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Parking Jerk of the Day! (8/15/16)

Our Roving Reporters are great at finding Parking Jerks… even at Myrtle Beach!

You heard that right. It’s not Danville and it’s not at a Walmart! Let’s see what we have today…

Wow. This one has aggravating factors. Two spaces taken up and the rear end still hanging out. Of course in Myrtle Beach, there’s a lot of rear ends hanging out but we’re just talking about the vehicle too. And now, I get a chance to use one my favorite TV lines…

But wait, there’s MORE!

There’s already a note on the windshield! Bwahahahaha! Let’s go to the judges. It’s unanimous with chuckles at the windshield note.

We’ve got ourselves a Parking Jerk of the Day!

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