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Danville City Council – LIVE! (9/20/16)

We’ve got the bugs (hopefully) worked out of our new SouthsideCentral system and we’re going to try it again at tonight’s Danville City Council meeting. We’ll be LIVE! at the meeting, so refresh this page often for the latest photos, happenings and commentary. Be sure to check our SouthsideCentral Facebook page for Facebook Live videos.

We’ll start this article with the gameplan for tonight’s business and work session.

Tonight’s meeting starts at 7 PM, and our coverage will start before that. Let’s get started!

Here’s what will happen at tonight’s meetings…

First, the business meeting:

  • Fred Shanks will do the prayer and lead the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • The minutes will be approved. The minutes are always approved.
  • Proclamations for “Constitution Week” (Anne Geyer will pick that up), and “A Day of Action Against Hunger and Poverty” (Karen Harris will pick that one up).
  • The public comment section.
  • The consent agenda is all of last meeting’s grant funding receipts.
  • Six more grant funding budget amendments for first readings.
  • Acceptance of the delinquent tax reports from Finance Director Michael Adkins.
  • Approval of refinancing IDA bonds.
  • Changing city code to reflect state law changes in conflict of interest forms.
  • Changing the city code to allow food trucks to include pushcarts and free-standing trailers.
  • The around the horn session wraps up this meeting.

After that, we’ll move to the work session meeting. Here’s that gameplan.

  • The minutes will be approved. The minutes are always approved.
  • The report of selections for boards & commissions.
  • Review of the city’s financial statements.
  • Three different discussion on incoming VDOT grant funding.
  • The final around the horn session.
  • Then a closed meeting from Economic Development.

And there you go. We’re underway! 

Dan Hayes rocks the room when he talks about Averett’s upcoming homecoming.

Jessica Griffith talks about problems with the existing curfew ordinance.

We heart Dan Hayes. He’s an excellent representative for Averett. We also heart Jessica Griffith. She made a very effective speech. 

Barry Mayo talks about the upcoming ex-offender job fair.

Tonight’s studio audience.

More of tonight’s studio audience.

Everything moves along smoothly. Sherman Saunders asks about what’s classified as “open spaces” and Madison Whittle asks about taxes being written off. Bill Sgrinia & Michael Adkins answer. 

Around the horn time. Fred Shanks notes that historic housing is being rehabilitated. Lee Vogler concurs and says tonight’s secret word! Madison Whittle talks about Averett’s football game last Saturday. Birthday wishes go out to Mark Aron, the reporter, producer and director of River City TV. 

We move to the work session. 

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