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PhotoCentral: Business After Hours (1/15/2015)

The Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce held their monthly Business After Hours at the Danville Family YMCA on Thursday night and it was a great time. The YMCA is an amazing place and we’ll take you on a PhotoCentral of that on Friday… but let’s take a look at some photos from the Business […]

Business After Hours (12/4/2014)

The Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce had a Business After Hours at Ben David Jewelers… and SouthsideCentral was there! Here’s some photos and commentary for you.


PhotoCentral: Danville’s Veterans Day Parade (Part #7)

When the fire trucks and emergency vehicles come down the street, you know we’re at the end of Danville’s Veterans Day Parade. This is the last PhotoCentral article and I hope you’ve enjoyed them all.


PhotoCentral: Danville’s Veterans Day Parade (Part #6)

If you’re tired of photos from the excellent Danville Veterans Parade yet, I’ve got bad news for you. Here comes Part #6!


PhotoCentral: Danville’s Veterans Day Parade (Part #5)

SouthsideCentral hopes that you’re enjoying this series of PhotoCentral articles from Danville’s Veterans Day parade on Sunday. We’re moving along with the fifth set of photos.


PhotoCentral: Danville’s Veterans Day Parade (Part #4)

We’ve already published Part #1, Part #2 and Part #3 of the PhotoCentral articles from Danville’s Veterans Day Parade. Let’s take a look at Part #4.


PhotoCentral: Danville’s Veterans Day Parade (Part #3)

Here’s the 3rd set of photos from Danville’s Veterans Day Parade.


PhotoCentral: Danville’s Veterans Day Parade (Part #2)

Here we go with Part #2 of photos from Sunday’s Danville Veterans Day Parade.


PhotoCentral: Danville’s Veterans Day Parade (Part #1)

This is the first of a series of PhotoCentral articles from Danville’s Veterans Day Parade that was held on Sunday, November 9th.

We’ll keep adding articles like this throughout the next few days so that you can see how the parade went. Let’s get started with the first nine photos.


Lynchburg Trip With City Council & The IDA – LIVE! (10/30/2014)

Editor’s Note: This article is now complete. We’ll have a BreakDown article to go in-depth on this trip and a bonus photo article.


SouthsideCentral is riding along with Danville City Council and the Industrial Development Authority to tour Lynchburg’s redevelopment efforts in their downtown… and you’re right here with us! The bus leaves around […]

The Worst Political Forum Ever

I want that 90 minutes of my life back. Gah!


Southside Show-Biz VIP Reception – LIVE!

We’re LIVE! at Averett University’s North Campus for tonight’s Danville-Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce’s annual “Southside Show-Biz” trade show. Tonight is the VIP reception for chamber members and invited guests. It’s open to the public on Thursday from 3 to 7 PM and admission is free!

Tonight, you’ll get photos and a preview of what […]

PhotoCentral: Callands Festival

Thanks go out to a great SouthsideCentral fan for contributing these photos of yesterday’s 34th annual Callands Festival

Shrimpfest RandomThoughts (& Photos)!

SouthsideCentral had an awesome time at Wednesday evening’s Shrimpfest at the Danville Community Market. The annual fundraiser for the Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce was simply perfect. Let’s go over a few RandomThoughts about the event and add some bonus photos!


Shrimpfest LIVE! – 9/3/2014

We’re LIVE! at Danville’s Community Market for the annual Shrimpfest! Here’s some photos from the LIVE! coverage. We’ll have a separate article with more photos and comments on Friday.


Community Cup softball fundraiser coming up on Saturday!

Chad Martin, one of our good SouthsideCentral friends, is organizing the third annual Community Cup softball game and fundraiser. Here’s the details that we just got from him.


PhotoCentral LIVE! – “Museum Meets Margaritaville”

We’ve got LIVE! photos coming in from the “Museum Meets Margaritaville” event being held at Danville’s Community Market from 5 to 9 PM today.

And here we go…!


“Skin Wars” – Bodypainting – LIVE!

We’re LIVE! at the Carolina Theatre in Greensboro for tonight’s “Skin Wars” simulcast event. “Skin Wars” is a new reality show on GSN all about the art of bodypainting. Tonight is Episode #3 and eight contestants remain. Watch GSN at 9:00 PM EDT and watch along with us. Living Art America has all of the […]

UPDATED – American Legion Legacy Run

Rewrite: Thanks to the permission of the amazing Richard T. Davis, we’re going to bring you some photos of the Legacy Riders coming into town.

Click below for the description of the event and Richard’s photos.


Sam Page takes a dive…

But the Rockingham County (NC) Sheriff is doing it for charity!


Thoughts on the “Outsider/Insider” art show…

Ugh. So many things going on but I promised a quick recap and thoughts article on the “Outsider/Insider” art show that was held Friday, July 25th on Craghead Street. Let’s get it started!


Recapping Tuesday’s governor and cabinet visit…

Whew. It took 2 days to totally complete all the additions to our LIVE! coverage, but it was worth it. SouthsideCentral brought you everything we could about Tuesday’s events and we really appreciate the kind words about our coverage. You’ve now got the most photos of any local media and you saw them first during […]

River District Tour – LIVE!

We’ve now completed this article and added lots of additional photos for bonus coverage. We’ve also added more commentary about the event.


We’re now LIVE! at the Golden Leaf Bistro with Governor Terry McAuliffe as he starts a tour of the River District led by Danville Mayor Sherman Saunders.

Refresh the page often for […]

Governor’s Economic Development Roundtable – LIVE!

We’ve completed this article with editing and a lot of bonus photos. I’m sorry for the phone photos at the top part of the article. Something was on the lens and I never noticed… but hey, slightly blurred photos are better than none.

We’ve moved across the road to the RCATT building for our third […]

“State of the Region” Address – LIVE!

We’re LIVE! at the Institute for the Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce’s “State of the Region” address. Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jessie Barksdale and Danville Mayor Sherman Saunders will give speeches about the progress of the region this morning.

Refresh this page often for the latest happenings, commentary and photos!