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RandomThoughts! (11/5/17)

This is an easy article format, so you’re getting another one. Heh.


RandomThoughts! (1/18/17)

I’ve got a new computer. I’ve got a new phone. Crap just got real.

Let’s think randomly.


RandomThoughts! (11/28/16)

Hey! SouthsideCentral is on a new server and with an upgraded hosting package! Yeah, I know you don’t care. Heh.

Let’s think randomly!


RandomThoughts! (11/2/16)

There’s a reason that the word “Random” is in “RandomThoughts!”


RandomThoughts! (9/30/16)

It’s late on a Thursday night and I’m thinking randomly…


RandomThoughts! (8/30/16)

I’m thinking randomly. Watch out.


RandomThoughts! (8/2/16)

Thinking Randomly isn’t as fun as drinking randomly. But it often ends up with the same thought process.


RandomThoughts! (7/14/16)

It’s a slow news week. So let’s think randomly!


RandomThoughts! (7/3/16)

It’s been a long time since I thought randomly. Well, at least in a SouthsideCentral article…


RandomThoughts! (5/26/16)

I’ve got Thoughts. They are Random. That’s why we call this article RandomThoughts!


RandomThoughts: After The Election

We’ve got a lot of SouthsideCentral articles coming up that will go in-depth on what happened in the 2016 Danville City Council election, but let’s get started with a quick bunch of RandomThoughts on election things. Oh yeah, before we get started…


Anyway, on we go!


RandomThoughts: The City Council Election Edition

When I started writing this article, there were 72 hours left until the polls close in the 2016 Danville City Council election. It’s been one of the most bizarre elections that I’ve ever covered, so it’s time to think randomly about what’s happened, what’s happening now and what will happen. Let’s get started!


RandomThoughts! (12/23/15)

My Thoughts are Random. Well, not all the time. Step into my mind…


RandomThoughts! (10/5/15)

I was thinking today, and I was thinking randomly…


RandomThoughts! (8/27/15)

I haven’t Randomly Thought in over seven weeks. Let’s fix that problem now.


RandomThoughts! (7/4/15)

Maybe I should call these IndependentThoughts? Since it’s July 4th? Independence Day? Get it? Fine. RandomThoughts it is.


RandomThoughts! (5/26/15)

Who in the heck would read an article titled OrganizedThoughts?


RandomThoughts! (5/4/15)

Editor’s Note: Boom. I blew it. I’m now flagging this article into the “Errors & Omissions” category. Susan Light from the Chatham Star-Tribune was at the Centra Danville Medical Center groundbreaking, as well as Gracie Mays from Chatmoss Cablevision.

I’m thinking. Look out.


RandomThoughts! (4/25/15)

What’s on my Random mind?


RandomThoughts! (4/6/15)

You know, I’ve been thinking. Randomly.


RandomThoughts! (3/25/15)

Let’s get thinking. Let’s do it randomly.


RandomThoughts! (3/13/15)

I got the Thoughts! Oh yeah, they’re Random!


RandomThoughts! (3/7/15)

We guarantee that these Thoughts were originally Random at the time of their thinking.


RandomThoughts! (2/26/2015)

Let’s get Random! And I’m talking about Thoughts!


RandomThoughts! (2/11/2015)

Let’s get Random! Thoughts, that is.