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Happy Trails, Coal Ash Spill!

You heard it here. The coal ash spill is dead. None of the horror predictions came true.


Let’s talk about the coal ash spill…

It’ s another case of actual reality having to take precedence before virtual reality, but SouthsideCentral rolls on…

As most people know, there was a spill of coal ash from a Duke Energy power plant near Eden, NC. The coal ash and related waste spilled into the Dan River and has been making its way […]

Review: Eden’s “Red River Grill”

Let’s head to Eden and check out the Red River Grill, shall we?


Some thoughts about the 2012 Eden RiverFest…

If you missed this year’s version of Eden (NC)’s RiverFest, you missed one of the best fall festivals in the area. Let’s break in down in the “Random Thoughts” format…


TYOB!: This weekend’s events!

If you stay at home this weekend, you’ve got nobody to blame but yourself.


Photos from the 2010 Eden RiverFest

Eden’s RiverFest was held on Saturday, September 18th. Here’s a photo slideshow of some of the fun!

Spring Vintage Bicycle Swap Meet & Show on Saturday (4/24)

If you’re a bicycle enthusiast, make your way to Eden NC on Saturday for a great time.


Dumbass of the Day! (3/30)

Today’s feature includes two words you don’t want to see in the same news story. Tampons and bleeding. But it’s not what you think…


Something you shouldn’t say to a Deputy Police Chief while at a party…

“F*** you, I ain’t leaving, and you can’t make me f***ing leave.” Needless to say, he left the party.


This story is crap!



Dumbass of the Day! (3/1)

I know you’re not supposed to “blame the victim” in criminal cases, but this one makes it way too easy to do just that.


Dumbasses of the Day! (1/29)

You get two for the price of one in this edition!


Dumbass of the Day! (1/26)

Pants across yo’ face, pants across yo’ face, gonna go to jail for slappin’ pants across yo’ face.


Things you may have wanted to say…

I’m sure that all of us have actually wanted to say what’s in this police report.


A rather strange request for a loan.

Let’s go over to Eden, NC for this bizarre police report…



Shall we go over to Eden and take a look at a bizarre police case? Trust me, it’s worth the trip.


One dead, two wounded in Eden shooting

Here’s a way to make your overnight patrol shift eventful…


Eden Police Department – Getting it done!

This is the way to stop stupid-ass fake bomb threats to the high school…


Dumbass of the Day! (9/21)

This is proof that too much salt is bad for you.


RiverFest – Photo Recap!

We had a good time at Eden’s RiverFest today! Here’s some photos from the event.


I scream. You scream. We all scream.

This criminal activity must stop and it must stop now. 😀


Eden’s RiverFest coming soon!

Friday & Saturday, September 18th & 19th are the dates for a great time over in Eden, NC.


Eden police request help in identifying suspect

Have you seen this guy? Eden police hope so.


Golf balls stolen in Eden!

We interrupt tonight’s news for a breaking news update from Eden NC!


Police roundup for Wednesday

It’s been a busy day around the area. Let’s take a quick rundown of what happened on Wednesday.