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RandomThoughts! (5/4/15)

Editor’s Note: Boom. I blew it. I’m now flagging this article into the “Errors & Omissions” category. Susan Light from the Chatham Star-Tribune was at the Centra Danville Medical Center groundbreaking, as well as Gracie Mays from Chatmoss Cablevision.

I’m thinking. Look out.


TROTS: The Security Camera That Isn’t

We guessed wrong.

For only the second time in SouthsideCentral history, I’m putting an article in the “Errors & Omissions” category. Thanks to some great City of Danville folks, we’ve gotten the full story on the security camera on Main St. Let’s look at “The Rest Of The Story”…


CORRECTED: Christmas News Roundup (12/25/12)

Lots of crazy & sad things going on in the SouthsideCentral region during the holidays. Let’s get to what you haven’t heard about in the other local media…


Errors & Omissions: I blew it.

When SouthsideCentral makes a mistake, I will own up to that mistake. I will issue a retraction & apologize to all parties involved… and for the first time in SouthsideCentral history, I’m doing that tonight.