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UPDATED: Thumbs! (10/12/16)

(Editor’s Note: I’m flagging this in the “Errors & Omissions” category because I’m retracting some comments that I made in one of the items.)

What I got is what you want. If you want Thumbs!, that is.

The Big Boards that we have in storage have gotten quite dusty lately. Let’s clean one off and bring it out to play.

Oh yeah, if you don’t know how Thumbs! is played by now, you’re on your own. Heh.

  • Thumbs UP! to Brenda Bowman. I’ve always admired Brenda Bowman for her desire to truly help the community in any way possible. She’s as close to a political mastermind as you’ll find in the Southside region, but Brenda plays her political cards only when needed. Brenda’s known as a strong Republican, but she’s earned my highest praise for taking a stand recently. Brenda didn’t jump in line with the Republican party and get behind Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. That earned her a lot of animosity with some of the local Republican party members, but Brenda didn’t give a fark and did the right thing. I detest partisan politics. Brenda Bowman has risen above partisanship. That’s rare in the current political climate.

    (Editor’s Note: I’m retracting the part about Bowman’s Trump disapproval. We met tonight and she said her support for Trump’s presidential campaign remains strong. The rest of the comment stands.)
  • Thumbs DOWN! to the perpetually uninformed people who think that the City of Danville has any say-so on a proposed Hooters restaurant. As long as the location is zoned properly for a restaurant, the city can’t block it from happening.
  • And another Thumbs DOWN! to those same perpetually uninformed people who say “Danville doesn’t need another (insert business type here).” Let me make this perfectly clear. It’s none of those people’s business on how a private company or investor wants to spend their own money. If eighteen more mattress stores decide to locate in Danville, I’m totally in favor it (and you should be too). I’m still totally in favor of it even if they all close down within three months… because for those three months, they’re paying tax revenue that the city hadn’t budgeted for. More tax revenue from sales and rentals means less money having to come from the existing budget. And on that note, let’s segue to…
  • Thumbs UP! to entrepreneurs like Steve DelGiorno & Rick Barker. Those two people are great examples of why this region is continuing to rebound from the low economic points in the past. I’m pointing out DelGiorno & Barker because they’re the two principals in the new coffee shop/wine bar being built at the intersection of Holbrook & Main Streets. One of the Usual Complainers said “How many coffee shops can Danville support?”. The correct answer is “Who cares? It’s not your money.” It’s DelGiorno’s & Barker’s money. I’m very glad they’re spending it in Danville.

And let’s stop at four Thumbs! for this article. Believe it or not, we’ve got more coming up here on SouthsideCentral!

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