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Danville School Board – LIVE! (4/7/16)

SouthsideCentral was LIVE! at Thursday’s Danville School Board meeting. This article is now complete, so enjoy the recap!

We’re underway. Philip Campbell, Sharon Dones and Cheryl Bryant are out tonight. It takes four to make a quorum, so we barely made that requirement.

Lots-O-Empty Chairs tonight.

Steven Gould leads the prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Nobody speaks at the public hearing for Draft #2 of the proposed budget. The board tentatively schedules a meeting for next Wednesday for a called meeting prior to Draft #3 of the budget.

Nobody speaks in the public comment section.

We heart Juliet Jennings. She has eight personnel recommendations including a teacher coming into the system from the defunct Carlbrook Academy.

There’s a bunch of contracts to award. Special education teacher services, bread, food, chemicals and gutter replacement… what a mix. They all pass 4-0.

Leon Ramsey talks about the gutter replacement for Gibson Elementary School.

Jackie Rochford talks about the annual Perkins grant application for Career & Technical Education.

This meeting is the first one televised live on River City TV.

Melissa Newton goes over the school schedule for next year. Of course, we heart Melissa Newton too.

Dave Cochran talks about using security grant money to buy more digital radios for the school system.

Next, the board appoints Shannon Hair, Philip Haley, Russell Scruggs, and Doris Wilson to the Danville Public Schools Education Foundation. Finally, the board takes “No Opposition” to an apartment zoning request near Park Ave. elementary school. That’s the end of regular business. After the around the horn section, it’s a 10 minute recess and then the closed session. We’re done here. Let’s wrap this up with some bonus photos from the night.

Here’s the new cameras used for broadcasting the school board meetings. Yes, they’re installed upside down.

There was a recognition of school librarians at the start of the meeting, yet no librarians were present. One librarian came in a few minutes later and was recognized. She sat by herself then left quickly thereafter. By the way, notice that the media table is empty and it’s 6:11 PM. Mmhmm.

Here’s one side of tonight’s audience at 6:30PM. Trevor Metcalfe from the Register & Bee has arrived. He doesn’t like me. I’m OK with that. Heh.

And here’s a look at the rest of the audience tonight. Dolores Reynolds, HELLO! With three of the seven board members out, they should have let Jeff Hubbard play school board member for the night, since he’s unopposed in the upcoming general election.

We’ll just leave this one here. Hee Hee.

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