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Ask SouthsideCentral: The Big Bathroom Question

There’s a new restroom building at the top part of Danville’s Main Street Plaza, and we’re going to answer a reader’s question on why it’s not open yet.

Let’s Ask SouthsideCentral!


Ask SouthsideCentral! – Drug & Gang Free Zone Signs?

Some people have noticed a new set of street signs going up around Danville that say “Drug & Gang Free School Zone”. No, the thought process behind the signs isn’t “Gee, now criminals won’t do illegal things because of the signs being posted.”

Let’s Ask SouthsideCentral and find out the truth. Let’s also get some […]

Ask SouthsideCentral! – The Return of K&W Cafeteria?

I’ve had three people ask about the possible return of K&W Cafeteria to Danville Mall. That’s a perfect topic for “Ask SouthsideCentral!” so let’s put this one to rest.


Ask SouthsideCentral! – A Danville Curfew Question

One of our readers had a question about Danville’s curfew ordinance, so SouthsideCentral went to the top of the food chain to get some answers. That’s what happens when you Ask SouthsideCentral!


Ask SouthsideCentral! – The “Marines” Red Truck

If you want to know the answer to a question about the Southside region, all you have to is Ask SouthsideCentral!

Today, we have a question about a big red truck and trailer with “Marines” print on it.


Ask SouthsideCentral! – American National Bank’s Clock

Here at SouthsideCentral, we pride ourselves on noticing things that are where they shouldn’t be. Or in this case, things that aren’t where they should be.

Don’t worry, though. American National Bank & Trust’s famous clock will be coming back soon!


NumbersCentral: Danville’s Delinquent Property Taxes

The City of Danville does have a large dollar value of delinquent property taxes, but is that a “real problem” in the big picture? With data provided to SouthsideCentral by Danville’s Finance Director Michael Adkins, let’s look at the numbers and see what we can find out.

(Editor’s Note: Technically, this article could also be […]

Ask SouthsideCentral! (3/10/16)

You’ve got questions. SouthsideCentral has the answers. That’s the simple basis behind a new feature category here on SouthsideCentral.

“Ask SouthsideCentral” is where we’ll find out the answers to questions that our readers have. In our first edition, we’ll find out why the city of Danville has never accepted Visa or Mastercard for payments.