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The Worst Political Forum Ever

I want that 90 minutes of my life back. Gah!


Danville City Council – LIVE! (10/21/2014)

Editor’s Note: This article is now complete. We’ll have a BreakDown article analyzing what happened later this week on SouthsideCentral.

We’re LIVE! at Danville City Hall for tonight’s Danville City Council meeting. We start with a special closed session work meeting at 5:30 PM (dealing with the confederate flag issue), then the regular business meeting [...]

Danville City Council Preview (10/21/14)

Let’s take a look at what’s on tonight’s Danville City Council agenda. We’ll have LIVE! coverage of the meeting tonight (but you already knew that). Heh.


Utilities Steering Committee Meeting – LIVE!

We’re LIVE! at Danville City Hall for the first meeting of the Steering Committee for the Electric Services Assessment. This committee is to “determine how best to cost-effectively serve current and future needs of Danville Utilities electric customers and the City of Danville and maintain progress in transforming the area’s economic base.”

We’re not sure [...]

REVISED: NumbersCentral: Danville’s School Discipline Cases

Editor’s Note: The Danville Public School system revised their report. We’ve updated the article with the latest version.

The numbers are in… let’s take a look.


ReportCard! – Danville School Board

We just finished a ReportCard! for Danville City Council for June 1st until now, so it’s only fair that the school board gets the same treatment.


ReportCard! – Danville City Council

It’s been almost five months since the newest version of Danville City Council started working. I think it’s time for their first SouthsideCentral ReportCard! on how they’ve done since June 1st.


I’m buying the Sutherlin Mansion!

And you can too! Just send Joe King an email today!


Danville School Board LIVE! – (10/16/2014)

We’re LIVE! at Schoolfield Elementary School for tonight’s Danville School Board work session. Refresh the page often for the latest happenings, photos & commentary. We’ll add more bonus coverage once we get home to the editing room. Tonight’s meeting starts at 6 PM.


Warner/Gillespie Joint Appearance – LIVE! (10/14/2014)

We’ve completely rewrote this article and have added a BreakDown at the end. This article is complete.

SouthsideCentral is LIVE! at tonight’s Mark Warner & Ed Gillespie joint appearance at the Institute. Be sure to refresh this page often for the latest happenings, photos, and commentary.

Tonight’s event starts at 7 PM. Our LIVE! coverage [...]

Happy Trails, Eric Deaton!

There’s a reason that lots of soap operas are set in hospitals…


The Confederate Flag Controversy Script

Here’s what’s going to happen during this Museum/Confederate flag controversy. SouthsideCentral knows it all.


“What? I’m retiring today?”

Oh yeah. I totally believe this one. Totally.


Happy Trails, Confederate Flag?

Here we go again. Hoo boy.


Danville School Board – LIVE! (10/2/2014)

We’re LIVE! at the Danville School Board meeting. Be sure to refresh this page often for the latest happenings, photos and commentary. When we get home, we’ll clean the article up and add some bonus coverage. To see what’s on tonight’s agenda, click on this link.


Danville School Board Preview (10/2/2014)

Let’s take a quick look at what’s on tap for tonight’s Danville School Board meeting. SouthsideCentral will be covering the meeting LIVE!


It’s Payback Time… Again

If you Danville taxpayers liked paying back US Green Energy’s Tobacco Commission grant money, you’re going to just love paying back more!


BreakDown: Danville City Council Coal Ash Meeting

We’ve covered tonight’s Danville City Council closed session meeting in the previous article. Let’s do a BreakDown on it…


Danville City Council (Closed Meeting) – LIVE! (10/1/2014)

Editor’s Note: This article is complete. The BreakDown article is now published.

I’m not expecting much to come out of this meeting, but SouthsideCentral will be there anyway. Be sure to refresh the page for the latest happenings, photos and commentary.


The superintendent search continues…

Here’s the latest from on the search process for the new Danville school superintendent…


Review: Danville’s “Ricky’s Grill”

We’re heading to Nordan Drive to check out the new “Ricky’s Grill”.


Let’s talk about the Danville School Superintendent Search…

Let’s do an overview of what’s happened, what’s going to happen, and what’s not going to happen.


Danville City Council – LIVE! (9/16/2014)

Editor’s Note: This article is now complete. We’re LIVE! at tonight’s 7PM Danville City Council meeting. I’m going to do the best I can to get as much coverage in, then I’ll add bonus coverage, commentary and photos when I get home. Be sure to refresh the page often to get the latest happenings!


Osborne named Danville Interim School Superintendent

This deal will allow Kathy Osborne to remain as Interim Superintendent for the rest of the school year if needed.


Shrimpfest RandomThoughts (& Photos)!

SouthsideCentral had an awesome time at Wednesday evening’s Shrimpfest at the Danville Community Market. The annual fundraiser for the Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce was simply perfect. Let’s go over a few RandomThoughts about the event and add some bonus photos!