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Danville City Council – LIVE! (9/20/16)

We’ve got the bugs (hopefully) worked out of our new SouthsideCentral system and we’re going to try it again at tonight’s Danville City Council meeting. We’ll be LIVE! at the meeting, so refresh this page often for the latest photos, happenings and commentary. Be sure to check our SouthsideCentral Facebook page for Facebook Live videos.


Danville City Council – LIVE! (9/6/16)

(Editor’s Note: A new phone, a new version of WordPress on the phone, incompatible settings on the website, photos archived to somewhere that I can’t find and a Facebook Live attempt that looked like Amateur Hour. That’s the reason that this article is a complete mess. On Wednesday night, I’ll start rebuilding this article from […]

BREAKING: EcomNets head pleads guilty to visa fraud charges

Back in May, SouthsideCentral was the first to publish the federal indictment against Raj Kosuri (the head of Danville’s EcomNets) and others associated with the business. Kosuri & Friends was indicted on charges regarding visa fraud. Kosuri & his wife were also indicted on more fraud charges in attempting to certify a non-existent business to […]

Danville City Council – LIVE! (8/16/16)

(Editor’s Note: This article is still in the editing process. I’ve added the photos and am close to completing it.)

SouthsideCentral is LIVE! at tonight’s Danville City Council meeting (after a few weeks of getting adjusted to our new schedule). Be sure to refresh the page for the latest photos, happenings and commentary. We’ll clean […]

Hey, Your Ice Cream Is Bitter!

So you’re a small business owner that now has three ice cream shops in the area (up from one this time last year). What’s the best thing that you can do when a new specialty ice cream shop opens in Danville?

The wrong answer is “Bash them on your own business Facebook page”.


Friday Night? Fish Fry, Of Course!

Join SouthsideCentral on Friday night (July 22nd) for the 2016 River District Festival’s Fish ‘n Friday fundraiser. Delicious food & drinks and a live band… a perfect Friday night at Danville’s Community Market!


Danville City Council – LIVE? (7/19/16)

Yep, you read that right. It’s LIVE with a question mark, because tonight’s meeting is quite void of “hot” or interesting content. These types of meeting happen around this time of the year. So, I’m seriously considering passing on going to the meeting.

But don’t worry, I’m going to tell you everything that will happen. […]

LightningRound! (7/13/16)

Let’s get back in the saddle again (after being shot off of my horse) with a semi-detailed recap of what’s happened at three local government meetings this week.

Hands on your buzzers, contestants. It’s time for the LightningRound!


First Look: The New Coffee House/Wine Bar/Cafe

On Monday, the Danville Planning Commission will recommend approval of a Special Use Permit to allow operation of a new coffee house/wine bar & cafe to go into the old gas station at 1009 Main Street. That’s the location of the old gas station besides the Danville Museum of Fine Arts & History.

Let’s take […]

Danville School Board (7/7/16)

SouthsideCentral didn’t cover Thursday’s Danville School Board meeting LIVE! but we were there. And if you follow our other social media platforms, you’d have known that a big shakeup was going to happen at the meeting. SouthsideCentral was the only media source to project a change in the chair & vice-chair of the school board… […]

Danville City Council – LIVE! (7/5/16)

SouthsideCentral was LIVE! at Tuesday’s Danville City Council meeting. This article is now complete, so enjoy the most comprehensive recap of the meeting.


River District Scavenger Hunt – 2016 – The Grand Finale!

And this is it! The Grand Finale of the 2016 River District Scavenger Hunt… and we’d like to thank all of our SouthsideCentral readers who’ve looked at the articles. We’ll be back with the 2017 version during Business Appreciation Week. Now let’s get to the final photos and see who won the $500 grand prize!


River District Scavenger Hunt – 2016 (Part #12)

We’ve made it to the finish line at Danville’s JTI Fountain and it’s almost time for the 2016 River District Scavenger Hunt prize drawings! Let’s go!


River District Scavenger Hunt – 2016 (Part #11)

We’re getting very close to the prize drawings in the 2016 River District Scavenger Hunt, so let’s continue this PhotoCentral series.


Danville City Council Organizational Meeting – LIVE!

SouthsideCentral was LIVE! at today’s Danville City Council organizational meeting. This article is now complete, so enjoy the raecap.

Be sure to check out SouthsideCentral’s Facebook page at 11:50AM. We’ll be making a projection that may catch you by surprise!


River District Scavenger Hunt – 2016 (Part #10)

We’re nearing the end of this PhotoCentral series on the 2016 River District Scavenger Hunt and we’re glad that you’ve enjoyed looking at all the photos. When we left off in Part #9, we had made it back to the JTI Fountain and was getting ready for the prize drawings. We had also left Susan […]

Eagles In Kilts!

George Washington High School’s drama department has been selected to perform in the world’s largest arts festival in Scotland, and they’re going to asking for your help. Let’s take a look at the first announcement of what’s going on.


River District Scavenger Hunt – 2016 (Part #9)

We’ve gotten most of the serious stuff out of the way here at SouthsideCentral for this week, so let’s show off some more photos from this year’s River District Scavenger Hunt. We’ve got links to the other articles below the cutline. When we left you last time, we were making our way to the finish […]

BonusCentral: Danville City Council Photos (6/21/16)

We’ve already given you the most comprehensive recap of Tuesday night’s Danville City Council meeting, but we had a lot of photos that didn’t make the final cut into final article. Let’s take a look at those photos and have some commentary in this BonusCentral article.


Danville City Council – LIVE! (6/21/16)

SouthsideCentral was LIVE! at the dam Danville City Council meeting on Tuesday night. This article is now complete, so enjoy the recap!


SouthsideCentral’s Dam Opinion

The discussion about what to do with Danville’s dam at the old White Mill location has been blown way out of proportion by a lot of people. On Tuesday night, Danville City Council will vote on a resolution authorizing the demolition of the dam.

SouthsideCentral strongly urges a “No” vote on this resolution and asks […]

Time Machine: “Happy Trails, Worsham Street Bridge”

Let’s hop into the SouthsideCentral Time Machine and go back to the weekend of July 18, 2009. We’ll take a PhotoCentral look at the demolition of Danville’s Worsham Street Bridge.


River District Scavenger Hunt – 2016 (Part #7)

In Part #6 of our PhotoCentral series on last week’s River District Scavenger Hunt, we had made it all the way up Danville’s Main Street to PATHS. Let’s make our way back down Main Street to get some more game stamps!


Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Ben Davenport?

I’m not, but other people are because they won’t mention his name in the latest dam conspiracy theories.

Oh yeah, those conspiracy theories are horsecrap.


Danville Planning Commission (6/13/16)

SouthsideCentral was at the Danville Planning Commission meeting on Monday and we’ve got the most comprehensive coverage for you. The meeting lasted 100 minutes, but we endured it. Heh. Let’s get started!