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RandomThoughts! (8/2/16)

Thinking Randomly isn’t as fun as drinking randomly. But it often ends up with the same thought process.

RandomThoughts belong on a Big Board!

  • I was so disappointed to find out “That Burrito Spot” closed at the end of July. Richard Warren did a hell of a job providing the best food in the area at reasonable prices. We loved the place and told you about it in a SouthsideCentral review. The location was bad for a quick-service restaurant, but I hope he gives it another try at a new location once he recovers from his losses.
  • But I’m glad to recommend “The Cake Lady”. Barbara & Mike Durbin bake up some of the best cakes and goodies in the region and are always at the Farmers Market with plenty to sell. Here’s their Facebook page for you to take a look at (and like).
  • Well, two RandomThoughts so far and they’re both about food. Wow. Didn’t see that one coming. Heh.
  • Although I’m sure that the Danville police department had their reasons for not publicly identifying the murder suspect who was shot and killed by South Carolina police early this morning, I still feel that releasing that information would have given locals something to help produce leads in the case.
  • So far, I’m highly impressed with Ceillie Simkiss and her work. She’s the newest Danville Register & Bee reporter that replaced Vicky Cruz. Simkiss was assigned to the county government beat and has picked up from John Crane’s excellent work.
  • It’s good to know that South Boston News & Record sports editor and salesman Tucker McLaughlin is recovering well from a brief illness. Tucker’s a damn nice guy.
  • The power occasionally goes out during thunderstorms, although it seems that a lot of people don’t understand that.

I’m tired. That’s enough RandomThoughts for now or else I’m going to faceplant into the keyboard. Although whatever I typed by doing that would be quite random, of course. Heh.

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