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The Worst Political Endorsement Of This Cycle

Sadly, really (and I mean really, really, REALLY kind of really) stupid people may just fall for this. Virgil Goode must have ran out of things to say.

Let’s go to the Chatham Star-Tribune’s website for this one. You don’t have to deal with any of that Register & Bee paywall crap at the Star-Tribune’s website.

Goode endorses Shanks, Lindley, Whittle for Danville City Council

Virgil Goode is the former Congressman from the 5th District, so he’s got that going for him. We won’t talk about his political escapades since then.

Anyway, let’s take a look at the letter…

In the May 3 municipal election, Danville has the opportunity to elect three highly qualified candidates who can lead the city forward.

It’s actually five, but Virgil is only interested in three.

Fred Shanks, Jim Lindley, and Madison Whittle have business experience and the drive and focus to promote education, public safety, and expanded job opportunities for Danville.

That may be a little bit of a stretch but hey, I’ll give him that flexibility since it’s an opinion piece. Let’s continue.

They would fight any effort to make Danville a sanctuary city for illegal aliens.

Um. What?

They would fight any effort to make Danville a sanctuary city for illegal aliens.

Sorry. I must have heard that wrong. Could you repeat what you just said?

They would fight any effort to make Danville a sanctuary city for illegal aliens.

What in the (CENSORED) is Virgil Goode talking about? There has never been and there will never be ANY effort to make Danville a sanctuary city for illegal aliens. Virgil Goode is trying to make one or two very (very, very) stupid people believe that there just may be possibly this thought in Danville somewhere in City Hall. Hint: It’s not.

This is one of the dumbest ideas ever floated in a political endorsement and Virgil Goode should be ashamed of himself for writing that. Even though it’s probably too late to do this, the three candidates endorsed by Goode need to come out and disavow this fearmongering crap.

Oh yeah, there’s more to Virgil Goode’s letter but after this “sanctuary city” junk, it’s all total horsecrap. This is the stupidest attempt at a local endorsement that I have ever seen.

Somebody needs to start the music and play Virgil Goode off the set.

Good night, Virgil. Thanks for stopping by.

9 comments to The Worst Political Endorsement Of This Cycle

  • Your English Teacher

    Speaking if stupid, did Virgil “‘ran’ out of things to say or did he “run” out? There is no such word as “stupidest” – try “most stupid”. Google it.

  • Wrong. He is looking at the illegal climate right now and speaking futuristically. Kudos Virgil!

  • Jerry

    You’re insane with your conspiracy theories.

  • NC Native

    Bruce, ‘Your English Teacher’ is correct.
    Regarding the problem that arises when forming the past participle, some people mistakenly use the past tense ran instead of the correct past participle run, as in I have ran into resistance every time I’ve tried to resolve this problem or She has ran from her responsibilities. (I’ve also heard some people make the same mistake when forming a sentence in the past perfect tense, as in I had ran them down before they left the office, which should be I had run them down…)
    ‘…must have….’ requires that you use ‘run.’
    Do yourself a favor: Run as far from these constructions as possible—and don’t look back.

  • NC Native

    I DO enjoy your articles and analyses of various data and situations! Always well done, sir.

  • I wouldn’t even acknowledge or reply to those hiding behind monikers, seems they don’t have the courage or balls to comfort you with their birth names! Pathetic!

  • Your English Teacher

    Eddie, Bruce knows my birth name and my married name. And, I too love reading this blog. Sometimes when he really goes after someone, Virgil in this case, I like to pull his chain a little. So,why hide behind a moniker? As a teacher I do not feel it is proper for my current students to know my personal opinions. I am just old fashioned and certainly not in the PC crowd. Now, Eddie, you may think THAT is pathetic. Congratulations on using only one exclamation mark!

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