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UncensoredWatch: Compromise Is Fatal

Overnight, a church (and other property) in Danville was vandalized with racist graffiti. That’s sad enough just for that. But that other group on Facebook has taken this incident & inserted their own agendas into it.

This should truly disgust you, folks.

Let’s get started with the original post by Good Ol’ Susan Hathaway that started this dumpster fire…

Yeah, you read that right. The head of the Virginia Flaggers is using this disgusting event to remind her followers that today is the first anniversary of the removal of the Confederate flag from the Danville Museum of Fine Arts & History. Hathaway also uses the “Good to know things are looking up in Danville” line to prove that she has no knowledge of any of the good things that happen in Danville. She’s only concerned about Confederate flags, because she lives over 160 miles away from Danville and only shows up for flag-related events.

And I especially want to put my foot up her butt for the “Compromise is fatal…” parting shot. Hathaway gets flunked out of kindergarten for getting an Needs Improvement grade in “Gets Along Well With Others”. Look, I understand that the Confederate Flag Queen has to defend all things Confederate Flag or else she’ll lose credibility with her most devout cult-like followers, but this isn’t the time to almost gloat about a disgusting event like this.

I’d hope that some of the local flag supporters would publicly disavow her statements here, but I’m not holding my breath for that. If the local flag supporters go against Susan Hathaway (even in the spirit of decency), they’ll be Uncensored censored and shunned from that group. And that also holds for the sneaky people who really don’t want to let anybody know how much they support Hathaway.

Now let’s go to some of the comments on Hathaway’s disgusting post and talk about them…

Ahem. Danville City Council doesn’t usually comment on things like this. Remember when somebody vandalized the Jewish temple located near the museum a few years ago? Well, that happened. And Danville City Council didn’t make a statement on that, either.

Wut? We would invite Roni Swiderski to Bibleway’s upcoming Law Enforcement day where she could see excellent race relations, but she doesn’t live in Danville. After that, we have no idea what she’s blabbering about.

Albert Keatts started out rather well with the correct “the less publicity you give this, the better”. But I’m not sure if he wants Danville City Council to make a statement or not. He’s right in saying they won’t.

Tripp Lewis (and whoever the hell else is his “we”) warned them, people. He warned them! We probably weren’t able to hear his warnings because he lives far away from Danville.

Oh, Eddie Williams knows the answer to his question. You’re damned right that Charles Roark will be all over this story just to get those phone lines ringing. I’m also sure that this topic will dominate whatever is left of the WMDV Danville TV station for the entire week. You can earn bonus points if you can guess the Special Guests that will be on the set. To hell with the other topics of things going on around the region, it’s all about racism & the Confederate flag again, baby! Roark will make sure that his Danville hosts stick on this topic for the entire week or however long they broadcast from Danville.

Poor Tommy. He doesn’t understand that the news calls it vandalism at first because the media is trained not to jump to conclusions. It could be more than just vandalism once the people who did it are brought to justice, but we don’t know if a black or a white person did the graffiti. Referring back to the vandalism at the Jewish temple near the museum, that was more clear of a hate crime to begin with because that graffiti included swastikas.

Tripp would be able to get a better poll on the sentiments of Danville residents if he actually lived in Danville. If he lived in Danville, he might have already noticed that Danville voters spoke with a clear mandate in the May elections. Maybe he’ll stay for a while on his next visit.

Hey hey! Look! Somebody just had to throw in Hillary Clinton and the horrible media bias therein for absolutely no reason at all but to look idiotic. And that worked. The idiotic part at least.

But let’s save the most appalling comment for last. It’s our good friend, Dusty Rose. You know, the guy who makes up crap that he “heard from a friend”.

Words fail me. The church that’s just been vandalized would be a great place for a Confederate flag. Yeah, that’s the mindset of some of the most idiotic flag supporters. We don’t have the heart to tell him that Sherman Saunders isn’t the mayor of Danville anymore.

As stated above, the original post ignited a dumpster fire of idiocy. The comments threw gasoline on it.

