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“Health Reasons”, my butt.

We’ve got belated Happy Trails for another Southside school superintendent that we had been following. Roger Morris is retiring for “health reasons”. Riiiiiight.


Let’s talk about Bonner middle school’s problems…

During our hiatus, the crap hit the fan once some teachers started talking about the problems that have been happening at Danville’s Bonner Middle School. The Register & Bee newspaper did an excellent job at investigative reporting in a series of articles, and the school system has been dancing around with the resolution to the [...]

UPDATED: The Rat Crap Controversy

I’m smelling a rat (and some rat problems) in the Halifax County School System…


Happy Trails, Renee Franklin!

That didn’t take long, but Caswell County’s suspended school superintendent is leaving with some lovely parting gifts.


Endorsement: Fay Satterfield for Halifax County School Board

We’re moving to District 6 in Halifax County where we have one-term incumbent Fay Satterfield and challenger Rita Best campaigning for a four-year term. We’ve made our decision on who we’d vote for if we still lived in the district…


Endorsement: Kim Farson for Halifax County School Board

Halifax County’s current school board chairman, Kim Farson, is running for her second term on the school board. After knocking off a two-term incumbent her first time, this time she’s unopposed.


Get Well Soon! Don’t Come Back!

We’re going to get rid of you anyway, so here’s five more months of “medical leave”…


“It is a personnel matter”

Those words usually aren’t too promising when it comes to a school superintendent…


Downtown needs Averett Student Housing …

Travis Hackworth has got an idea on how merge two problems into one solution…


Burn, Baby, Burn! School Records Inferno!

Things are getting hot in the Halifax County School System, and it’s only partially because of a document bonfire behind Meadville Elementary School…


Guest OpinionCentral: Jim Barczak on Halifax County Schools

Here at SouthsideCentral, we’re glad to present opinions from citizens of issues of local and regional importance. Today, Jim Barczak weighs in with an OpinionCentral on his take of the problems with the Halifax County School System.


Danville School Board Race – Update #1

Three open seats, three candidates. This may be the only update on this election but I’m optimistic and calling this article “Update #1″ anyway.


Danville-Pittsylvania County Chamber awards education grants

This is one of the best examples in how money that’s raised in the community can go back to the community for great causes.


Gang signs at a local High School?

Is there a lack of communication at Dan River High School?


Southern Virginia Bioenergy Conference recap & thoughts.

The Institute for Advanced Learning & Research hosted the “Southern Virginia Bioenergy: Making Innovation Work” conference on Tuesday. SouthsideCentral was there and was highly impressed at what progress is being made in the bioenergy field.


Want to go to a H1N1 seminar?

Nobody else did, either.

Virginia Dept. of Education statement on upcoming Obama speech

This has became a controversial issue in the SouthsideCentral area, so here’s the VDOE’s guidance statement about it.


Help wanted: Middle school traffic director. Salary: $71,232

Our sources have spotted a high-ranking Halifax County Public School administrator hard at work. It’s too bad that he’s getting paid $71,232 to direct traffic.


UPDATED: Breaking News: Susan Granger on WSET’s news tonight!

(Originally Published on: Aug 17, 2009 @ 18:08)

UPDATED to include link to WSET’s website.

YAY Susan! She made her comments on Paul Stapleton’s finger-pointing statement.

SouthsideCentral thanks Ashley Singh for finding this story and giving it more coverage.


Halifax County School Board – District 3 Race – Update #1

We’ve got an incumbent and a challenger in this election cycle.


OC: Those 45 damn kids with disabilities. It’s their fault!

We’d have gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for those 45 disabled meddling kids! Paul Stapleton, you’re an ass.


Roanoke’s SOL cheating scandal goes from bad to worse.

Lets see how that principal that’s hired a PR firm tries to spin this into anything good.


Happy Trails, Craven Williams!

The embattled Greensboro College “retires”. Riiiiiiiight.

Doubletalk statement of the day!

We’ve told you that Greensboro College is on shaky financial ground. What if you want to talk to a faculty member about it?


What happens when you arrive at the Danville School Board office at 4:02 PM?

You get told “The School Board Office is closed” rather directly. Fooey on that.