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US Green Energy: Back To Normal Operations!

Remember when Danville’s US Green Energy “closed for the winter”?


PhotoCentral: Racin’ & Tastin’ 2015 – Part #4

We’ve published a series of PhotoCentral articles from Friday night’s Racin’ & Tastin’ event at Danville’s Community Market. You’ve seen Part #1. You’ve seen Part #2. You’ve seen Part #3. But you haven’t seen Part #4… until now!


PhotoCentral: Racin’ & Tastin’ 2015 – Part #3

We’ve published Part #1 and Part #2 of our PhotoCentral series of article about Friday night’s Racin’ & Tastin’ fundraiser.

We’ll continue on with Part #3. Enjoy!


PhotoCentral: Racin’ & Tastin’ 2015 – Part #2

We’ve already had Part #1 of our Racin & Tastin’ PhotoCentral series. Let’s keep it going with Part #2.


PhotoCentral: Racin’ & Tastin’ 2015 – Part #1

We had a terrific time at Racin’ & Tastin’ 2015 on Friday night. Danville’s Community Market was packed for the Festival in the Park fundraiser. We’ve got lots of photos, so let’s do some PhotoCentral articles so that you can see what was going on.


BreakDown: Danville School Board (4/16/15) – Part #2

We’ve published Part #1 of the BreakDown on Thursday’s Danville School Board meeting. Let’s keep it rolling…


Racin’ & Tastin’ 2015 – LIVE!

SouthsideCentral is LIVE! at Danville’s Community Market for tonight’s Racin & Tastin’ fundraiser for Festival in the Park. We’ve got a few photos here, but we’re going to do a lot more in some separate PhotoCentral articles. We had a great time.


BreakDown: Danville School Board (4/16/15) – Part #1

You might say “How can you have a BreakDown article when you haven’t even covered Thursday night’s Danville School Board work session?” I’ll answer you by saying “Why don’t we do both at once?”

This was a very interesting meeting. Let’s get the first part of it done now.


Never Let A “Crisis” Go To Waste

Danville’s local Coca-Cola sales staff wants extra sales and there’s nothing wrong with that. So “Have a Coke and a AAAAAIIIIEEEEE!!!!!!!!!” Heh.


“Cops & Cows” – LIVE!

We had a great time at today’s event. Enjoy the photos and go have a great meal at Texas Steakhouse and Saloon anytime! Yum!

We’re LIVE! at Danville’s Texas Steakhouse & Saloon for today’s Cops & Cows event. Proceeds go to Special Olympics Virginia, so come on down and have a great meal for a […]

“Cops & Cows” – Friday!

Got plans for lunch or dinner on Friday, April 10th? You do? Change them! You don’t? Well, make some!

Come to Texas Steakhouse & Saloon from 11 AM to 7 PM and help support Special Olympics Virginia for the annual “Cops & Cows” event. The area’s finest in law enforcement will be helping out at […]

UPDATED: BREAKING: Jackson to Step Down as GWHS Principal

(Editor’s Note: We’ve updated this article after a conversation with Chief Human Resources Officer Dr. Juliet Jennings.)

At SouthsideCentral, we work hard at getting you breaking news before any other media source.


My Speech to Danville City Council (4/7/15)

As promised, here is my speech that I made at Tuesday night’s Danville City Council meeting.


Danville City Council – LIVE! (4/7/15)

Editor’s note: This article is now complete. It’s not the best one I’ve ever done, but it was hard to do LIVE! coverage while being a speaker as well.

This is one Danville City Council meeting that you don’t want to miss. I’ll be speaking during tonight’s public comment section. My speech will publish here […]

PhotoCentral: Inside CAPSTONE (Part #2)

Let’s finish up our PhotoCentral tour inside the new CAPSTONE project at the Institute for Advanced Learning & Research. There are millions of dollars that’s been put into this project and it will produce a workforce with the skills that industries want.


PhotoCentral: Inside CAPSTONE (Part #1)

Today, the Institute of Advanced Learning & Research showed off their new CAPSTONE project. This is a project that will train people to use highly technical machinery. The belief is that once a sizable workforce is trained, industries will want to locate their new factories in the Southside region. Today, we’ll going to take a […]

Crazy Coalash Crusader Cardiologist Conspiracy Crap

There’s a reason that Danville Vice-Mayor Gary Miller didn’t invite SouthsideCentral along on his Wednesday river expedition. I’d have told him that he was a conspiracy-spouting nutball who should know better than to spread unsubstantiated theories that stupid people will actually believe.


PhotoCentral: STEM-H Summit – Student Day

Tuesday was Student Day at the 3rd Annual STEM-H Summit held at the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research. Let’s take a look at some photos of the day’s activities.


The Lies Of Norhurst

On Sunday, the Danville Register & Bee ran a feature article about Norhurst, Inc. It was a trainwreck because Tim Norton lied to Vicky Morrison (the reporter) and she didn’t challenge him on it.

Let’s take a look at what went wrong.


Danville City Council – LIVE! (3/17/15)

We’re LIVE! at Danville City Hall for tonight’s city council meeting. This article is complete, so enjoy the most detailed coverage that you’ll find anywhere. Let’s get to work!


TROTS: The Security Camera That Isn’t

We guessed wrong.

For only the second time in SouthsideCentral history, I’m putting an article in the “Errors & Omissions” category. Thanks to some great City of Danville folks, we’ve gotten the full story on the security camera on Main St. Let’s look at “The Rest Of The Story”…


PhotoCentral: River District Artisans (Part #2)

We’re continuing our PhotoCentral tour of River District Artisans located in downtown Danville. Enjoy the beautiful items and stop in and look around!


Utilities Steering Committee – LIVE! (3/16/15)

We’re LIVE! at Danville’s City Hall for today’s Utilities Steering Commission meeting. We’ve got some photos from the meeting here, but we’re going to do separate articles on the results since we have 11 pages of results from the brainstorming. We’ll keep this article published since it’s already been indexed and the newspaper didn’t send […]

Time Machine: Union Street Bridge (1994)

Let’s hop in the SouthsideCentral Time Machine and take a look at a marker from 1994 that you’ve probably driven by in the last few weeks… but you’ve never been able to stop and read it.


PhotoCentral: River District Artisans (Part #1)

Have you been to Danville’s “River District Artisans” at 411 Main Street? It’s where the Arc of Southside moved their “Hatcher Center Outlet Store” to from their previous location in Blairs. The Danville Regional foundation awarded them $100,000 to renovate the building and it’s beautiful. Today, we’ll take a PhotoCentral tour and show you some […]