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Never Let A “Crisis” Go To Waste

Danville’s local Coca-Cola sales staff wants extra sales and there’s nothing wrong with that. So “Have a Coke and a AAAAAIIIIEEEEE!!!!!!!!!” Heh.


“Cops & Cows” – Friday!

Got plans for lunch or dinner on Friday, April 10th? You do? Change them! You don’t? Well, make some!

Come to Texas Steakhouse & Saloon from 11 AM to 7 PM and help support Special Olympics Virginia for the annual “Cops & Cows” event. The area’s finest in law enforcement will be helping out at […]

PhotoCentral: Inside CAPSTONE (Part #2)

Let’s finish up our PhotoCentral tour inside the new CAPSTONE project at the Institute for Advanced Learning & Research. There are millions of dollars that’s been put into this project and it will produce a workforce with the skills that industries want.


PhotoCentral: Inside CAPSTONE (Part #1)

Today, the Institute of Advanced Learning & Research showed off their new CAPSTONE project. This is a project that will train people to use highly technical machinery. The belief is that once a sizable workforce is trained, industries will want to locate their new factories in the Southside region. Today, we’ll going to take a […]

The Lies Of Norhurst

On Sunday, the Danville Register & Bee ran a feature article about Norhurst, Inc. It was a trainwreck because Tim Norton lied to Vicky Morrison (the reporter) and she didn’t challenge him on it.

Let’s take a look at what went wrong.


Danville Utilities: Opportunities & Threats

In our last article, we showed you what the Danville Utilities Steering committee came up with regarding strengths and weaknesses of the business. Now, we’ll finish up this meeting by looking at their boards of Opportunities and Threats.

By the way, if you were looking for other local media coverage of this week’s meeting… forget […]

Danville Utilities: Strengths & Weaknesses

On Monday, Danville’s Utilities Steering Committee held a meeting where they completed lists of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Weaknesses. In this article, let’s take a look at the final boards of Strengths and Weaknesses.


PhotoCentral: River District Artisans (Part #2)

We’re continuing our PhotoCentral tour of River District Artisans located in downtown Danville. Enjoy the beautiful items and stop in and look around!


PhotoCentral: River District Artisans (Part #1)

Have you been to Danville’s “River District Artisans” at 411 Main Street? It’s where the Arc of Southside moved their “Hatcher Center Outlet Store” to from their previous location in Blairs. The Danville Regional foundation awarded them $100,000 to renovate the building and it’s beautiful. Today, we’ll take a PhotoCentral tour and show you some […]

PhotoCentral: Big Sky Rents & Events

The Danville Pittsylvania Chamber of Commerce held a Business After Hours at the new location of Big Sky Rents & Events on Tuesday night. Let’s take a look outside and inside their new building… and it’s beautiful!


PhotoCentral: Inside the Danville Family YMCA

As promised from our Business After Hours PhotoCentral, we’re going to take you on a tour of the new Danville Family YMCA. The new facility opened in September and this was my first time visiting. Let’s take a look around.


PhotoCentral: Business After Hours (1/15/2015)

The Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce held their monthly Business After Hours at the Danville Family YMCA on Thursday night and it was a great time. The YMCA is an amazing place and we’ll take you on a PhotoCentral of that on Friday… but let’s take a look at some photos from the Business […]

PhotoCentral: Inside US Green Energy (Part #3)

We’ll wrap up our PhotoCentral series from our US Green Energy tour with some miscellaneous photos.


PhotoCentral: Inside US Green Energy (Part #2)

We’ve showed you some of our US Green Energy tour so far in Part #1… now let’s get to Part #2.


PhotoCentral: Inside US Green Energy (Part #1)

Since US Green Energy is in the news again, we thought we’d show you inside their building. We took a tour of the building on July 17th, and you can see what it looked like then.


Closed For The Season (or for good?)

US Green Energy has “temporarily shutdown” due to “high electric costs”. It’s a lot easier to blame something else, folks.


NumbersCentral: Who owes money to the IDA?

Here at SouthsideCentral, we like to answer our readers’ questions.


Tanks (For Nothing!)

If you haven’t seen a trend from the AAF Tank Museum, you’re not looking very carefully.


I’m buying the Sutherlin Mansion!

And you can too! Just send Joe King an email today!


Happy Trails, Eric Deaton!

There’s a reason that lots of soap operas are set in hospitals…


Southside Show-Biz VIP Reception – LIVE!

We’re LIVE! at Averett University’s North Campus for tonight’s Danville-Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce’s annual “Southside Show-Biz” trade show. Tonight is the VIP reception for chamber members and invited guests. It’s open to the public on Thursday from 3 to 7 PM and admission is free!

Tonight, you’ll get photos and a preview of what […]

It’s Payback Time… Again

If you Danville taxpayers liked paying back US Green Energy’s Tobacco Commission grant money, you’re going to just love paying back more!


Happy Trails, Danville Hybrid Vehicles!

It’s time to declare another Job Bust dead.


PhotoCentral: Business After Hours (8/14/2014) – Part 2

We’re continuing on from Part #1 of this PhotoCentral on the Business After Hours.

Here comes more photos!


PhotoCentral: Business After Hours (8/14/2014) – Part 1

SouthsideCentral had a terrific time at Thursday’s Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce’s Business After Hours… but then we always do!

This month’s event was held at American National University on Old Riverside Drive in Danville.

We’ve got so many photos to share that we’re making this a two-part article. Let’s get Part #1 going!