I can’t see what’s happening in that other Facebook group because they pre-banned me,  but I’ve got lots of friends who have no problem sending me the worst of their behavior.

We’re watching.

15 comments to UncensoredWatch: Compromise Is Fatal

  • Some stupid kids probably did this. Vandalism is not only illegal, but it is a terrible way to send any message. No one should try and capitalize on this any more than when the Manson family put similar messages at their crime scenes. Just plain stupidity and the fact that it was on a church makes it even worse.

  • Eddie

    Actually Bruce I don’t know the answer to my question that’s why I asked. And if they do I’m sure they will report it like godanriver did and leave out the racial tones. As for as the flag issue I could care less either way which you already knew.

  • Jeff

    I have nothing to do with them but the flaggers seem to be good people standing against the censorship of their ancestry. You are especially hard on Ms Hathaway. I have a friend that knows her and says she is one of the finest non racial people she knows. You are being unfair to her.
    These people doing this are racist and thugs. Black lives matter is totally racist and yes all lives matter. Ms Hathaway has every right to state the obvious.

  • Funny, how most of the commenters associate acts of vandalism possibly at the hands of blacks against their flag…they are basically saying their flag stands for hating blacks without even realizing they are saying it! Why would a black oppose their beloved flag if it didn’t stand for hate and why would said white people who want to live in 1860 feel it was blacks who committed said acts? If it were blacks I think it would be more artistic, some cool font and different colors for we all know they are graffiti masters (sarcasm) as well as great athletes! Oh, funny how it’s the same 2-3 racist who always comment, Susan and Dusty Rose being the most vocal and guilty of cultural ignorance!

  • Rblee22468

    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t Confederate Heritage supposed to be this wondrously inclusive utopia full of blacks who love the Confederate flag? If so, then why do the whites always claim racial discrimination or hate crime based on race when one of these incidents occur? In order for it to be racial discrimination or a hate crime, they would be denying the inclusion of the very blacks that they love to use as evidence of how non-racist they are. Confederate Heritage is either colorless or it isn’t, it can’t be both or the more convenient of the two depending on the situation.

    The fact that the Heritage folks have made up their minds before we even know who the culprit is, is very telling. We are getting insight into who they really are as people.

  • Broccoli Rob

    Let’s crack Hathaway’s non racial code: when she says “Compromise is fatal,” she’s evoking John C. Calhoun’s “Slavery A Positive Good” speech from 1837.

  • Thank you! That is why I cited the Manson family. They were white junkie cult members trying to start a race war inspired by their LSD fueled interpretation of a Beatles song. No one really know what happens. Vandalizing a church is messed up no matter who did it and right now we do not know.

  • Krissy

    You’ve got Susan Hathaway posing Danville stories this morning for the first time in a while.

  • Jeff

    So a person with conviction (whether you agree or not) who pursues that conviction legally, peacefully, with malice toward none is a “one trick pony”. You seem angrier at her than the people who pursue their conviction in the shadows, viciously, and with malice. Southside Central is your conviction and I appreciate it as good un-biased reporting – most of the time.

    • Oh, Hathaway has lots of malice. She just masks it with a pretty smile.

      And I don’t want SouthsideCentral to be known as unbiased. That’s the hook that makes it unique. It’s a fusion of news & opinion that you can’t find anywhere else. And I highly encourage criticism of my viewpoints because it makes me have to defend them.

  • There are great things happening in Danville, Va I see neighborhoods and communities coming together and working together,city council is out in the communities more and talking to residents. We are moving forward ! If more people would stop complaining an start helping that would be great.

  • Rblee22468

    Since this blog is Danville-centric (and quickly becoming a fave), y’all might want to check out the latest “Heritage” outrage. It would seem that libraries no longer have the ability to sell old books cuz Confederacy…

    At least one apparent Danville resident is taking the fight right to the library.

    Perhaps the next flag will be raised on private property in close proximity to the library to “teach them a lesson”?

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