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Danville City Council Organizational Meeting – LIVE!

SouthsideCentral was LIVE! at today’s Danville City Council organizational meeting. This article is now complete, so enjoy the raecap.

Be sure to check out SouthsideCentral’s Facebook page at 11:50AM. We’ll be making a projection that may catch you by surprise!

We’re LIVE!

As projected, John Gilstrap is elected mayor on a 6-3 vote over Gary Miller, and Alonzo Jones is elected vice mayor unopposed.

We’ve got a lot of camera photos to add to this article in the editing process.

Seating arrangements for the new term will be (L-R) Lee Vogler, Alonzo Jones, Larry Campbell, Gary Miller then Madison Whittle, Fred Shanks, Sherman Saunders and James Buckner.

Around the horn session to wrap things up. Everybody congratulates the election winners.

We’ll have bonus photos of today’s meeting in another article. Thanks for reading SouthsideCentral!

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