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RandomThoughts! (5/26/16)

I’ve got Thoughts. They are Random. That’s why we call this article RandomThoughts!

RandomThoughts belong on a Big Board, so here comes one.

  • No matter what the Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office says in a press release, 15-year-old boys rarely walk “away from the Tightsqueeze area of Pittsylvania County” and disappear. I’m betting that there’s something more to this story, and I’m also betting that we’ll never find out what it is.
  • By the time I wrote and published this article, “the missing teen has been located and is safe”. That’s it. Feh.
  • After the restrooms at Danville’s Main Street Plaza are finally completed, all the Usual “Danville Can’t Do Anything Good” Bitching Suspects will have completely forgotten about the building. That’s because nobody will recognize the building for being anything else but another brick building. They’ll then move on to the next topic that they don’t understand. By the way, that “outrage and move on” happens every time.
  • I still haven’t been to Danville Donuts because I keep forgetting about them being open.
  • There’s something fundamentally wrong with the high school baseball & softball season extending past the school’s graduation date.
  • It’s good to see that the Virginia Cantaloupe Festival is being moved back to late July.
  • Philly Cheesesteaks’ new location in Ballou Park Shopping Center has looked ready to go for the past 6+ months, but nothing has happened.
  • Speaking about Ballou Park Shopping Center, I noticed that CIT has a security guard that patrols the parking lot around their building.
  • Businesses (and restaurants) that close on Monday suck.
  • One year, I’m going to Virgilina’s Summerfest. Maybe it will be this year. It’s this coming Saturday.
  • It’s worth the drive to Reidsville NC to eat at Pete’s Burgers and More.
  • I always end up RandomThoughts talking about food. I can live with that.

That’s enough RandomThoughts for now. We’ve got more coming up here on SouthsideCentral!

5 comments to RandomThoughts! (5/26/16)

  • Rachel

    High School soccer teams are still playing, too. Conference games this week. Go figure.

  • NicoleH

    The only way to make the sports schedule work is to have all the school systems on the same schedule. Some schools don’t graduate until the middle of June. The problem wasn’t there (or at least not as widespread) when everyone started after Labor Day.

  • William Hardin

    Danville Donuts is amazing. Some of the best donuts (as a donut fan) have ever eaten. Go early as they tend to be pretty close to sold out later in the day. I would be surprised that you haven’t been to some meeting with donuts from there but perhaps not. I am always impressed at the willpower of the people in front of me getting a single donut or two as I always order at least a dozen for my wife and I. 😉

  • jim

    Philly Cheesesteaks did look ready with tablecloths, pictures & a clock on wall, & what looked like a small jukebox in the corner- but all that was removed about 2 months ago. Their logo is still on the wall though.
    Don’t know what happened. It would have been the 4th location for them after being in the mall food court, then on Main St (where Cuisine is now), & finally on Riverside Dr where Rax/Fenders/Chinese buffet/Lucky Table were.

  • jim

    Yes, Danville Donuts are out of this world! They must be doing well as they’ve been open about a year and a half. I was there last week and a sign says they’ll be open til noon on Sunday starting in June. Yay!

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