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Time Machine: Once, Twice, Three Times a Job Bust

This is a strange mashup of two SouthsideCentral types of features. We’re going to hop in the Time Machine and go back to November 20, 2012. That’s the day that Danville City Council approved grant money to a losing trifecta of Job Busts. Get ready for a not so fun ride…


The free money had nothing to do with it…

I love economic development spin. Actually, I love to expose economic development spin and mock the hell out of it.


Happy Anniversary, Macerata Wheels!

It was about a year ago that there was a big announcement that promised 101 new jobs over the next three years. I bet you know where this is going…


Some thoughts about today’s Danville Job Fair…

The Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce hosted a job fair at the Institute today (with a lot of help from numerous partners). SouthsideCentral was there covering it (and hey, looking for a new job too!) and I’ve got a Big Board of Random Thoughts about it.


Some things I learned about the Coal Ash spill…

The EPA hosted an open house at Danville’s Community Market on Monday afternoon with a lot of state and federal agencies talking about the coal ash spill and the cleanup efforts. SouthsideCentral was there talking and asking questions. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting things that I found out…


The dead (companies) are spinning…

Today, we finally got some information from the Danville’s Economic Development office about the quite comatose GOK furniture company. I don’t believe a damned word of it.


The reality of a college rugby tournament…

There’s a college rugby tournament happening in Danville this weekend. Ha! You didn’t know about it either, huh?


Danville City Council Forum – American Legion Forum (Part #2)

Let’s move right into the audience portion of Tuesday night’s American Legion Post 325 Danville City Council Candidates forum. Sorry for the long delay but these things take a while to write.


Danville City Council Forum – American Legion Forum (Part #1)

Hey, the gang’s all back for another Danville City Council candidates forum. Well, mostly. You people enjoyed the scoring system last time, so I’ll do it again. there were a lot of questions asked so we’ll spread this out over multiple articles. Lets make it happen…


LIVE! at Danville City Council (4/1/14)

We’re LIVE! tonight at the Danville City council meeting. Refresh the page for the latest updates. We’ll start reporting around 6:15 PM.

We’re here. Eric Deaton’s going to address council tonight.

Sherman Saunders is out of town. Vice Mayor Gary Miller presides tonight.

Public comment section time. We’ve got a presentation on the Youth [...]

Web Parts: Inside the Job Bust

I’d like to thank Mia Brantley for granting permission to republish an essay that she wrote about her experience working Web Parts, LLC (the quite dead Job Bust where the owner has bailed out of town). Mia’s an excellent writer and I’m glad to feature her story here on SouthsideCentral.


EXCLUSIVE: The Newest Job Bust: GOK Industries

I’ve been working on this story for a few weeks and I now have enough properly sourced information to publish it. GOK Industries is not going to build their Danville furniture plant and will not be creating the 300 jobs as promised in the announcement. You’ve heard it first on SouthsideCentral.


Thumbs! (3/27/14)

The red zone is for unloading only. The white zone is for Thumbs! Let’s see what we have today…


Showcase Magazine City Council Forum – Final Scoring

Here’s where we left off: Alonzo Jones & John Gilstrap at +11, Dawn Witter at +9, Gary Miller at +7, James Buckner at +3 and Joyce Glaise at -3. Let’s score the second half of the forum, total up the points and finish up with our first Power Rankings.


Showcase Magazine City Council Forum – First Round

You want an action replay of what happened and how I scored the candidates? You got it. This first article covers the introductions and the first two questions. It’s brutal, it’s snarky… but it’s damned honest. I’ll promise you’ll laugh.


LIVE! at the Showcase Magazine City Council Forum (3/26/14)

Editor’s Note: I’ve cleaned up this running story and fully scored the forum in the two articles listed below.

Part #1: Showcase Magazine City Council Forum – First Round

Part #2: Showcase Magazine City Council Forum – Final Scoring


The Wonderfulness Of Washington St.

Here’s a feelgood story on how life is so tranquil on Danville’s Washington St. Not.


Danville City Council Race – Challenger Overview

We’ve taken a look at the incumbents for the 2014 Danville City Council race. Let’s do the same thing for the challengers.


Dumbass (Idea) of the Day! (3/24/14)

You don’t have to commit a stupid crime to be featured. Government officials can have dumbass ideas.


Danville City Council Race – Incumbent Overview

It’s that time again. SouthsideCentral will be covering the Danville City Council race throughout the duration and will wrap it up with our endorsements before election day. Our first update will introduce the field then we’ll take a look at the incumbents and their strengths, weaknesses and a general opinion of them at this early [...]

The Latest (Race) Card Trick

Here we go again. Ugh.


LIVE! at the DEQ Coal Ash update meeting (3/18/14)

Not only do we have the happenings from the DEQ coal ash spill update meeting, we’ve also got tonight’s Danville City Council meeting highlights!


With a gun in my hand…

I’ve got a story to tell. I was scared for my life last night.


Danville United LIVE! (3/6/14)

here’s our :IVE! recap of what happened at the last Danville United meeting.


Danville City Council LIVE! (3/4/14)

We’re LIVE! Danville City Hall. Here’s the recap of what happened.