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Danville City Council – LIVE! (9/16/2014)

Editor’s Note: This article is now complete. We’re LIVE! at tonight’s 7PM Danville City Council meeting. I’m going to do the best I can to get as much coverage in, then I’ll add bonus coverage, commentary and photos when I get home. Be sure to refresh the page often to get the latest happenings!


Osborne named Danville Interim School Superintendent

This deal will allow Kathy Osborne to remain as Interim Superintendent for the rest of the school year if needed.


Shrimpfest RandomThoughts (& Photos)!

SouthsideCentral had an awesome time at Wednesday evening’s Shrimpfest at the Danville Community Market. The annual fundraiser for the Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce was simply perfect. Let’s go over a few RandomThoughts about the event and add some bonus photos!


Danville School Board – LIVE! (9/4/2014)

Editor’s Note: This article is now complete.

We’re LIVE! at tonight’s Danville School board meeting. Be sure to refresh the page for the latest photos, commentary and happenings!


Shrimpfest LIVE! – 9/3/2014

We’re LIVE! at Danville’s Community Market for the annual Shrimpfest! Here’s some photos from the LIVE! coverage. We’ll have a separate article with more photos and comments on Friday.


My speech to Danville City Council on 9/2/2014

As promised, here’s the speech that I made to City Council during the public comment section on Tuesday, September 2nd. Two members of city council met and discussed business with two members of the school board in a way that the public nor media had to be notified in advance. This meeting was not in [...]

Danville City Council – LIVE! (9/2/2014)

(Editor’s Note: This article is now complete.)

We’re LIVE! at Danville City Hall for tonight’s Danville City Council meeting. The meeting starts at 7PM, and we’ll start our exclusive LIVE! coverage before then. If you want a preview of what’s on tonight’s agenda, read today’s earlier SouthsideCentral article.

Be sure to refresh the page often [...]

NumbersCentral: Danville’s General Fund

Have you ever wondered what taxes are coming into the City of Danville? Ever wondered how the budget stands compared to last year?

No? Then go to the next article because we got numbers here, folks!


Preview: Danville City Council (9/2/2014)

Let’s see what we’re going to deal with at Danville City Hall tonight at 7:00 PM. It’s Danville City Council meeting time and SouthsideCentral will be there LIVE! for our exclusive coverage.

At times, things can go quickly, so we’ll let you know what’s on tonight’s agenda now and add some commentary.


BreakDown: Danville’s 8/21/2014 School Board Meeting

I promised a BreakDown on last Thursday’s Danville School Board meeting where the public got to speak about the next superintendent, so let’s get going with a commentary on what happened.


Let’s talk about the “Purge” rumors…

It’s over. Nothing happened. Let’s sit back and analyze what happened.


The Hospitality House – 714 N. Main St.

Located at 714 N. Main St. , this imposing stucco home commands the intersection of Worsham St. and N. Main St. on the eastern side. Located directly next to the Tot-Spot Daycare Center, this home has been the location of the Whitfield family ( think the city attorney) for many years. Originally a lot was [...]

So who starts these stupid rumors?

I want you to take a look at the direct evidence of somebody posting a complete lie on Facebook about this “purge” crap. After that, take a look at the way that they try to add darkness and conspiracy.

It’s farkin’ shameful for somebody to lie like this directly and so blatantly.


Factchecking “The Purge” Rumors

All righty, here we go. I’ve compiled a lot of rumors that have been going around about this “situation” in the Danville Public Schools.

Let’s recap what I’ve found out so far. This article will be updated if I can factcheck any other rumors.


There is no “Purge”

Think for yourself. Remain calm. All is well. Quit acting stupid.


Happy Trails, Danville Hybrid Vehicles!

It’s time to declare another Job Bust dead.


PhotoCentral: Friday’s “Stand with Ferguson” Rally

This PhotoCentral isn’t showing support nor opposition to this rally’s cause. It’s simply a PhotoCentral on what happened Friday.

Sometimes news photos are just news photos.


Community Cup softball fundraiser coming up on Saturday!

Chad Martin, one of our good SouthsideCentral friends, is organizing the third annual Community Cup softball game and fundraiser. Here’s the details that we just got from him.


BreakDown: Danville’s 8/19/2014 City Council Meeting

We promised a BreakDown on Tuesday night’s Danville City council meeting, so let’s get that done.


PhotoCentral LIVE! – “Museum Meets Margaritaville”

We’ve got LIVE! photos coming in from the “Museum Meets Margaritaville” event being held at Danville’s Community Market from 5 to 9 PM today.

And here we go…!


The KKK “Returns” to Danville

This is one of those stories where I hoped someone else would have covered this story, so I wouldn’t have to.

The “supposed” KKK was back in Danville last night spewing their hatred.


Who’s going to be the new Danville School Superintendent?

The search for Danville’s new school superintendent unofficially begins today at 5:30 PM. The school board will hold its work session at the GW high school cafeteria and has asked for the public to comment on what they want to see in a new superintendent.

Let’s take a look at what’s going to happen.


Danville City Council – LIVE! (8/19/2014)

This article is now complete. We’ve added and cleaned up commentary. We’ve also added bonus photos.

We’re at Danville City Hall for tonight’s Danville City Council meeting… and of course, we’re doing it LIVE! Refresh this page often to get the latest happenings, photos and commentary. When we get home tonight, we’ll clean the article [...]

Danville Utilities Investigated By Police

BOOM! We nailed this prediction. Now it’s time to tell you what we’ve found out about this scandal and give our readers the Inside Information.


UPDATED – American Legion Legacy Run

Rewrite: Thanks to the permission of the amazing Richard T. Davis, we’re going to bring you some photos of the Legacy Riders coming into town.

Click below for the description of the event and Richard’s photos.