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RandomThoughts! (11/28/16)

Hey! SouthsideCentral is on a new server and with an upgraded hosting package! Yeah, I know you don’t care. Heh.

Let’s think randomly!

Let’s bring out the Big Board for our RandomThoughts…

  • Former Danville City Council member and current Danville Industrial Development Authority member Shirley Primiano died this past week. I’ve heard almost nothing from the community about her death.
  • Last week was “Danville Fashion Week”. Or this week is “Danville Fashion Week”. Or something like that.
  • So whatever happened to the city’s “Confederate flags flying on a property with nothing else on it may be a zoning violation and we’re going to look into it” narrative?
  • Danville’s water treatment plant stopped putting carbon in the drinking water three weeks ago yet failed to tell anybody about the change. I expected no less because there’s lousy communication between the water department and apparently everybody else.
  • Danville’s Christmas Parade is Sunday, December 4th at 3PM and large crowds are expected. Contrast that to the very sparse crowd that attended Danville’s Veterans Day Parade. That’s sad.
  • I’d have liked to have bought something from Danville small businesses on Small Business Saturday, but that’s hard to do when those stores close at 6PM or before.
  • Does anybody give a fark about the White Mill Dam anymore? After this summer’s outrage campaign to save it from being destroyed, I’ve heard nothing about it.
  • Yes, there are people out there that believe the conspiracy theories about chemtrails. I had to set another person straight this weekend (and it probably did no good).
  • I swear I’m in a good mood. It’s just a bunch of mean RandomThoughts… but well-deserved ones.
  • Dominos pizza is 1/2 off if you order online this coming week. And half priced from their regular menu price is the fair price, too.

Fine. That’s enough RandomThoughts for your Monday. We’ve got more coming up here at SouthsideCentral!

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