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Ask SouthsideCentral: The Big Bathroom Question

There’s a new restroom building at the top part of Danville’s Main Street Plaza, and we’re going to answer a reader’s question on why it’s not open yet.

Let’s Ask SouthsideCentral!

We’ve had this question from more than one of our readers, so let’s get it handled…

Does anyone know anything about the new bathroom facilities across from the fountain? Went down there last night, and they were closed.

I spoke with Danville’s Public Information Officer Arnold Hendrix, and this was his answer…

There has been no official date established for opening the plaza restrooms. The contractor is going through a final punch list of items.

And there you have it. Oh yeah, you’re also going to find out that the Usual Suspects who run around saying “This is a waste of city taxpayer money!” are going to have to drink a nice, tall, refreshing glass of “Shut The Fark Up” when it’s revealed that the new restroom building will end up costing the city next to nothing. That being said, those Usual Suspects will still get to complain that toilet paper that will be (hopefully) used costs money… but I’ll be glad to pay taxes for that incidental expense. Toilet paper is an essential government function in this case. Heh.

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