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RandomThoughts! (11/2/16)

There’s a reason that the word “Random” is in “RandomThoughts!”

Let’s bring out the usual Big Board…

  • Why can’t people understand that your electricity bill is based on how much electricity you use?
  • I tried to show a friend how unhinged they had became because of the upcoming presidential election. Of course, they deleted my message. Sigh.
  • Honestly, it’s time for Virginia’s General Assembly to implement no-reason-needed early voting. The current absentee ballot process where you have to provide a “reason” has so many ways to get around it that it’s useless.
  • I was hoping for at least 200 people to attend the last debate between Jane Dittmar & Tom Garrett at the Institute last Thursday night. I wasn’t disappointed.
  • I had some business license and tax questions in the past few weeks, and Commissioner of Revenue Jimmy Gillie’s staff went over and beyond in getting the answers I needed.
  • Although I like the current makeup of the Halifax County school board, it’s plain out ridiculous for them to pay for a parliamentarian for every meeting. Don’t get me wrong, I like Nick Long (the current parliamentarian)… but the school board needs to handle that themselves.
  • Food time! I got the rare pleasure of eating lunch at Dav Gerrells’ Cafe 99 in Reidsville on Tuesday. Excellent food, inexpensive prices. And my dining companion made it even better. Heh.
  • It’s November 2nd and I have my fan on in the house tonight.
  • So whatever happened to that rash of church vandalism that happened on the Aug 6th weekend? It disappeared as fast as it started.
  • I went to Burlington a few weeks ago and it’s amazing to see how that area is growing.

All righty. That’s enough RandomThoughts for tonight. We’ve got more coming up here on SouthsideCentral!

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