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Time Machine: “Happy Trails, Worsham Street Bridge”

Let’s hop into the SouthsideCentral Time Machine and go back to the weekend of July 18, 2009. We’ll take a PhotoCentral look at the demolition of Danville’s Worsham Street Bridge.

That trip in the Time Machine was an easy one. The City of Danville shut down River Street so that the demolition crew would have the weekend to destroy the part of the Worsham Street Bridge that was over the businesses and the road. SouthsideCentral decided to get our walking shoes on and see what was happening.

By the way, these photos aren’t in any specific time order. I found them on an old external hard drive and am just going through them all.

Now it’s your turn to see!

It felt weird walking right down the middle of River Street with no vehicles anywhere around.

One of the jackhammer-equipped trackhoes was working on demolishing the part of the bridge that was at the end of Worsham St.

You can see it pounding big concrete chunks into little concrete chunks.

Taking a look over Abercrombie Oil Company’s LP gas farm, you can see that the bridge is coming down quickly.

This trackhoe completed its mission and was rolling back to work on another part.

Here’s a closeup of the jackhammering at work.

You could look up and see the old gas station at the end of Worsham St. Notice that the old gas price signs didn’t even have space for dollar amounts.

The demolition crew had at least four jackhammer-equipped trackhoes to do the work.

In a “Say, That’s Odd” moment, this man had driven around all the roadblocks just to get some gas.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip back to July 2009 in the SouthsideCentral Time Machine. If this article turns out to be popular, I’ve got enough photos for at least one more article. Thanks for looking at the photos!

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