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RandomThoughts! (1/28/2015)

RandomThoughts can be organized. They can also be interesting.


RandomThoughts! (1/17/2015)

If I’m thinking it, odds are you that you are as well. RandomThoughts time!


RandomThoughts! (1/9/2015)

Let’s all think about this… randomly!


RandomThoughts! (12/26/2014)

My goodness, the last RandomThoughts article was on Dec 3rd. I am thinking. I am thinking randomly.


RandomThoughts! (12/3/2014)

Hey you! RandomThoughts! Now!


RandomThoughts! (11/29/2014)

You know, Thoughts are a lot of fun when they’re Random.


RandomThoughts! (11/20/2014)

I’ve got thoughts. They’re Random.


RandomThoughts! – Danville City Council Meeting (11/6/2014)

Lots of things happened at Thursday night’s Danville City Council meeting. Let’s think randomly about the bizarre night…


ElectionThoughts! (11/4/2014)

It’s Election Day, and we’re doing a Very Special Episode of RandomThoughts! to celebrate. Refresh the page often throughout the day and night to get the latest on what we’re thinking about. We’ll think about election happenings, election predictions, election results and election everything. Heck, there may be even non-election stuff here. SouthsideCentral is also […]

RandomThoughts! (10/25/2014)

Saturday afternoon and I’m thinking randomly…


RandomThoughts! (10/23/2014)

The name says it all. Any questions?


RandomThoughts! (10/15/2014)

Maybe it was the flu, maybe it wasn’t. I dunno. I’m baaaaaaaaaaack!


RandomThoughts! (10/5/2014)

If you’re reading for the first time, a “RandomThoughts!” article is filled with Random Thoughts.


RandomThoughts! (9/30/2014)

The catchy opening line goes here. I’m out of catchy opening lines.


RandomThoughts! (9/25/2014)

The Thoughts. They are a-Random.


RandomThoughts! (9/23/2014)

I hadn’t realized it had been over two weeks since our last RandomThoughts! article. Let’s get busy.


RandomThoughts! (9/6/2014)

My goodness. It’s been a very long time since we thought randomly. We’ll fix that now.

Oh yeah, apologies for being so late with today’s article flow. We’ve upgraded SouthsideCentral to the new WordPress 4.0 and it took a while to work out the bugs.


Shrimpfest RandomThoughts (& Photos)!

SouthsideCentral had an awesome time at Wednesday evening’s Shrimpfest at the Danville Community Market. The annual fundraiser for the Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce was simply perfect. Let’s go over a few RandomThoughts about the event and add some bonus photos!


RandomThoughts! (8/25/2014)

It’s been a while so I’m thinking. Randomly, that is.


RoadThoughts! (8/20/2014)

This article is now cleaned up and completed. Thanks for “riding around with me” today.

We’re going for a ride… and you’re invited! RoadThoughts has returned. Oh yeah, we’ve got something special planned for you tonight!


RandomThoughts! (8/13/2014)

Thoughts, done in a random way. Well, semi-random.


RandomThoughts! (8/9/2014)

I’m thinking while on muscle relaxers for back pain so this could be fun. Or regrettable.


RandomThoughts! (8/2/2014)

I haven’t had much time to think lately. Go ahead and make the obvious joke. How about some RandomThoughts?


RandomThoughts! (7/20/2014)

I realized it had been a while since I had some thoughts. Random ones, that is.


RoadThoughts LIVE! (7/11/2014)

We’ve added some extra thoughts and cleaned the article up. It’s now complete.

I just heard you say “RoadThoughts LIVE!? What the heck is that?”

SouthsideCentral’s got business out of town today. You’re coming along with me for the road trip. It’s RandomThoughts!, only more Random than ever. Here’s how it will work. I’ll be […]