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RandomThoughts! (11/5/17)

This is an easy article format, so you’re getting another one. Heh.

Let’s bring out a new Big Board!

  • The Usual Suspects were very disappointed that the body found behind that crappy West Main Street motel was just a suicide. They weren’t able to claim that it was a murder and Danville was Little Chicago, Detroit or Greensboro.
  • But hey, that didn’t stop them from accusing the police department of lying about the suicide because it really was a murder, you know?
  • The Danville Register & Bee has had a new editor for over a month. Nope, no announcement, no article about him, no nothing. Not yet, at least.
  • Memorial Hospital Danville Regional Medical Center SOVAH Health’s CEO Alan Larson has been on the job nearly 2.5 years and has been very good at avoiding controversies. The Usual Suspects still bitch about the hospital, but Lifepoint just brushes them off like fleas and continues to make money.
  • I’m also betting that 70% of people wouldn’t even recognize Alan Larson if he walked into Walmart (like that will ever happen).
  • Speaking of the hospital, I’m seriously thinking that their “Average ER Wait Time” billboard is just there to troll the Usual Suspects and make them yell “You Lie!” as they drive by.
  • Hey! I’m still waiting for all the traffic congestion and wrecks at the Walmart Neighborhood Market at NorDan Shopping Center.
  • Well, what do you know? It seems that Danville’s downtown area can actually support three coffee shops!
  • This region is well served by Danny Marshall & Les Adams in the House of Delegates.
  • The River District Festival is nice, but why isn’t it better attended? A finale concert that’s a paid event with a disjointed mix of a country-pop band and a R&B group didn’t make much sense when you think about it.
  • Following up on that, scheduling it on the same weekend as Reidsville’s well-regarded fall festival meant that a lot of potential vendors were already booked.
  • North Carolina’s lottery has started a Keno game with drawings every five minutes. It’s still a sucker bet, but it’s fun to play once in a while.
  • Finally (and related), a $10,000,000 North Carolina lottery ticket was sold last month at a small gas station in Reidsville. Yeah, only about 20 miles from here.

There’s your RandomThoughts for now. We’ve got more coming up here on SouthsideCentral!

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