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UPDATED: But They Repeat Themselves…

UPDATE: The newspaper has fixed the original article. Heh.

Somebody must have still been hungover when they wrote this newspaper article. Not only that, somebody must have still been hungover when they wrote this newspaper article. Oh yeah, somebody must have still been hungover when they wrote this newspaper article.


Watch That Fine Print!

On Tuesday, May 24th, Danville’s Sonic restaurant will run a special, with corn dogs priced at 50¢. But there’s some fine print on the sign that caught SouthsideCentral’s eye. Heh.


The Heresy of Moonshiners?

The R&B’s Mike Livingston is a good crime reporter and I’m not tagging him with RottenReporting on this one. I’m just chuckling at how one word slipped past the editing process.


It’s a slow news day at WSET.

This story had the potential to top my potato chip that looked like William Shatner.


Clucked Off!

Apparently, Martinsville has had enough of these mothercluckin’ chickens in the mothercluckin’ city.


Hey, thanks for letting us know!

It’s always nice when citizens help out law enforcement agencies.


Clucked Up

It’s time for a quick laugh around these SouthsideCentral parts…


Thumbs! (The Adam Tomer Special Edition)

It was pointed out to me last night by a citizen that I never have given Adam Tomer a Thumb! since we started this feature. Let’s make up for that today…


A robbery in the name of the Lord?

What Would Jesus Do? I dunno… but it probably wouldn’t be to rob somebody after preaching the gospel.


Southside’s Worst Obituary Photo…

… well, so far that I’ve ever seen. I’m sadly sure there will be some that top this one.


Look at the fat Halifax police officer!

Oopsie. I didn’t punctuate that headline correctly so I’ll try again. “Look at the fat, Halifax police officer!”


The obligatory funny photo from Saturday’s debate.

Yeah, yeah. We’ve got plenty of photos from Saturday’s debate and will post a gallery of them soon, but it’s time to have a little bit of fun with a photo that turned out to be funny.

Ladies & Gentlemen, we proudly show you 5th District Candidate Laurence Verga doing the Moonwalk (but we’re going […]

That’s not the right choice of words.

Here’s a “Letter to the Editor” that’s not quite phrased properly…


Blog Review: Grumpy Old Man

When I first saw this blog, I didn’t pay much attention to it. I went back and read some more today.


Take off your clothes!

Well, the Gazette-Virginian is nicely asking you to do that…

The Pool Temperature Controversy.

(Doesn’t that sound like a episode title of The Big Bang Theory?) You can’t please everybody…especially YMCA members.


Well, Phooey to you too!

We were tipped off to this mysterious signage by one of our good friends. Is it a secret message?


Dumbass of the Day! (8/19)

It’s been over a month since we’ve had one of these? Let’s fix this problem right now.


Your uterus has been recalled.

Thanks go to Neal Boortz’s “Boortz Blast” for pointing out this bizarre one.


Golf balls stolen in Eden!

We interrupt tonight’s news for a breaking news update from Eden NC!


Here’s a tweet that you can’t argue with.

Occasionally, some people do use Twitter for good. Or humor, maybe.

ThreadSpotting: Now we know why Riverdale floods all the time.

I’ll be damned. Or is that Riverdale?


Who’s the boss?

It’s the cat, of course.