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Danville School Board – LIVE! (9/15/16) 

We’re LIVE! at tonight’s Danville School Board meeting. We’ll start off with photos and add more as we go along. Let’s get started! 

Terri Hall & Steven Gould are not here for tonight’s meeting. 

Mellisa Newton is doing a large presentation on SOL notes, but the audience is SOL in their own way because we don’t have a copy of the presentation. And nobody is using the nice presentation screen in the room. Gah! 

That’s a nice presentation screen. It’s too bad it’s not being used. 

It’s 80° outside and the heaters are on. Gah!

Allison Petty does handouts for Jackie Rochford’s presentation. What does the audience and media get? Absolutely nothing!

Jackie Rochford is talking about the upcoming Career Expo. 

Robin Owens says there’s a 32% decrease of discipline referrals from this year so far compared to last.

The school system is asking for a full-time school resource officer at Langston high school. Superintendent Stan Jones says that the school system will never be able to eliminate conflicts, but can mitigate them. Philip Campbell says that some Langston staff members are feeling uncomfortable at times. Jones says those situations have been dealt with harshly and he doesn’t apologize for that one bit. 

Sharon Dones notes that elementary school students had been in school for 16 days, and there had already been 17 out of school suspensions. Robin Owens said they were from disorderly conduct referrals. 

Sharon Dones also asks why the recommendations for long-term suspensions are up. Stan Jones says most are “from one specific incident”. I’m pretty sure that he’s meaning that fight that involved a knife that SouthsideCentral helped break open. 

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