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UncensoredWatch: Compromise Is Fatal

Overnight, a church (and other property) in Danville was vandalized with racist graffiti. That’s sad enough just for that. But that other group on Facebook has taken this incident & inserted their own agendas into it.

This should truly disgust you, folks.


UncensoredWatch: We Got Us A Bunch Of Badasses Here!

Wow. As soon as we published the first UncensoredWatch article, the SouthsideCentral TipLine got a lot of hilarious submissions. So it’s back-to-back UncensoredWatch articles for you to point and laugh at.

In this article, a stupid question leads to some really stupid comments. Or in other words, business as usual. But we got our guns! […]

UncensoredWatch: Just As Bad As Leonard

I may not be able to see what’s going on in that “Southside News & Views – Uncensored” Facebook group (because it’s locked down and I was pre-banned), but I have friends that can. Those friends are glad to share the worst of the worst with us here at SouthsideCentral, and we’re going to call […]