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RottenReporting: Smearing Danville Utilities

Technically, this is RottenEditorialWriting but that’s just too long and stupid looking.

Danville Utilities has done a good job getting rid of the problems that they had with employee corruption, but that doesn’t stop the editorial board of the Danville Register & Bee from attacking them with reckless rhetoric.


Full Moon Desperation

I’m putting this article in the “RottenReporting” category, but it’s really not Reporting nor is it Rotten. It’s just a lame throwaway thing to laugh at. Meh.

Without this piece of news, we might have forgotten what the moon looks like.


RottenHeadlineWriting: “Santa gives cancer to a child. Surprise!”

After a discussion on our last Danville Register & Bee headline writing disaster, we learned that all the headlines are written in the Lynchburg office and not on Monument Street. Well, the headline writers in Lynchburg really blew it this time…


RottenReporting: The Scanner in The Manger

This isn’t really RottenReporting because the reporting was the usual excellent John Crane writing, but RottenHeadlineWriting takes up too much space and sounds stupid.


RottenReporting: A Bad Decision to Copy & Paste

If you looked at Star News’ Facebook page this weekend, you’d have thought that they were putting on a Confederate Flag rally at Danville’s museum. They had nothing to do with the rally, but a bad decision to copy and paste an email gave people the wrong impression.


UPDATED: RottenReporting: The $10,000,000 Mistake

UPDATE: The Register & Bee corrected the article within two hours of this article being published. Behold the power of SouthsideCentral.

I did my best to avoid writing this edition of RottenReporting, but the Register & Bee wouldn’t modify their story.


RottenReporting: Swallowing Shelley’s Spin

Shelley Blackwell has been orchestrating one heck of a Poor Me campaign about her furniture store. Register & Bee reporter Vicky Cruz completely fell for it.

It’s time to hand out another RottenReporting award.


RottenReporting: Oops. We missed that meeting.

The Danville Register & Bee says that Danville Public Schools new school requests are “expected to come up for discussion” at Tuesday night’s Danville City Council meeting. That’s wrong, and good reporting would have discovered that. Oh yeah, delinquent tax fees aren’t going up either.


UPDATED: RottenReporting: It’s Mark Warner’s Fault!

Editor’s Note: We’ve updated this article to show the actual email sent out by Mark Warner’s office and the reply sent to people who RSVP’d. You won’t be surprised, folks.

Who’s to blame if Mark Warner doesn’t show up for an event that Mark Warner was never supposed to be at? Clearly, it’s Mark Warner.


The Lies Of Norhurst

On Sunday, the Danville Register & Bee ran a feature article about Norhurst, Inc. It was a trainwreck because Tim Norton lied to Vicky Morrison (the reporter) and she didn’t challenge him on it.

Let’s take a look at what went wrong.


RottenReporting: At Least They Got Halifax Right!

Hee hee. Just a quick one for this edition of RottenReporting. WSET’s reporters may know Southside VA (well sorta once they stay in Southside for more than six months), but their morning news producer in Lynchburg who updates their website is quite clueless.


RottenReporting: Because I Said So!

The Sonic Drive-In in Reidsville has closed. Let’s take a look at the local TV coverage and find some RottenReporting.


RottenReporting: Machine Machines

The Department of Redundancy Department is on Line 2.


RottenReporting: How To Create Controversy

Danville’s Confederate Flag’s controversy is over. WSET’s Tola Adamson should be ashamed for trying to create more.