27/14)

The red zone is for unloading only. The white zone is for Thumbs! Let’s see what we have today…


Thine Holy Nuclear Fireball?

“God said Nuke ‘em” was the other headline I was considering using. Anyway, let’s look at a “letter to the editor” that contains a quite bizarre analogy…


It’s not like they were going to use their credit limit anyway…

The Halifax County Industrial Development Authority is only allowed to borrow $6,000,000 for the rest of the year. I’m here to tell you that this will definitely not be a problem in 2014. In other news, furniture coating isn’t really a hot and fabulous attraction. Who knew?


Time Machine: Is he still missing?

Normally when we hop in the SouthsideCentral Time Machine, we go back at least a few years. Not today, kids. We’re going back about two months to a Halifax County missing person search that seems to have gone missing itself…


The man who’s not resigning has resigned.

Earl Womack’s adventure of resigning his job but not resigning his elected position then resigning that one too slipped under my radar for a while. Let’s fix that now…


Thumbs! (12/02/2013)

Now that Thanksgiving holiday is over, we’ve got a stack of Thumbs! Let’s give them out…


UPDATED: The Rat Crap Controversy

I’m smelling a rat (and some rat problems) in the Halifax County School System…


Endorsement: Halifax County Commonwealth’s Attorney – BOTH candidates

No matter who wins in Tuesday’s election for Halifax County Commonwealth’s Attorney, county residents will be well represented in the courtroom.


Endorsement: James Edmunds for 60th District House of Delegates

In the last two elections, James Edmunds has had no competition. In this election, James Edmunds has an opponent but still has no competition.


Endorsement: Fay Satterfield for Halifax County School Board

We’re moving to District 6 in Halifax County where we have one-term incumbent Fay Satterfield and challenger Rita Best campaigning for a four-year term. We’ve made our decision on who we’d vote for if we still lived in the district…


Endorsement: Kim Farson for Halifax County School Board

Halifax County’s current school board chairman, Kim Farson, is running for her second term on the school board. After knocking off a two-term incumbent her first time, this time she’s unopposed.