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Madison Whittle’s Campaign Office Grand Opening (Part #2)

Madison Whittle for Danville City CouncilWe’ve already published Part #1 in this two-part PhotoCentral series on Danville City Council candidate Madison Whittle’s campaign office grand opening, and we’ll wrap up our look at Wednesday’s happenings here. We’re at the Forum building on Piney Forest Road. Let’s move on!

(Editor’s Note: “Madison Whittle for City Council” is an advertiser with SouthsideCentral. Advertisers have no editorial say-so in any SouthsideCentral content, whether paid or non-paid.)

When we left you in Part #1, Whittle was about to speak.

Madison Whittle makes his speech to guests. He talks about his business development history.

Former Danville mayor John Hamlin was here for the grand opening.

Everybody’s ready to cut the ribbon!

And that ribbon is now in a lot of tiny little pieces…

Our lovely hand model shows off the Madison Whittle Bottled Water. I was joking about Madison Whittle: The Home Game in the previous article, but now I’m wondering. Heh.

Ann Richardson & Davis Aikens, HELLO!

Whittle takes a photo with one of his employees.

And then it’s back to talking business.

Since The Forum is Madison Whittle’s building, he can put his vinyl banners wherever he wants. You won’t miss them, for sure!

And there you have it. If you’d like to know about Whittle’s campaign, visit his Facebook page or click on the “Madison Whittle for City Council banner on SouthsideCentral pages!

Madison Whittle for Danville City Council

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