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Thumbs! (4/22/16)

Everybody has Thumbs!, but not everybody uses them properly. SouthsideCentral knows how to use our Thumbs!

It’s almost self-explanatory, but here’s the rules. UP! is good. DOWN! is bad. Let’s pull the Big Board out and get busy!

  • Thumbs UP! to Danville’s Interstate All Battery Center (located behind Sheetz in the Riverview Plaza shopping center). Debra, Patrick, Austin and the rest of the crew there knows their batteries. They know their chargers. They know how to fix your phone. I have a very old phone and I’m stubborn enough not to get a new one yet. The charging port occasionally breaks free inside, and Interstate All Battery Center was able to fix it at a very low cost. They can do other phone and mobile device repairs up to screen repairs. If you’re in the need for a new battery for your vehicle, they’ve got the top of the line Interstate brand batteries at great prices. I strongly encourage everybody to go to their store if you have any type of battery need. They will take great care of you. I promise that.
  • Thumbs UP! to “Finding Our Roots“. Ina Dixon & Danielle Pritchett are just two of the amazing people helping to put this event on. It’s at Danville’s Community Market from 10 AM to 7 PM this coming Saturday (April 23). We’ll see you there! Here’s the description from the event’s Facebook page…

History doesn’t just live in textbooks or archives—it lives in you! At the “Finding Our Roots” event, renew your interest in the past with Southern food writer Sheri Castle, who will discuss the important link between our meals and memories. Share your stories of memorable meals at StoryCorps Mobile Booth (reservations required in advance) and enjoy free genealogical consultations, an DNA kits giveaway and family activities including a mobile dairy lab beginning at 10am. The event will conclude in the evening with a screening of Farmland and panel discussion at the Danville Science Center Digital Dome.

  • A regrettable Thumbs DOWN! to the Danville School Board. SouthsideCentral pushed hard for the board to move their meetings to Danville City Council’s chambers. That way, all of their meetings would be televised live. I’m not hard-headed, so I accepted the compromise where they would continue to meet at the school central office with upgraded technology so that all of the meetings would be televised. But that hasn’t been totally accomplished. The school board’s second meeting of the month is called the “work session”, but it’s just like a regular meeting. There’s plenty of content and decisions are made. But the school board has decided not to televise nor record the work session meetings. Boo.Televising the work session meetings was an important part of my push for better transparency. Last year, the school board made the decision to revamp their early retirement program during a work session and nobody got to see that from home. That was the main reason that I started my campaign. On Thursday, the school board passed their budget for next year, and again nobody got to see that happen. There was a lot of back-and-forth talk about how to explain the submitted budget to the staff, and that talk amounted to a consensus of “let’s hold off until city council approves it”. Only one citizen and two teachers were at Thursday’s meeting to hear everything that went on. Everybody else? They get nothing except media reports.

    The school board can and should do better on this issue, especially because the new technology is in place for the expanded coverage. I don’t like keeping the “work session” non-televised, because it’s a “work session” in name only. I’m going to restart my push on this issue and won’t be satisfied until every school board meeting is televised.

Well then. This is the first Thumbs! article that has gone into a lot of detail. I like that. We’ve got more coming up on SouthsideCentral!

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