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BonusCentral: Danville City Council Photos (6/21/16)

We’ve already given you the most comprehensive recap of Tuesday night’s Danville City Council meeting, but we had a lot of photos that didn’t make the final cut into final article. Let’s take a look at those photos and have some commentary in this BonusCentral article.

And away we go…

With five minutes to go before the meeting, there’s a quick huddle at the mayor’s desk.

And with two minutes to go, there ‘s a bunch of quick huddles in the audience. Sheila Baynes talks to Mike Miller on Row 1. Dianne McMahon tells Madison Whittle something on Row #3. Mike Adkins, Ric Drazenovich, Corrie Teague & Earl Reynolds talk on the back rows, and Sherman Saunders talks to Ken Gillie by the door.

And with 30 seconds to go, yet another quick huddle between Sherman Saunders & City Attorney Clarke Whitfield.

Register & Bee reporter John Crane gets ready to write his article, while “Facebook reporter idiot” Leonard Harville gets ready to get everything probably wrong as usual.

Alice Dippel comes up to get her proclamation for “Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month” and then…

…heads right back to her seat in the audience without saying anything. Whoops. Sherman Saunders covered nicely by saying a few things.

WSET’s newest reporter showed up about 30 minutes late and just sat her camera up in the middle of the aisle.

Sherman Saunders shakes Buddy Rawley’s hand as he gives him his plaque of recognition for 10 years of being on Danville City Council.

As we’re heading to the work session, Buddy Rawley & Fred Shanks have a brief conversation.

And there you have some bonus photos from Tuesday’s meeting. We’ve still got a BreakDown planned about the meeting so you can fully understand what happened and why. That’s coming up soon… only here on SouthsideCentral!

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