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QuickHits! (11/17/2013)

It’s been a long while since we’ve done a QuickHits article. QuickHits articles feature Quick articles & thoughts that we Hit Quickly. Get it? Right.


QuickHits! (5/10/12)

News & Views in a quick format. Sorta like Headline News was before they crapped up the format…


QuickHits! (5/8/12)

I’ve got the Hits and you want them Quick! Let’s make it happen.


QuickHits! (5/3/12)

Back after a few days… Let’s get it started.


QuickHits! (4/30/12)

We’ve got a new SouthsideCentral writer, so I’m pressured to keep the content flowing. Let’s do another round of QuickHits!


QuickHits! (4/29/12)

I’m trying to get more fresh content on SouthsideCentral, so here’s some quick thoughts on what’s happening lately. As always, I love to hear your feedback. Let’s jump to some QuickHits!


ThreadSpotting QuickHits! (3/8)

It’s two, two features in one! We always thank our readers for the HalifaxTalk ThreadSpotting submissions, so let’s knock a few of them out quickly. You got your ThreadSpotting in my QuickHits!


ThreadSpotting QuickHits!

So many submissions for ThreadSpotting, so little time. Actually, we’ve got the time… it’s just that we need to knock a bunch of mockable HalifaxTalk threads at one time to get them out of the way for the few people who like this feature. Let’s play ThreadSpotting QuickHits!


QuickHits! (1/23)

How about some quickies? Yay!


QuickHits! (1/1)

We’re rolling out another occasional feature here at SouthsideCentral… QuickHits! When we’ve got a bunch of stuff to write about but not much to write on the topics, you’ll get Quick Hits on the topics. They may even be funny, with “may” being the operative word. That being said, let’s get some QuickHits! for January [...]