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NumbersCentral: Who owes money to the IDA?

Here at SouthsideCentral, we like to answer our readers’ questions.


Tanks (For Nothing!)

If you haven’t seen a trend from the AAF Tank Museum, you’re not looking very carefully.


I’m buying the Sutherlin Mansion!

And you can too! Just send Joe King an email today!


Happy Trails, Eric Deaton!

There’s a reason that lots of soap operas are set in hospitals…


Southside Show-Biz VIP Reception – LIVE!

We’re LIVE! at Averett University’s North Campus for tonight’s Danville-Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce’s annual “Southside Show-Biz” trade show. Tonight is the VIP reception for chamber members and invited guests. It’s open to the public on Thursday from 3 to 7 PM and admission is free!

Tonight, you’ll get photos and a preview of what […]

It’s Payback Time… Again

If you Danville taxpayers liked paying back US Green Energy’s Tobacco Commission grant money, you’re going to just love paying back more!


Happy Trails, Danville Hybrid Vehicles!

It’s time to declare another Job Bust dead.


PhotoCentral: Business After Hours (8/14/2014) – Part 2

We’re continuing on from Part #1 of this PhotoCentral on the Business After Hours.

Here comes more photos!


PhotoCentral: Business After Hours (8/14/2014) – Part 1

SouthsideCentral had a terrific time at Thursday’s Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce’s Business After Hours… but then we always do!

This month’s event was held at American National University on Old Riverside Drive in Danville.

We’ve got so many photos to share that we’re making this a two-part article. Let’s get Part #1 going!


RIFA – LIVE! (8/11/2014)

We’ve cleaned up the article, added more commentary and some bonus photos. This article is complete.

The Regional Industrial Facilities Authority is having their monthly meeting today at noon, and SouthsideCentral is here LIVE! The meeting starts at noon, and our LIVE! coverage should start around 11:50AM

We’re at the Danville Regional Airport to see […]

Time Machine: Zeyuan Flooring’s Move!

Let’s hop into the SouthsideCentral Time Machine and head back to April 14th. That’s the day when we got a Spin-O-Rama about the GOK Furniture company and Zeyuan Flooring.


BREAKING: Sky Valley Foods relocating to Danville

Updated and completed with some photos from the event courtesy of Arnold Hendrix, the city’s public information officer.

Sky Valley Foods will be relocating their operations to Danville from Yanceyville, NC. They will also be expanding their production.


“State of the Region” Address – LIVE!

We’re LIVE! at the Institute for the Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce’s “State of the Region” address. Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jessie Barksdale and Danville Mayor Sherman Saunders will give speeches about the progress of the region this morning.

Refresh this page often for the latest happenings, commentary and photos!


Register & Bee goes pay-to-read… again.

It’s going to cost you to read yesterday’s news at GoDanRiver. Again.


Happy Trails, Phi-lly Cheese Steaks & Things!

Damn. Damn. Damn.


Softball Practice With US Green Energy

Unchallenged horsecrap is horsecrap.


Let’s look at Ed Newsome’s contract…

So you want to know how much Ed Newsome gets paid? You want to see the terms of his employment contract?

You got it.


The US Green Energy – Tobacco Commission Agreement

Since we’ve been covering the US Green Energy Job Bust and the news that Danville will have to repay the grant money if the company can’t, we thought our readers would like to see what the agreement actually looked like.


We’re a Job Bust. Trust us.

Anytime that news is dumped out on Friday afternoon, it’s not going to be good news.


“I’ll tell you where you can put your tanks, buddy.”

For a “public relations officer”, this guy needs to learn about public relations.


Happy Trails, Mackenzie Osadchuk!

Danville’s Office of Economic Development is losing another employee.


UPDATED: Happy Trails, AAF Tank Museum!

It’s official. You’ll soon be able to call the building the old Disston plant again.


Happy Trails, Libby Hill Seafood!

We had a feeling it was going to happen soon…


Downtown Danville Scavenger Hunt – LIVE!

SouthsideCentral had a terrific LIVE! time at Thursday’s Downtown Danville Scavenger hunt. If you missed it, we’ve got a PhotoCentral tour of our leisurely run up and down Main St.


UPDATED: Happy Trails, Virdia!

Editor’s Note: I’ve retracted the part of the article that says Virdia was the recipient of Free Money. The SENTEC building was built using Tobacco Commission money. – BruceH

Green Energy. Turning biomass into something useful. Lots of Free Government Money. Wow, I didn’t see this Job Bust coming. (Actually, I did.)