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ReportCard! – Halifax County Board of Supervisors (3/26/15)

If the schools give out report cards every so often, so can SouthsideCentral! Let’s do a ReportCard on the Halifax County Board of Supervisors in this article. CAUTION: There’s a potential for more “F”‘s than an R-rated movie here.


BreakDown: The Halifax County Meltdown

In the last BreakDown, I reminded you that the Halifax County government system was already broken down. We’re past that point and in full meltdown mode now.


Jim Halasz Is Circling The Wagons

Gee, I wonder why Halifax County administrator Jim Halasz “deemed” this issue so important enough to “interpret” a personnel policy?


BreakDown: The Halifax County Stalemate

BreakDown articles are in-depth articles where I analyze and comment on what’s really happening. They’re opinion based, and I strongly encourage criticism and opposing viewpoints. I’m expecting to ruffle a few feathers on this one.

After going over the latest developments in the Halifax County Board of Supervisors deadlock over naming a new chairman, I’ve […]

BreakDown: Halifax County’s Board of Jackass Supervisors

In Pittsylvania County, we had a well-deserved shift of power. In Martinsville, we had a surprise change of power. In Halifax County, we had a stubborn Board of Supervisors who set a new record for dysfunctional stupidity. Let’s look at it in this BreakDown…


NumbersCentral: Who got the Halifax County Enterprise Zone money?

In 2013, the Halifax County Industrial Development Authority gave out $133,305.40 in payments under the Enterprise Zone program.

What companies got that money?


UPDATED: The Gazette-Virginian Gets Busted for Plagiarism

UPDATE: We’ve added the Gazette-Virginian’s “response” to the article.

Somebody finally calls out their lazy “reporting”…


Goodbye, Earl!

Technically, it’s “Welcome back, Earl!”, but the courts will say “Goodbye, Earl!” in a few months. So what really happened? By the way, WE CALLED IT!


RumorBusting: Associate degrees will be granted!

Earlier this afternoon, I got a tip that said some Halifax County school students would not get their dual-enrollment associate’s degrees. I’ve done the research on this story and it is FALSE.


The South Boston News & Record Plays Dirty

UPDATE: The News & Record has given SouthsideCentral credit in the last paragraph of the online article. We thank them for their proper ethical decision.

It can be frustrating when somebody uses the results of your hard work and doesn’t give you credit for it.

Looking at you, Tom McLaughlin and the South Boston News […]

The government’s warrants in the Cherokee Tobacco case

The following documents have been unsealed by the Federal court system. They represent the affidavits and actions of the government in the case. No charges have been filed at this time. If charges are ever filed, I also remind you that people are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law.

It’s not easy […]

UPDATED: Fire destroys garbage trucks in Halifax County

(Editor’s note: We’ve updated this article with the complete story.)

We’re waiting on official statements from Halifax County authorities on this, but here’s what we know as of now…


We Couldn’t Even Get a Top 10?

Oh come on folks, there’s got to be more than seven “influential and respected African-American leaders in South Boston/Halifax County“.


Return Of The Rat Crap Controversy

You’re fired. You’re rehired. Well, sorta hired. You’re hired, but to a job where we’re never going to call you to work.

Hoo boy.


Merle Herndon Ain’t Goin’ Anywhere

I’m halfway sorry to have to smack a vocal minority of Halifax County residents in the face with that headline.


Hey, thanks for letting us know!

It’s always nice when citizens help out law enforcement agencies.


QuickHits! (6/23/2014)

QuickReading! QuickClicking. QuickArticle. QuickHits!


NumbersCentral: “What do Halifax County teachers make?”

Here at SouthsideCentral, we’re glad to answer our readers’ questions. In this NumbersCentral, you’ll find out the pay scales for the Halifax County Public School system.

It’s public information. You’re the public.


Thumbs! (6/12/2014)

You give me the finger, I’ll give you the Thumbs!


ReportCard! – Elected School Boards

Some people look forward to getting their grades when the report cards come out. Others hope that the dog eats them.

In this new feature, we’ll take a category or group of things and grade the items on the standard A to F scale. I think the elected school boards in the regions that we […]

QuickHits! (6/9/2014)

QuickHits now, RandomThoughts later today!


Congratulations On A Great School Year! You’re Fired!

Or “reassigned”. Superintendent Merle Herndon and the Halifax County School Board can create a lot of talk just one week after graduation.


Tales of the Ex-Prosecutor

John Greenbacker, you old softie!


The Cheating SOB’s Of Halifax County

This is a serious scandal and somebody’s going to get kicked in the balls, folks. The golf balls, that is.


Halifax County hits the Big Time!

Remain calm. All is well. Planning for only 7000 people has been handled. They got this. Yes, it’s ridiculous.