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Thumbs! (12/02/2013)

Now that Thanksgiving holiday is over, we’ve got a stack of Thumbs! Let’s give them out…


The Pussy (Cat) Controversy

Are you ready for a person who’s offended just for the sake of being offended?

Me neither, but here we go anyway…


Halifax County’s $60,000 Prizery Question

South Boston/Halifax County’s The Prizery got a no-interest $60,000 loan last year from Halifax County. It’s time to repay the loan and it looks like The Prizery doesn’t have the money.

WOW! Didn’t see that one coming…


TYOB!: “Velda: Girl Detective”

Looking for a fun, free activity to do this Friday or Saturday night? Well this “Thing You Oughta Be” doing is going to Halifax County’s outdoor performance of “Velda: Girl Detective” this weekend at South Boston’s Constitution Square. We’ve got photos of Wednesday’s before-dress-rehearsal as well as information about the play below…