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BreakDown: The Police Report On The Recent GWHS Fight

So there was a fight between students in Danville’s George Washington High School cafeteria on Monday morning. That much is clear. What actually happened during and after the fight is completely unclear, but we’re working on finding that out.

By the way, I’d like to give special thanks to Jessica Griffith for doing the legwork to get me the information I needed to pull this police report for publication.

SouthsideCentral is publishing the Danville Police Department’s incident on the fight. We’ll take a detailed look at what it says (and doesn’t say). Let’s get some sunlight on this incident and start the process on finding out what actually happened.

We call this a BreakDown.

Let’s get started with the police report…

Well, then. We don’t have much to analyze, but let’s start the BreakDown (although some of this will be self-evident). Here comes the Big Board.

  • The fight (incident) happened around 9AM in the GW cafeteria and was broken up quickly.
  • The crime incident is listed as “Weapon Law Offenses”. That’s vague but understandable because it’s a criminal offense to have any weapon on school property (insert the standard disclaimers here, of course).
  • The school resource officer (last name Taylor) filed this report. Again, understandable because the school is his “beat”.
  • There’s no narrative on this report, but that’s partially understandable because it’s a safe assumption that we’re dealing with juvenile subjects here.
  • Note that this police report isn’t about the fight, but only about the “Weapon Law Offense”.
  • That’s why the victim is listed as “Society/Public” and not anybody that potentially got injured in the fight (incident).
  • Note that the weapon involved is described at the top part of the report as a “Knife/cutting Instrument”. Yeah, that’s vague.
  • Also note that the items confiscated was described in the category of “WEAPONS-OTHER WEAPONS”. That’s leading me to logically believe that this wasn’t a real knife (as in something sold at a sporting goods store). We’re still at the vagueness where I can’t come to any logical conclusion, but maybe something like a box cutter?
  • If somebody was injured during the fight, I haven’t been able to get any sourcing good enough for publication. That being said, I do believe that at least one injury did occur, but I’m nowhere close to finding out the severity of that injury. Yet.

We’re getting false information spread out about this incident by means of rumors. We’re possibly getting some disinformation put out about this incident, too. Both of those statements are disturbing, and I don’t like that.

A fight happened. A “cutting instrument” was found in relation to the fight. There’s about all that we know from this report. I’m going to carefully watch for any more information to trickle out on this incident.

You’ve got a look at the police report that’s been filed. You’ve gotten as much in-depth analysis as I can provide with such little information given in the report.

We call that a BreakDown.

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