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UPDATED: Thumbs! (10/12/16)

(Editor’s Note: I’m flagging this in the “Errors & Omissions” category because I’m retracting some comments that I made in one of the items.)

What I got is what you want. If you want Thumbs!, that is.


Yeah, I Blew It. (7/12/16)

We make mistakes. Everybody does. It happens. But SouthsideCentral is going to come out first and admit it, then I’m going to apologize for it in public. It’s the right thing to do.


REPRINT: BreakDown: The Berry Hill Industrial Park Announcement

Hey, we were wrong. But this announcement will happen soon. I’m flagging this into “Errors & Omissions” because I was totally wrong. But I’ll stand behind my words and admit my mistake.

I’m not deleting this article because the analysis of what will happen is still valid. I also want people to see how badly […]

Our Statement on Saturday’s Goodyear Accident Reporting

On Monday at 4:20 PM, SouthsideCentral was first to report on another serious employee accident at Danville’s Goodyear plant. We published the story on our social media channels.

That accident has now been confirmed by Goodyear plant management. SouthsideCentral is issuing a partial retraction on the “Employee airlifted to hospital burn center” portion of our […]

RandomThoughts! (5/4/15)

Editor’s Note: Boom. I blew it. I’m now flagging this article into the “Errors & Omissions” category. Susan Light from the Chatham Star-Tribune was at the Centra Danville Medical Center groundbreaking, as well as Gracie Mays from Chatmoss Cablevision.

I’m thinking. Look out.


TROTS: The Security Camera That Isn’t

We guessed wrong.

For only the second time in SouthsideCentral history, I’m putting an article in the “Errors & Omissions” category. Thanks to some great City of Danville folks, we’ve gotten the full story on the security camera on Main St. Let’s look at “The Rest Of The Story”…


CORRECTED: Christmas News Roundup (12/25/12)

Lots of crazy & sad things going on in the SouthsideCentral region during the holidays. Let’s get to what you haven’t heard about in the other local media…


Errors & Omissions: I blew it.

When SouthsideCentral makes a mistake, I will own up to that mistake. I will issue a retraction & apologize to all parties involved… and for the first time in SouthsideCentral history, I’m doing that tonight.