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TROTS: Getting rid of the non-resident library card fee

I’m glad that the $50 fee that the City of Danville is charging for non-residents to get a library card is about to be eliminated. However, if you just read what’s in the Danville Register & Bee article about it, you’re not getting what caused this to happen on Tuesday night. Let’s take a look […]

TROTS: Those Jefferson St. condemned apartments

Editor’s note: The Register & Bee has now disabled their comment section on the story I referenced in this article. Gee, wonder why?

Let’s do another “The Rest Of The Story” to get you more information than a Register & Bee story gives you. I’ve been working on this story for a few days but […]

UPDATED: The Rest Of The Story – (7/23/2014)

Sometimes, the “local media” (or even the Register & Bee) won’t go in depth with details and fun facts about a story. That’s why I’m starting a new feature category, because I believe I’ll be noticing these incidents much more.